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    This video went viral on Facebook and YouTube but it was taken down by both platforms for violating their “Terms of Service”. All across the Internet, there’s an effort to remove all references to any connection between COVID-19 and 5G millimeter wave radiation.

    But this message is a lot more than that. I’d managed to save a version from Facebook before it was censored but I found this version on that is 10 minutes longer, which gets into the imminent presentation of the Antichrist.

    The speaker in this clip, whose identity has eluded me claims to have been the head of the largest business unit at Vodafone in England from 2013 through 2015, where he was privy to new technologies, like the Internet of Things and the 5G technologies that enable it.

    Vodafone is an international telecommunications company whose 2019 revenue was 44 billion euros. He says they are in partnership with Chinese tech giant, Huawei, which controls most of the world’s 5G networks and hardware, on which Vodafone 5G comms would be running (if Trump doesn’t succeed in stopping it).

    The former Vodafone exec echoes the beliefs presented by Thomas Cowan, MD (now removed throughout the Internet), that viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA and other debris that are excreted from toxic cells. He adds that the true cause of the coronavirus pandemic being 5G radiation is “the largest global cover-up in history in the impact on humans in technological advancements.”

    What is driving this unstoppable 5G juggernaut, even though it is known that it will kill millions of people?

    He says, “Quite simply, because 5G is the only network with the speed to handle the future. And where we’re going rapidly is a world run by AI (Artificial Intelligence), the Internet of Things (where everything is interconnected on the Internet), a new global currency that’s coming out (hence, why I’ve been pushing what I’ve been pushing for the last 5 years in Africa, with out own digital currency, to combat what was coming).

    “In addition to that, there will be driverless cars, there’ll be a number of different things that basically need to run on 5G – so, they cannot reverse the implementation of this technology. And they’re happy for the sacrifice to be millions of lives around the world…

    Why, one may ask?

    “We know the technological reasons for this, they need a robust, scalable, fast, capable Internet that can handle the petadata of information about all of your movements, all of your journeys, all of your banking transactions, your identification, all the CCTV cameras around the world, etc., etc., because they need visibility on what everyone’s doing.

    “But the primary reason beyond that, what they’re doing, which is Luciferian and Satanic, sorry to be honest, to use that term, but what is happening is they are implementing three new strategies:

    “1. Vaccines…That vaccine will consist of a substance that will enable the frequency of 5G to be more effective in creating more fatalities…catastrophic impact on our physical being when exposed to the [5G] radiation.

    “Secondly, the vaccines will come with a tracking device called an RFID chip. It is a microchip that is inserted at the same time as the vaccine. They’re not even being subtle about it, they’re being quite overt about it. This will give them the ability to track. It’ll be presented in the name of, ‘We need to know who has had vaccines, who hasn’t had vaccines, so we can know who’s safe, who’s not safe and who can be given license to travel and do different things on the basis that they’re no longer a threat to humanity,’ based upon this spurious ostensible notion of the coronavirus, which is a complete fallacy. It doesn’t exist, in the context of what’s killing us. They’re just using it as a means to justify where they’re going.

    “The third area, unfortunately is the introduction of…the implementation of digital currency. A global digital currency. It will start with the US, it will roll out around the world…

    “This has hailed a new era of the Mark of the Beast. It is here, it is real, it is now. They are expediting rapidly, because they realize there’s a level of esoteric enlightenment going through the Earth, there’s a level of technology that can fast track other people’s agenda, which will be contrary to theirs and they want to shut it down.

    “So, what are they doing systematically? Systemically? And simultaneously? They are shutting global economies down, because they want to introduce two things: 1. A new level of monopoly or oligopoly. These are four or five key multinational companies.

    “Amazon will be the first. Google is obviously one. There’ll be others that will manage the supply chain of everything that we purchase. Everything is going to be streamlined, from food, to electronics to the flow of money – everything.

    “The second thing they’re doing with this system is – other than creating these oligopolies – so, they’ve shut the global markets down for that. They want to make as many people as possible unemployed, so please do not believe these measures they’re talking about stipends and…grants or payments to help the self-employed or people who’ve been made redundant.

    “It’s not going to happen to any degree that’s going to affect the livelihood of people. We’re heading for the largest global recession the world has ever seen, because they are changing the game.

    “So, what they’re bringing in now is…the new system, the new blockchain, global digital currency, which we will not have access to unless we can prove that we we’re no longer a harm to humanity by having the vaccines, which will be mandatory, they will have forced them on us and secondly, they will insist that we have to take the chip that is part of that same, simultaneous process.

    “Why are they shutting global economies down? Because they want to take control back from entrepreneurs, control back from family offices, family businesses, they want to completely disrupt the fabric of society as we know it; education, employment, everything will be completely different in a matter of months, not even years…

    “Bill Gates, God bless him, has resigned from his position as Chairman of Microsoft and of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he’s now pushing the vaccine agenda.

