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Friar Alexis Bugnolo is an American-born Franciscan priest living in Rome who is spearheading a campaign to unseat Pope Francis. I always find him to be very intelligent, articulate and genuine.

Bugnolo says that this is it, we’re in the Apocalypse and he estimates some 2 billion people will die from what he calls the “Death Vaxx”.

He says that over the next few months, the immune systems of those who’ve been injected will progressively degrade, with symptoms mimicking AIDS and he cautions people not to live with or be in close contact with those who are vaccinated, to avoid infection with the deadly spike proteins and genetically-modified hydras, which can be transmitted via shedding from saliva, for example.

He says the vaxx is not only to kill those injected and is not just to reduce the world population, “But to select those who will live through it and to suppress their natural immunity, so they can be genetically re-engineered, while alive by the Globalists, using dose after dose of the vaccine and eventually, some sort of 5G or cellphone technology.”

He says it appears the Plandemic has been in the works for about 40 years, without anyone realizing what they were up to. “They basically want to totally re-engineer, biologically the human being and and they want to exterminate the natural human beings.

“Now, we can see what the real meaning of the ‘New World Order’ is. It isn’t just the super-wealthy owning everything that’s not human, the New World Order is to take…humanity itself, as a natural resource, in the sense of making it an object of economic activity.

“This is way beyond slavery. They want to make human beings properties, laboratories, factories. Your own body will be used for what they want it to be used for, whether it’s sex, creating medicines, being their slave, growing organ parts for their children.

“You, personally, not just your tissues grown in a laboratory, you personally will be their slave, their robot, their organ-harvesting plant…

“They’ll be farming you and they’ll be able to change your genetics at will, on a daily basis and this is the objective they have. Now, most people will not live through this experiment. Most of the 3 billion who have taken it are obviously going to die. Whether you’ve gotten one dose of the real vaxxine, or you’ve gotten 7 doses, you’re most likely dead. You’re walking dead. It’s only a matter of time, you will be dead.

“If you’ve only taken a placebo and you haven’t taken any more, you’re still in the game. And if you haven’t taken the vaxx, you intelligent person, you’re the last refuge of humanity. You are one of the few who will carry on the human race until the end of time.

“The death-vaxxed will not be able to have human children; their children will be genetically-modified and able to be controlled, so we are at a great parting, here: Humanity goes in one direction, the way it’s always been, by God’s will and design and those who allowed themselves to be fooled by the Globalists have been eternally imprisoned already, biologically.

“I don’t see, from the number of evil things that are in this that it’s possible to save someone.”

He says doctors and experts have examined the contents of the vials and discovered unbelievably diabolical things. “There’s the hydras, who are genetically-modified so they can live in your blood and in your lymph fluids and meld with your cells and change your genes and they’ll just go on multiplying, unless someone can figure out a medicine that will kill hydras in your bloodstream without killing you and this is why the graphene oxide is in there, because these hydras, in the presence of graphene oxide multiply enormously.

“Then, you have the fact that this thing turns off your natural gene that suppresses cancer, so cancer is going to start growing all over the place. It turns off certain genes your body uses to protect itself from being genetically-modified and there’s all kinds of other technologies in there; gold nanobots, things like that, to aid in the genetic reengineering of those who have been vaccinated.

“So the Globalists, yes, will kill 2 or 3 billion but that’s not their only objective. They want to kill off the people who are not compatible through new technology. The New World Order means that humanity now is the new economic frontier. They have abandoned all human morality and…they now look at you as something lower than a milk cow, because at least a milk cow, at least you want the genes to be nice and good and healthy, so you get nice and healthy milk. But these people don’t even want that. They want you to be their genetically-engineered robot or not  – they don’t want you to exist anymore.

“So this is beyond any measure of psychopathy of any novel ever written that I know if and this is so malign and so intelligent and so well-planned and so controlled that I believe everyone, like it or not has to recognize that Satan is behind this.

“An extremely evil spirit is behind this; someone who hates the world as it is, who hates Creation as it is and who not only wants to own things in Creation, which is the old manner of possession the Globalists used to get their power but they now want to take possession and control, in its very essence living things and weld them to their wheel, bend them to their will and to destroy what exists naturally, so that they can reign as gods on Earth…

“We’ve clearly moved from reality to the Twilight Zone. This is no metaphor. We are in Armageddon. This is the apocalyptic battle that St. John the Apostle wrote about in the Book of Revelations, the last book of the Bible.

“Because this level of wickedness makes Hitler look like a saint. This makes Mao Zedong and Pol Pot look honest. I say that with a certain rhetorical flourish because they were horrible murderers and very wicked men but this is way beyond that. This is taking evil to a level that we have never seen in the history of humanity, that no human mind would have ever contemplated. That’s why I say it’s clearly from Satan.

