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    Dr Peter McCullough appeared on NTD News and said digital health passports are a bad idea since COVID-19 vaccines are not safe or effective. No future vaccine can have assurances on long-term safety. Because public agencies are not consensus driven and have given out false information that has misled Americans on contagion control, treatment and vaccines, all trust in these agencies has been lost.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Of course, they “Unanimously Supports Digital Health Passports” because they are part of the pack of psychopaths who exploit, control, rule, and destroy us and want to achieve complete control over everyone and everything in a China-style digital prison …

      The only way this can be prevented is if enough DISOBEYING individuals wake up to this reality.

    • Listen to this Asian fellow in his military uniform as he applauds the idea because then at least some of the people will be free to move around!!!!

      Not really happy with McCullough’s hedging either, seeming to say that “well, we know the short term effects (one of which is death for some), but until we know the long term effects we don’t want to do that”, or something to that effect.!!?? [I quit watching at this point.]

      Well, I died from the short term effects, but I’m optimistic about my chances in the long term. 😉

      • I’ve seen this sort of wannabe clown, who wants to act this way to defenseless people, because their true core is coward, so scared of their master.
        I hate those cockroaches.

    • Viruses being airborne contagious is made up by big pharma to make trillions of dollars. Now they used fear to the equation for totalitarian control

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