    “He has developed technology. He is responsible for a lot of this. So, please, those who’ve held him as a innovator, he’s innovating for the demise of humanity. Vaccines have always been a danger to humanity and they contain pathogens…that are harmful to our human body. So, that’s the holistic, high-level summary…

    “So, what does the Body of Christ do now? What do we do? Well, firstly, the Body of Christ is changing. It’s a changing of the guard. This is now the time of the kingdom remnant to come to the fore, who’ve been prepared for such a time as this.

    “This is the time the people who were not fitting into church-y, normal restrictions, who’ve got thoughts and assignments and mandates beyond the Church. This is the time that God is going to reposition them.

    “Basically, we’re up next. It’s our time now. It’s a defining moment for the kingdom to rectify some of the things that are going wrong. So, that is one of the things you’ll see around the world, people will come together, combine resources, collaborate to effect change and create an alternative system. I’ve been working on this for 5 years and there are a number of people around the world who are doing the same.

    “Secondly, you will see a change of church. One of the reasons why – it’s the last point I’ll make – that there’s been a ubiquitous shutdown of worship and prayer and congregating of religious organizations – is because they are making the way, spiritually for the presentation of the Antichrist…

    “When we pray, when we worship corporately, we create a frequency. We create vibrations. We create a move of God. We call it the Fire God. We call it the Power of God. We call it the Spirit of God.

    “But effectively, what it is, is that we, as spirit-filled, clean-living beings are generators of spiritual energy, spiritual power. Might…Power, anointing. These are electrical, magnetic frequencies that emanate from us. When we listen to worship and pray; it literally heals our body. So, when we’re in the presence of God, this is why we have healing as a byproduct, because what we’re exposed to physically heals our cells.

    “That’s why He says, ‘I am the Lord thy God that healeth.’ His presence, alone heals. People get healed in worship services, prophecies and the communication frequencies and information flows greater when we are corporately worshiping, when we are praying corporately.

    “And so, they have deliberately shut all of that down and our network, spiritually, for want of a better term, so they can pave the way for the Antichrist to come to the fore, otherwise, he would have been restricted, withheld by the universal concert of prayers and worship of God’s people. So, this is what’s happening.

    “It’s deliberate. It’s not the coronavirus that is contagious or a contagion that we cannot congregate. It’s because they systematically have dismantled, for the first time in human history, the corporate gathering of religious people to pray and worship. Because it changes the spiritual atmosphere, so they can have more power. 

    “I wouldn’t doubt if they’re sacrifices and different things that are going on behind the scenes, as well to empower what this move is and trust me, they’re moving at lightning speed. Within a matter of weeks, we’re going to be shocked by the revelation and the implementation of the things that they will be doing.

    “The vaccines will be a matter of months away, if not days. The new currency will be days away, months away. The whole new economic system, which I’ve created one, which I’m going to implement, regardless, as a strategy to counter what is happening. I’ve been prophesying this for 15 years, the Kingdom of God needs its own economic, system…

    “The best thing we can do right now is to raise our frequency. Live clean, live righteously and remove and detox our bodies from anything that wold affect the flow of God’s annointing on our lives.

    “The only counter we have is prayer and worship. It creates its own force field of energy and force field of frequency. Heaven’s frequency will protect you to some degree, whilst God is working on the strategy that he’s going to implement.

    ‘I pray this has helped somebody. Share this with somebody. Share this so the world can understand that this is happening; that we can come together, strategize, as a kingdom remnant, because as God said, that He doesn’t get involved in the affairs of man, because he gave dominion to man in Genesis Chapter 1.

    “And that’s why so many heinous and terrible things happen in our world, because God is not running the world, he works and influences the good men. Evil prevails when good men say nothing…

    “So, what God is trying to do is influence people who will live right, live clean, pure hands, clean heart, not lifting their soul up to vanity, not swearing deceitfully with lies, not manipulating people to gain – true people of God, that he can speak through, work through, so He can have an impact on the Earth…”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I pity the gullible people who are fooled by this alarmist agitprop. There’s more danger from a cell phone held to one’s ear than from 5G towers. It’s because of the inverse square law regarding RF radiation. Intensity drops quickly as one moves away from the transmitter. That is why a megawatt TV transmitter generates only a microwatt signal at a receiver. And why Tesla’s dream of “free” radiated power was impossible.

      Layman’s ignorance of “radiation” which is technically a process – not a “thing” (sound waves radiate, electromagnetic waves radiate, nuclear particles radiate), is behind the fear mongers and alarmists.