“These Globalists must have Satanic priests somewhere or some cult somewhere or someone who’s possessed by demons who are giving them instructions. I don’t see how you could humanly come up with such a project and contemplate it and then execute it. It’s beyond anything…

“There’s been a lot of talk of us, who are not vaxxed being put in concentration camps but I think that’s less likely to be the case, because the vaxxed will be dead before they’ll be able to execute it. It’s not like they’re going to use unvaxxed people to put unvaxxed in concentration camps. They will use vaxxed people and these people only have about another six months, maybe 12 months to live…

“Our position, those of us who are not vaxxed is much stronger. I have to say now, I’m a bit more confident, because this death vaxx is going to be so horrible for most of them. However, those who are death-vaxxed and decide to give their loyalty over to the Globalists are going to become extremists, because they’re going to realize that unless they serve the Globalists totally, they won’t get their added boosters of immunity.

“So we are at a Great Parting, where humanity goes one way, the death vaxxed go another and I think once people realize what’s going on, we’re going to see a lot more civil strife, considering that these death vaxxes have genetically-modified hydras in them that can seep through fluids – I don’t know if they can come out of your lymph fluids and your blood into your sweat or your saliva or other fluids of that sort, I would strongly recommend not touching anyone who’s vaxxed, not having any physical contact with them and I would strongly suggest you stop living in a house with them, because you could pick up their saliva from a fork, a knife, a cup and who knows what the result would be. It’d probably be your death.

“Exercise extreme caution and try to do what you can to accept psychologically what’s now going to happen, because it’s much worse than I thought back in June…

“We, who are not vaxxed have to survive. Those of you who are married or marriageable, you need to have children, because humanity, itself is under such an existential threat.

“I think the governments that are pushing this are going to collapse. I don’t see how the Globalists plan to maintain control while all their allies die.

“As I’ve said many times before: you not only have to flee to the countryside and arm yourself, you need to start making friendships with other people who are not vaxxed and be prepared to take over the civil control of your local area, because it’s going to go down quick, now.

“I think we’re on a roller coaster ride and we’re on that steep [slope] and now through Christmas might be the last months of normality in the West. Nations, like in Africa who were smart enough not to start vaxxinating people, they’re going to end up the ones that outlive this, whereas foolish nations, like Ireland and Scandinavia, who have 90% vaxxination, they will be annihilated. ‘Various nations will be annihilated,’ said Our Lady at Fátima…

“And if you are associating with clergy who are pushing the vaxx, I strongly recommend you stop going to their churches. All you have to do is get a little bit of that vaxxed saliva on the host.

“And don’t expect Christ is going to protect you from infection, because you won’t separate from the wicked.

“He’s told us, throughout scripture that at the End of Times, we must separate from the wicked. We must leave Babylon. 

“And if you think Bergoglio is the head of the Church, you’re blaspheming God. 

“And now, this is something you have to do for your safety, it’s not just your religious duty, it’s also a biologic duty, you can’t live with people who are vaxxed. You end up with your health destroyed. Because these things are just going to start oozing out of them.

“I hate to say it, because it is the consequence of what this Death Vaxx does. It’s going to destroy a lot of human society. Husbands are going to have to leave their wives and children their parents and if you are Death Vaxxed, don’t kiss your kids! You’re going to spread all that to them and even if they’re not Death-Vaxxed, they’ll end up dying.

“You are a walking bag of horrible technological and infectious agents and I hate to say this, but this is what the Globalists have done to you and this is what you’ve done to yourself by taking that thing.   

“And don’t blame us for being prejudiced. I mean, this is a plague now. What’s in the vaxx is the Plague of Plagues, because it’s not just something that kills you, it destroys humanity and could end up destroying all of humanity if it spreads to the whole world.

“So I sure hope that these genetically-modified hydras can’t spread from person-to-person. But until the doctors come out and tell us seriously what we have to fear from them, we should exercise extreme caution – extreme caution to these people, as if they’re carrying the most dangerous and horrible plague.

“And this also makes it difficult for us, who go to stores and buy things. You’re buying vegetables and fruits from people who’ve been Death-Vaxxed? They’ve touched it with their hands? Don’t eat any raw vegetables would be my advice.

“So start thinking about all the consequences. They’re horrible. And if you don’t recognize this new reality, you will be dead.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The latest variant has been dubbed IHU. Say that to yourself a few times. They’re not even hiding their puckish ‘comedy’ any longer. “I HATE YOU” !

  • It’s good to know that someone like him who knows the Bible inside and out and is mentally stable have the same thoughts. I’ve seen this coming for 4 years and haven’t known what to do with it because you can’t stop it. We just know now how it’s going to play out. I wish more people would wake up.







  • Nice guy. Hope he gets saved by trusting in the finished work of Christ on the cross. Christ alone, not Christ + popery. Christ alone, not works. Christ alone, not rituals or rites. Christ died for sinners, not good people. God’s word says there are no good people. Jesus Christ died, shedding his precious blood then rose again for our REDEMPTION. A church or denomination did not die for our sins. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    For God so loved the world (that’s you, that’s me), that he gave his only begotten (anointed exalted) Son, that whosoever believeth in him (that’s Jesus Christ) should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

  • Moth Dragon Look it up!
    Humans are being farmed to be food
    Genetically altered to be controllable avatars
    Hey at least this go around we got a green earth
    Not an ice age!
    Ivermectin kills parasites.
    What is Hydra? A parasite.
    Dose is by wt. get it while you can at feed stores

    • They are being farmed to create energy that will give Satan more power. Isn’t it ironic that Cern is starting up again after 3 years being shut down and 5g is about to go active any day now. I feel the energy will make these elites immortal. This way they can live forever. But I don’t think it’s totally going to be like this forever. Prophet Kim Clement said the vail will be lifted in 2027. It’s going to be hell meantime.

