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Abby Martin speaks to Mimi German of about the potential scope of Fukushima’s nuclear effect on the US Pacific coast and the disinformation campaign.

Published on May 24th, 2014 Here is your chance to hold them accountable all you have to do is share. This video debunks Kelp-Watch 2014 & radcast dot Org who.

Unfortunately, as iconoclastic as ‘BreakingtheSet’ host, Abby Martin purports to be, she is attempting to cast all of the blame on TEPCO and US Navy, regarding the contaminated groundwater of Tokyo and surrounds and the radiological cancers contracted by the young crewmemebers of the USS Ronald Reagan, when truly, the ultimate cover-up of this entire, unfathomable and ongoing catastrophe is truly neither, individual entity – but a *collusion* of the vast network of entities that comprise the worldwide nuclear energy industry – as well as their corrupted agencies, who are meant to be the industry’s watchdogs, such as the EPA – but whom are nothing of the kind.

The nuclear energy industry will do everything that it takes to reduce their exposure to the legal fallout that most surely awaits them, especially as more that people take this matter into their own hands and buy Geiger counters and measure radiation level in their areas.

What is crystal clear, in the case of Fukushima is that the authorities are NOT on the side of the people who are at risk and currently suffering from the hideous effects of radiation poisoning.

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