Harry the Greek at NewsOthersMiss.com reports that Konnech CEO Eugene Yu missed his court appearance Thursday at the Los Angeles County Court House. Konnech Inc is a software company based in China specializing in election systems. Over a thousand Boards of Elections use Konnech software, including the Pentagon.

Yesterday’s court hearing in the Eugene Yu criminal case revealed the Prosecution still has the Konnech CEO’s passport, as well as an encrypted device that contains 350 terabytes of encrypted data.

Harry asks, “Is Yu back in China with his wife, Donna Wang of Michigan State University? Yu’s charges of embezzling $2,640,000 from Los Angeles and conspiracy were withdrawn on November 9th. However, prosecutors will file new charges next year to include ‘fugitive from justice’. Yu was arrested in Lansing, Michigan’s state capital at their airport. He was attempting to flee the country said the Judge.

In the meantime, the investigation continues. It includes unnamed private-sector forensic cyber experts. According to the LA Prosecutor Eric Neff, Konnech has thousands of contracts in the US. Its servers store, send and receive election data to China from many states.

“Konnech has contracts with the Pentagon to handle overseas military ballots too. The verbal sparring between Luke Spisak, the LA Prosecutor, and the defense attorney spilled into the hallways, as was witnessed by George Webb and his Citizens News team of five persons who were at the hearing.”

In the meantime, LA County’s investigation continues and includes unnamed private-sector forensic cyber experts. The defense wants Yu’s encrypted device back. Spisak says no way. Tuesday’s hearing will determine who gets to keep the device.

Harry says 350 terabytes is enough to store data of every registered voter in the country, plus plenty to spare for the rest of the world, including the 56 countries where the UN’s Carter Center has been rigging elections with China, including the states of: Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Harry reminds us that the Michigan State Police and Ingham County Sheriff Department in Mason, Michigan have no record of Yu’s arrest on October 4th and release in October 6th. No driver’s license. No voting record. No driving violations or parking tickets, Even though Yu has lived in Michigan for 25 years. Harry says it is as if he is protected by the FBI and Justice Department.

Neither agency has an effort to prosecute Yu and his voting machine software company, Konnech. Yu’s mug shot from Ingham County, Michigan was taken on October 5th. On October 6th, it was deleted from the internet for good. On whose authority?

LA County’s Konnech data ended up in China, according to George Gascon, Los Angeles’ elected District Attorney. Yu was supposed to pick up his passport at 8:30 AM last Thursday but he didn’t show up and the Prosecutor still has it. Where is Eugene Yu?

Harry says Yu’s wife, Donna Wang, MD, vacated her office at Michigan State University, where she was the Director of Nanomedicine and Molecular Intervention without notice after 25 years at the university. Her office phone, “is disconnected”. Where has Dr Wang disappeared to? How can Yu leave the country without a passport? Who let them escape? Yu’s next court hearing is nest Tuesday. Harry asks, Will he appear then to pick up his passport? Or will his double show up instead, wearing a mask like Joe Biden’s fake stand-in?

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