  • Scary shit if it true , humanity as we know it is dead , so why in return get those bastard elite gone , I mean if humanity is going to die let show the elite our last stand and just waste them

  • Some of the Sheep are awakening but we need to get the Ostriches to lift their heads out of the sand.

  • I hear much pontificating and extrapolation of ideas (fearmongering) but very little in terms of substantiative evidence. Please provide guidance to the “studies” you’re referencing so the public can come to the same conclusion if you are indeed correct. I am a man of both faith and science and don’t fall for claims solely based on ethos. Again, please provide some evidence to back up your claims, otherwise you declare yourself just another internet crackpot.

    • It’s late in the day to be begging anyone to provide “evidence” from the corrupt system responsible for this distribution of death. Why don’t you stop asking and start looking at the details yourself. If all you do is follow the mainstream, allopathic, mainstream media then you’re caught in an endless loop of lies. Pray for truth to be revealed and perhaps research the hypothesis of virology or the PCR test, how it “works” or rather does not work and what happened to the scientist who created the test. What was the original intent. Stop suffering from the self-imposed, narrow-minded affliction of learned helplessness.

    • Check out on Stew Peters show interviews with Dr. Alyina Love, Ex-Pfizer analyst Karen Kingston, Dr. Carrie Madej about Hydras in the jabs, on this channel the video about the German chemist Dr. Andreas Noak (?) , about the danger of Graphene Oxide, Duck-duck-Go Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, what they are explaining what’s in the inoculations. That will give you a basis of understanding, that the good friar might be right on the money.

    • I agree trust and verify Reagan was right Jessica somebody’s moving their lips does it make it so even in the Holy scriptures no single scripture is to interpret the Bible but the whole Bible interprets the scriptures the art of interpretation rightly dividing the word of Truth comparing scripture with scripture even when I go to the bank to cash a large check they counted three times and then they run it through the mechanical machine three times then the bank manager comes over she counted three times and then she has to give her verification with her initials you going to a court of law they need two or three pieces of evidence to be able to convict somebody beyond a shadow of a doubt not hearsay call critical thinking there are two kind of people in the world I’ve learned from this pandemic those who think and those who are told what to think each person has to decide which side they’re on thinkers or parrots

  • Plan anything you want, but do not plan the outcome.

    So far the death predictions have been off even for the jabbed even from “alternative” sources. Some of those sources could be controlled opposition, whose job and objective is to propagate fear to separate Humans with more confusion.

    The same basic questions are present such as, what is the “safe distance,” to achieve anti-social distancing”?
    Would not herd immunity apply these variant circumstances as well?

    I find it suspicious that these directives are the same common denominators for the original hoax and are present in this narrative.

    If you pray, there is no need to worry.

    If you worry, there is no need to pray. 😉

  • I have no faith in this man but I do have faith in others and some real bad things are being done in a worldwide coordinated fashion!We are at WAR prepare for WAR because it is here NOW..Find other who think like you because the next thing they do is cut off broad communications,gather food/water essentials and be prepared to protect yourself!Believe no Government no media 100% time to STFU and pay attention.Flush your system with Ivermectin and DEAD WATER it flushes metal from your system

  • Houston Methodist doctor who is standing up for “right to try” and “off label” use of ivermectin. She has treated over 2,000 for covid, none hospitalized. Methodist hospital revoked her hospital privileges. Search youtube video id KVwm-KJvGzk and listen what she says. Get your Ivermectin while you still can!

  • Keep at it…and remember we are surrounded by rats and snitches’…..people in governments = police = bylaw, MSM…all lying scum…$$$…F the powers that be. One world government, control, its here. Just follow the money. This government – banking controlled shutdown is not ending folks…why? UN – Agenda 21, NWO, The great reset…IMF, WHO, WEF (World economic forum) central bankers / planners…go do some research, all planned. PIGS = People in governments = Governments = police = bylaw = teachers = doctors = fire = public transportation… ..just follow the money $$$, = pure scum… Rise up people, its going to get much worse…as the force the jabs, and many of them, vax passports, testing on us all…for years to come.
    Its all a lie, bs…Rise up freedom fighters……….Crooked and corrupt Governments = all lying scum, all over the world. I will never see a mainstream doctor again…most are pill pusher’s, vax pushers, a disgrace…Come on free thinkers, freedom lovers, private sector…Almost 2 years now folks! Peaceful protests will NOT work. I wish they did but come on, look around…almost 2 years of this government control, nonsense, lie…They have destroyed the private sector, our small business, our livelihood…removed all freedoms……Have you noticed yet? Do you really want freedom? Civilian militias are needed and they need to be armed to the teeth. Plan, organize, train…rise up…freedom was/is never free. Take it…fight back, very, very large numbers… plan, organize, be ready… As for the police, military, bylaw…they are just branches of the government = most are greedy $ government parasites, order takers , control freaks, zombies with guns, hypocrites, liars, delusional,…. Open up your small business globally. Unite, fight the real enemy here = lying governments = police = MSM… = the people enforcing this lockdown, plandemic…fraud, scam…while ALL getting full pay. NICE EH ? $ This is a complete government = police takeover – getting rid of cash, surveillance state, digital currency, tracking everything we do, no privacy, no freedom, no property rights….Control, control = governments now running everything moving forward. Its, here, its happening, and will only get worse…..Gotta love this metaphor from MMA, ‘kill or be killed”. UNITE. Wake up! F you governments. Do not comply. My body, my choice.

