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    A Brave OMG journalist captured undercover footage of his meeting with Fox News Producer Sean Langille, who spoke about how part of the Dominion settlement included Tucker Carlson being fired:

    Reporter: Tucker getting fired was part of the Dominion lawsuit?

    Sean Langille: Part of the settlement. Yeah, he’s ousted… and we got money from Pfizer… He [Tucker] brought up things that cost a lot of money. Cost the company a lot of money. This whole thing about January [6th], it was an inside job. FBI agent on the inside encouraged it…

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    • With such a rigged legal system there was no way Dominion could lose in court especially when the crooked election narrative depends on keeping the lie about no widespread corruption going all opposing lawyers have been disciplined and the GOP congresstooges agree no election fraud evidence exist. This seals the future stated goal of forced acceptance of the election results that the media pushes without question or else you’re an election denier . The next selection is pre-rigged unless the invaders screw this up or their gerrymandering phone app crashes.

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