  • “He says it appears the Plandemic has been in the works for about 40 years, without anyone realizing what they were up to.”

    That’s false. Many people have known about this plan for at least half a century and talked about it. But like him all of his life….. most people pay almost zero attention to truth-tellers and reality because they prefer myth-tellers and fantasies ( curated in “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” at ).

    This, too, is strongly corroborated by the heaps of reality denier comments here and reality escapism of the infamous religious nature … it is NO wonder why we’re in this and NO wonder why we most very likely not get out of it.

    He also says “this is beyond any measure of psychopathy of any novel ever written that I know if and this is so malign and so intelligent and so well-planned and so controlled that I believe everyone, like it or not has to recognize that Satan is behind this.”

    Complete delusion. IF he had a true grasp on the human condition he’d knew that this evil is MAN-MADE and HERE ON PLANET EARTH and does NOT just involve the leading controllers but the vast majority of truth-hostile people (see cited article). No need to grasp onto a religious delusion.

    But since most people are delusional… they love to always blame someone or something else but NEVER themselves.

    It’s interesting or rather telling that Alexandra refers to hims as “very intelligent”….

    • You are a hypocrite when you complain at others while your comments don’t provide any proof to show that anybody is wrong.
      Is your mind disturbed or are you a paid troll bot?

    • Wes. Before going any further in your thoughts and opinions switch gears and start learning about your/our spiritual self. You have no idea what Satan is and how the friar was trying to explain the spiritual (not religious) cause of our predicament. If you don’t know Satan, you also don’t know God. Start learning now – you are in biblical times.

      • No, you are not in ‘biblical times’. You are in the ‘times’ of your making by ignorance, and your parents and their parents, including ignoring false ‘wars’ and focusing on sky people when there are drones and others control your food and water. You cannot ignore thousands of vile cabalists who have been planning and destroying while others were busy focusing on a nonsense saytan. Ignorance, consequences.
        The key is not religion distraction, the key is sharing. Share info with others, and get others to share. Focus where you live. off the web. Share energy. That is how we lived a hundred thousand years before the destruction of false ‘money’ and monotheism ‘religions’ interfered with reality. That is why they want a mask on our face, so we fail to share.
        There are some facts in what this friar person is saying. Just leave out the saytan distraction. Do your part to share, while able.

  • The way to support and improve your immune system is by eating food that is right for our species (, by being at peace with yourself and your decisions, but perhaps most importantly by getting good homeopathic treatment. Why do you think ‘they’ did their utmost to destroy its credibility in the last few years? Because they know how powerful it is.

  • All clergy to an extent are untrustworthy. How many times have you seen how they hide behind the cloth to conduct disgusting sex acts with minors. They are hypocrites in what they preach and tell others how to conduct themselves. How many evil practises do they undertake with children behind closed doors that is never disclosed by the media. And this goes on in all ranks, right to the top
    Choir boys beware…….

    • I see your point especially after seeing Trump’s flip,

      though the difference is that his argument supports some of the other doctors who spoken out, and they are not catholic clergies.

  • Not going to happen

    And, by next September 2bil people didn’t die, what will be his and the crazy antivaxxers excuse? Another prophecy?


    If you don’t want to be vaxxed, then don’t-simple

    • How can you say that?
      Don’t you know about poisonous ingredients inside those shots though there are placebo shots mixed?
      We don’t know the percentage of placebo shots, and surly they can change the percentage anytime.
      Aren’t you also aware than only few percent of side effects are reported?
      People can die either quickly or slowly but we won’t know exactly when, because we don’t fully know about technologies they use and our physical/mental strength is different.

      • And should these 2 billion people die, they’ll never release that it was due to the vaccine poisons killing them. The propaganda machine will say they all died of some new “deadly variant”…the sheeple will go on believing the lie, and line up in droves for the next shot of an even deadlier version of the shot, and life in the nightmare will go on.

    • The dead will be labeled “covid” deaths. The jab will be responsible. Anyone who has researched or just watched videos which can be found on any truther sites or alternative news media sites ( not mainstream) all from the Dr.s and scientists who clearly prove and demonstrate and explain the how and why can easily see exactly what were saying in these comments. Perhaps you oughtta spend more time reading and less time making idiotic comments.

    • Do your own research for once. It’s not our job to educate you or to provide you with proof of anything!

      It’s your job to EDUCATE YOURSELF and consider all sources of information available.
      These comments have a wealth of information and links where you can begin your research today.

      Until you have searched, discovered and considered all information available to you… Until you’ve done so using logic, common sense, some critical thinking while using your OWN BRAIN, your own thought process, your own knowledge…until then, you have no right to determine whether anyone in these comments is a “crackpot”! Especially since you’ve taken ZERO effort to research anything yourself and are obviously absent any knowledge on any matter other than what you are hearing from one source. The ignorance can’t be any worse than this. No one on earth cares what you have to say at this point. You have zero knowledge or credibility here and your “proove it or else” mentality is rather comical.

  • I have watched Father Alexis before and I appreciate his standing up against this mass poisoning of the world’s people. I agree that Pope Francis has to go–couldn’t be worse. The Vatican is now captured by Madame de Rothschild with her infectious laugh and her stunning good looks. What a coup for the famililia who now appear to control the greatest art collection in the world–priceless. Oh and Notre Dame Cathedral is going to be a Disneyland for the Woke.

    The news on the vaccine is so grim. I’ve heard that 30% got a saline injection–let’s hope that is true. But still, what a gruesome scenario where in the line some will get the kill shot, some will get to live, and I guess there are the in-between that are saved for re-engineering–Yuck!!

    • Agree with most of what you said, but I’m not sure if Rottenchild captured Jesuits or Rottenchild is just following order from them?

  • He spoke strongly, but many won’t believe him.
    Is he truthful? Maybe yes, maybe he got it wrong.
    OK, Bible says there won’t be too many people left to hear the truth.
    What then?
    I don’t exactly know, but all I know is I am in the right place now as to avoid shots and other dirty medicines.

  • This is a grim image of the future, full of fear. Why do we trust fear and mistrust our own knowing inspired state? Go into nature, stand beneath a fir tree or in the wind on a beach, take a deep breath and fill yourself up with a knowing strength, belong to the light! Love is all around you, look to the animals, they know. There is a cost to living in a civilised way, you distance yourself from the abundance of nature, you become distracted. That is what’s happened to us. The darkness comes from fear, confusion and a clinging on to mistake compounded by more and more mistakes. These people have committed to losing their souls and denying the light. But they can close their eyes for a thousand years only to open them and find the light again.

  • Thanks for another great article Alexandra! This old Hopi End Times Prophecy article covers a lot of the same ground but with a spiritual advice added. If you read it you will see huge parallels to what the Friar and many others are saying about the current and likely future events. In the run up to 2012 David Wilcock and others advised that people would unconsciously self-organize into 2 polarized groups. They were a few years early but they were right. Stay present and stay grounded is my mantra.

    • Just read the PFC article linked above by Richard. Sorry, I can’t accept what is said there; too way out. Further, PFC also sports the shill, Benjamin (White Dragon) Fulford. The entire site smells dodgy to me.

  • This is one of the most over exaggerated overhyped fearmongering 🐐💩 I have read in awhile!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • I don’t usually make comments on the internet, but everything he is saying is the truth, I have been researching everything about the Globlist 100 yr old plan of their new World Order, Most people know things are not right with what they are being told, but for whatever reasons will not take the time to do deep dive researches on these elite overlords familes, all the secret societys worldwide use diff names so us nobodies don’t discover who they really are, THE ILLUMINTA, and the Jesuits who take the blood oath are the allies of the Top Luciferians, the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel, Mossad, central bankers, Rothschild families, Who are really Turk Kazars, and israel is not their homeland, They persucute the palenstian people day and night, everything we are being told by the church and gov about israel is lies, Most of the people over every branch of the American gov are these Kazars, look and see how many jews are in our IRS, Federal Reserve and congress, etc, All run by these Ashkenazi fake jews, They are all sold out to this new World order plan for humanity, They want most of us dead, The has been no testing on any vaccine since 1989, cause they have never been able to get any of them to pass any tests, its all been a big coverup operation, the CDC has just been falsfying the paperwork, just like they did with polio scamdemic and the H1N1 in the 60;s and 70’s, thats why our gov passed laws to excempt the vax makers from any liabilty, When you do start researching about everything this man is saying, you will see how we have been to lied to about just everyhting, ask yourself why, you will see why, they started planning all of this over 100yrs ago, when in 1890, the Kazars said that they would takeover all of huminty , get full power and control, and enslave us by using liquid posion, vaccines. They would begin to attack every country without firing a shot from a gun, they would silently takeover every branch of gov from within, they planned 3 World Wars, WW1, WW2, and the third one is suppose to be a religious war, they are impletmenting their 1 World Religion as we speak, merging christianity, islam, judism, catholic into one rligion, the Roman Catholic Church and Pope will takeover the 1 World aReligion,, after this will start the religion wars, time will tell, and another part of their NWO plan is to have 1 Global Gov to control all of humanity, no more country’s government, no more people voting on anything, Complete survillence states and no freedom and the Roman Empire being revived, when your mother signs your birth cert. you are under the hidden agenda of dog latin, you are subject to the dead accounts of the old roman empire, you are dead under maritime law, the law of the sea, the Pope was made God on Earth by Emporer Justinian, 530 AD, and the Hidden Foriegn Text of dog latin was put into law, and still is law today, Pope chooses all American presidents since civil war, the pope owns all properties, cars, houses, any possessions who might think you own. look up Justinian Deception on you tube, sucribe to channel, when videos come up scoll down to the one named about foreign text of dog latin. I don’t think there NWO evil plans will happen, I think too many people are waking up to them, thats why they are speeding everything in their plans up, its going to get a lot worse than anything we have seen yet, We all have to stop letting them divide and conquer us, thats is one of the plays in their plan book, Just say NO NO NO I do not consent, do not take anymore of their jab shots and a good website to go learn from called, tons of truth videos from very knowledgable well known people all on one website, anything you want to learn about and to start researching for the truth.

    • And what if you’re wrong about that?

      The fact is there are tends of thousands dead, and only 5% or less is actually reported; have you heard of that? There is a Vaccine Death Report from VLADIMIR ZELENKO, you may want to look that up.
      though sadly we won’t know the actual number as the authority will never show it – unless we destroy the system and count numbers by ourselves.
      Personally, I’ve already seen few dead, but doubt if we will see billions dropping dead as quickly (as you may be imagining)
      -or we might see it. Haven’t you heard of casualties from Wuhan and was is Spain? coincidentally when 5G tower became operational? If there is the metal (Graphene) in shots, would some signal from 5G affect people’s life?
      It sounds like science fiction, but also there are many strange coincidences.

      I’m not suggesting you to believe everything he says, but I’m suggesting to dig dipper a little bit more.

    • You’ve researched nothing and therefore will remain ignorant. Hope you at the very least get your affairs in order. It’s pretty clear to me you’ve taken the jab. There is no “vacks”.

  • God please save humanity. I am unjabbed but most of my extended family has taken it. My job requires that I’m around people who have taken the jab. I am in sorrow that so many will die.

  • Clergy in the Roman church are very untrustworthy. Rome plays the Hegelian Dialectic to a T. Order out of Chaos. Their jesuits are the ones that created the technique. They even go so far as to speak against each other, much like DC politicians, but they’re drinking beer together later that night.

  • as I listen to this, I hear my triple vaxxed wife coughing in the next room. she is convinced I am crazy for not getting jabbed, and as she get’s sicker..I’m sure she will blame it on me. she believes in science…what a joke.

  • If you do need to come in contact with folks who got the jab, (or if you got one before waking up to what it was), I’ve heard that vitamin D will stop the shedded protein spikes from penetrating cells, that ivermectin will remove them from your body, and that N-acetylcysteine will remove graphene oxide from your body as well. I am not jabbed but three quarters of the people who I come into contact with have been, despite living in a rural area. So I take all of these prophylactically, have been for six months, and I feel as healthy as before. In fact, curiously, my eyesight seemed to improve, perhaps increased Vits D and Zinc helped with this? I prefer to gave effective substances in my body that reject bio weapons rather than to personally have to reject other beings, but in general, moving to a rural area and stocking up on food would seem wise at this point.

    Love and Light

  • Sorry, Alexandra, but I couldn’t finish listening to this one. At this point, it’s all conjecture since it’s in the future. Although it’s certainly conceivable when we hear of reports like this one:

    Words have power. What we think about and what we speak about, we bring about. That’s Biblically true. That’s how we’re wired. So I stopped it when he was talking about what the globalists want to do to us (organ harvesting, etc.).

    This truly is spiritual warfare. If ever there was a need for intercessory prayer, it is now.

    I personally prefer encouraging words of hope and solutions that we as individuals can do to change this horrible journey set out before us (as told towards the end of this interview): — Catherine Austin Fitts does it again. EXCELLENT information!!

    Meanwhile, we can only pray for a miracle to those who’ve submitted themselves to this global experiment. Might it help to share this 5 min clip?

    • I’m ready for it. The people behind this, helping in it and allowing it are the walking dead so to speak. The ones behind it and willingly helping in it think they will “get away with it?”, but aren’t and wont. So they get to go down with the rest helping them mostly for bribes with stolen taxes and terrorism monopoly criminals profits from the top on down. See newsmend. c o m

      • ever watched movie called eyes wide shut, this world has been f*cked up long
        my question to you is are you confident that you know which doctors have their eyes wide open?

    • Over 75% of the doctors work for hospitals. If they report reality they get fired.
      Hospitals get over 6 billion in funding from the drug companies.
      I hope this explains why only 1% of deaths and injuries are reported.

  • There are no clear answers on shedding from the vaxxed. What exactly is in the vaxxed that is being shed it is airborne not a virus and is infecting many species of animals . Avoiding it from all sources may not be possible it can be added to food ,water and air. In its prion form it is nearly indestructible and inescapable. Isolation can only be achieved with screening tests and none are available. We need divine help and the church has been the worst guard dog ever to watch over the flock. Frier Bugnolo the town crier sounding the better late than never alarm of we are doomed just added some fearful holiday cheer of “we will be dead by Christmas” . The church is nothing but useless state approved propaganda telling us get your shot and then you can come sit with Jesus.

    • From what I understand, there are many causes:
      -Chemicals from food and drinks
      -Radiation Poisoning of Nuke
      -Parasite from vaccine (this is unknown, as seemingly highly genetically modified)
      and the list goes on

      whatever the cause it may be, stay healthy both physically and mentally

  • I don’t question his religious fervor but I am not sure about his scientific knowledge or his statistics. He may well be right. I agree with him about the shedding. My wife and myself sat next to a vaxxed person for about 15 minutes and both of us caught nasty coughs which refused to go away. We never get ill but we did this time.

    • My husband went on a golf trip.
      With vaxed people
      We are not, he got the Covid or whatever it is, a few days later I had it.

      Absolutely it’s a bio weapon. It attacks where your weak.
      Me. Lungs and skin
      Him. 2 ft blood clot in his leg.

      I still can’t smell or taste.
      Still feel like I’m breathing with 1 lung.
      Energy and foggy brained. Since August.

  • Hi Friend
    There is a solution if we put our full Faith in God.
    Here’s what I’m talking about.
    Off course, all of this stems from the Lucifer rebellion which is a huge backstory we all need to become acquainted with so that we have a deeper understanding about what we’re really dealing with here.
    Best regards and Blessings to you.

  • True. That said, God has a plan as well. As Jesus said, “In my Father has many mansions with many rooms.” Infinite Universes with infinite Planets – mansions and rooms. This isn’t the only planet for humans and other creations. This is not the end but the end of what have known . What has been created by man isn’t sustainable. Man will fail you. The only plan to Trust is God’s.

  • Not to dispute anything the good Frair has stated, but just a minor correction. Klaus Schwab stated in his book, “Covid 19, The Great Reset” that the number was not 2 billion, but 4 billion, starting with the white population, as they are the most difficult to control, an uppity freedom and liberty loving race, followed thereafter by blacks and Hispanic,
    The Asian population, for the most part, to be the surviving race, as eons of poverty and oppression has rendered them more passive, more submissive, obedient, easy to control, to rule! Not my words, Schwab’s, read the book if you have any doubts!

  • I don’t believe half of Bugnolo’s rhetoric!! Why? I know many people who’ve been vaxxed since vaccine first came out (one had his THIRD booster shot last week), and they’re still going strong.
    Yet Bugnolo said, “It’s not like they’re going to use unvaxxed people to put unvaxxed in concentration camps. They will use vaxxed people and these people only have about another six months, maybe 12 months to live…”
    Not many will die from the shot – just enough to make people play ”Russian Roulette” with their lives and the lives of their children to ”get along”.

    • though people are really dying and people in charge are doing evil using this plandemic, shouldn’t it be taken seriously?

    • This Jab is a slow death, wasting away slowly…many people are dying, I hear sirens every day here. By 2025 the Great Reset, digital money, camps, and people turning on each other will be the norm…

        • I believe the sirens are a psyop to keep fear high…. after a year or so of super ramped up sirens in my town, they stopped pretty much in September. Very noticeable quiet!…. then the new variant was announced and the sirens started again…smh

  • Wow….that was ‘Doom Porn’ on steroids. Whatever the future holds it will be revealed in short order. My guess is that such a catastrophic prediction is unlikely to occur as revolt and annihilation of the ruling pyramid cap would be assured. If, and it seems so, that reduction of the human population is one of the ‘cap’s’ primary objectives, then this will have to be accomplished by other much less violent means than mass genocide through the use of bioweapons. If the ‘cap’ plays this hand, especially if they target the children of the people, there will be no mercy in the final analysis.

    • Revolt by whom, as the “vaxxed” will be the obedient servants of their globalist masters, reliant on the next jab for their very life. It will not be long, as we are already seeing instances, when friends turn on friends, neighbor on neighbor, family against family, as the threat of death secures much in the way of loyalties.
      We, the Pure Bloods, will soon be hunted, deemed a threat, blamed for any “variant”, as has already been the case. Knowing the truth is not just irrelevant, it furthers the agenda, solidifying control of the “vaxxed”, as they learn the risk of noncompliance it only become more clear, it is us or them. As such, any assault on their masters is deemed an attack on the victims of the jab, there can be no greater means of control!
      Doom Porn indeed, however I see no evidence to the contrary and much to substantiate his purported scenario, his postulations backed by a preponderance of the evidence that can not be denied.
      Now is not the time to GET ready, one must BE ready, as something wicked, this way comes, more so than any could have imagined!

      • Excellent commentary…I can see what he says is coming true right before our eyes. I have noticed a a lot of “missing” traffic in the early morning commute in my nearest city and its escalated in the past 3-4 months. What used to take me almost 2 hours to reach my destination can now be done in a single hour. We need to use extreme caution especially since not sure if the hydras can be transmitted. I learned a a little while back about the hydras from a great Dr and saw where she had them on video. Prepare as best you can and I would highly recommend getting some silver to barter with. You can pick up some fractional coins that are pre 1965 at a still decent price, 20 dollars for 1 dollar worth of partial silver.

        God takes care of His elect.

  • Alexandra – Did you know that when I was 16 I stepped into an elevator alone with Rod Serling. It was a moment just like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone. There he was smiling, cigarette in hand. I had my chance so I asked him if the stories he had were real and he just smiled as he said, “ yeah kid”. Fast forward 50+ years and he’s right!

  • In case if we are right, there is no turning back for vaxed.
    We must unseat all the cultists/satanists and masonic banker puppets together with white, black and Grey popes.

  • My local do for is losing the plot. I m unvaxxed because I have one lung and a ruptured spleen and heart and blood pressure problems. My doctor recommended ACE 2 inhibitors but these don’t agree with me. I have refused medications for autism,in the form of risporadol and anti depressants all my life and very rarely take medications. My health service is getting short tempered as I am using rest, relaxation and quitting smoking instead of ACE2 inhibitors. Once a year my sleep patterns get destroyed,usually in September to October. My usual response is to ride it out for four weeks and using physical exhaustion to reset my body clock. It’s all to do with sunshine and vitamin d and melatonin. Three weeks ago I ask the doctor for a small amount of melatonin ,the response was unnerving. The health centre had a meeting and a week later informed me that I was not allowed melatonin as in their veiw,it’s dangerous! I can get opiate based painkillers and lots of other drugs if needed but melatonin is a no no. This comes after ten years of the doctor’s encouraging me to take it daily,which I refused. Now it’s dangerous and unavailable for people with autism Asperger’s syndrome.Maybe if I was vaxed?
    I have noticed around me that people are getting stupider and are having more cognitive problems,like their brains are working flat out with little room for deep thinking. Those who know I’m unvaxed have expressed emotions from anger and hatred to shock. Being nearly 60 years old with head,spinal and physical injuries,one lung,torn diaphragm and ruptured spleen and high blood pressure and vegus nerve damage, I think I’m a walking reminder to the vaxed that the jab is a pox fraud and unnecessary. Another aspect of this mass poisoning is traffic. Where I live there is a large amount of cyclists in the vehicle traffic. Over the last four months I have noticed more near misses and minor collisions. It’s as if everyone s driving skills are deteriorating fast.
    The poison vax has taken a few freinds quickly, especially after booster shots. Don’t do it. Trust in traditional medicine,like,not drinking much alcohol and daily exercise and a food non processed diet. Fear is the last thing you need. In fact fear is worse than the virus as it can make you give in to an ideology of science. There has been selective vaccinations,some people getting a placebo while others get a kill shot.
    Freinds within the UK medical service are suspecting that the kill order, to use one phrase,was mostly worked out before the vaccines appeared. That is, the order of killing was determined into worthy/ unworthy ,usable/ unusable before the vax pox release,i.e. full premeditation. The unvaxxed may quickly become in demand by the poisoner’s as a non vaxed reference sample or as a source of uncontaminated tissue. All the graduations in suspending civil liberties,controlling employment through coercion etc….are already recorded in history. The Jewish ghettoes of WW two show clearly how and what mechanisms are used to force compliance. Employment and food are the mechanisms to gain further life . It’s important to hang on to your jobs and positions,resigning because of personal opposition to the poison vax is a no brained as all you will do is deny your needs and allow a competent vaxed person to replace you,hence speeding up the cull. We seem to be now at a time where common law courts will be appearing,the rope has a lot going for it in terms of cost and efficiency,as well as justice for humanity.
    Heaven will give you the strength to endure.

    • Wise words, I appreciate your perspective. An encouraging thought…human ingenuity and innovation is undoubtedly being unleashed as people are shut out of the mainstream. I foresee alternatives popping up everywhere

    • Great comment Phil, it sounds like your body has gone through hell 😔 you should be able to buy melatonin from a healthfood store quite easily. I’m in Canada so it may be different where you live.
      Stay strong Phil, I agree with most of what you’ve said 👍

    • we definitely need common law courts because these people who act as tokens to this system has caused a great trespass by way of killing by lethal injection.
      if you get a chance listen to christopher james at
      if anybody knows of any others that talk of common law it would help

    • Melatonin is a fall back in a pinch. Most important is sun daylight exposure. Twenty minutes, every day, without fail, especially in winter. Put on coat, roll up pant legs so light is on your face and calves. Circadian rhythm, so you fully wake up, and your body produces melatonin when time to sleep. No computer two hours before bed. Read paper book. Most important thing people are missing. Herbs such as valerian can also help if need extra help to fall asleep. If you do melatonin too much and fail to get enough daylight it affects your body’s ability to produce it. Share the info with others. Everyone needs to sleep better, so are stronger and more awake to the truth.

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