      “Biological effects can result from exposure to RF energy. Biological effects that result from heating of tissue by RF energy are often referred to as “thermal” effects. It has been known for many years that exposure to very high levels of RF radiation can be harmful due to the ability of RF energy to heat biological tissue rapidly. This is the principle by which microwave ovens cook food. Exposure to very high RF intensities can result in heating of biological tissue and an increase in body temperature. Tissue damage in humans could occur during exposure to high RF levels because of the body’s inability to cope with or dissipate the excessive heat that could be generated. Two areas of the body, the eyes and the testes, are particularly vulnerable to RF heating because of the relative lack of available blood flow to dissipate the excess heat load.”

      Note: the heating effect of RF is NOT in any way connected with IONIZING “radiation” – due to interaction with nuclear particles (alpha, beta, gamma), which may cause cellular damage to the DNA (“cell poisoning”). Nor are neutrons emitted, that would cause instability in the nucleus (unstable isotopes) and make an item radioactive.

      Blaming Corona virus on RF is absurd. Might as well blame the sun.
      Solar radiation includes visible light, ultraviolet light, infrared, radio waves, X-rays, and gamma rays… and at a far higher power density.

      FWIW – The frequency spectrum of 5G is divided into millimeter waves, mid-band, and low-band. Frequencies are above 24 GHz, reaching up to 72 GHz, which is above the extremely high frequency band’s lower boundary. The reach is short, so more cells are required. Millimeter waves have difficulty traversing many walls and windows, so indoor coverage is limited.
      (OH MY – walls and windows BLOCK this “evil” radiation!)
      FYI : that’s still below INFRARED (heat) band of EM radiation… the stuff that a magnifying glass can concentrate and BURN things.

      • Hi! The research “proving” safety of EMF/rf assumes there is one and only one mechanism by which it harms: the acute effect of tissue heating.

        You are correct that EMF/rf from the sources discussed does not cause acute tissue damage via heating. However — I don’t believe anyone is claiming or concerned with an acute harm via tissue heating. As you described well — this is not the mechanism of harm.

        EMF/rf is not an acute, single-event exposure; it’s an ongoing, pervasive chronic stressor. The effects are typically cumulative, not acute. Does that make sense?

    • Whether or not Fifth Generation plays any roll in this viral contagion is unknown and up for debate.
      What is known is that “All forms of radiation, [Ionizing and Non-Ionizing], can have adverse health effects when intense enough or time exposure long enough”. There are more than enough studies on RF, starting in the 1940’s, to research and come to your own conclusions.
      What I believe is important is for people not to lose sight that “electromagnetic effects” exist whether or not the scientific communities are all in agreement or not. We need to provide safe technology that is used for good and not evil.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I can but hope that you personally are able to take comfort from a message sent to me this morning, namely:

      “There is another war ongoing whilst everyone is looking at the virus. We are winning and this is the takedown of all that was before and evil. The Deep State is losing globally.”

      I cannot explain who this source is, other than it does not rely on earth-bound intelligence. I am assured that when this fight is over, OFOT aka ‘Our Friends Out There’ will be revealed to the world population at large. Thereafter, the duplicity of the Illuminati since typically the 17th Century will be brought to an end.

      Please take heart that your President has been on an interplanetary journey of ‘enlightenment’ along with our PM Boris. They both know exactly what needs to be done and the order in which to do it. They are also each protected from physical harm by ‘Sentient Beings’ which not even the sheer ‘Evil’ of Nancy Pelosi can penetrate!

      Incidentally, it is ‘Sentient Beings’ that construct the complex crop circles across the world via microwaving the crops 1″ above the ground in typically just twenty minutes.

      Although it currently looks as if the Deep State is winning, I am assured with unequivocal facts that they are not. Hold onto your bonnet dear lady, the world you have always longed for is within sight. You just need to sum up the courage that you have demonstrated time and time again, resides embedded deep within your ‘honest heart’!


      • It’s I think a matter of message over messenger.

        As for the claims about 5G and coronavirus, it boils down to theories about exosomes, which is still new science and not settled:

        As for the Deep State clampdown, you just have to listen to what Bill Gates and Fauci are saying: forced vaccinations and “vaccine passports” for something that has killed less people than the “regular flu”.

        The logical progression of what Amazon and Google are up to could be what he indicates, especially in a post-Apocalyptic world, where nobody is allowed to go outside anymore.

      • I looked at the link you provided, and whilst I found much of the link that Alexandra provided a trifle questionable, the link you kindly provided, could have been written by the Deep State propaganda department!

        As for the Pastor claims, it brings to mind Jim HUmble who developed MMS from which CDS was created, both more than capable of overcoming this virus and more and hence the reason all resellers of it have either been put out of business or forced to stop selling it over the past few years. Jim formed a pseudo-religious sect, as a means of providing protection against the Deep State.

        I do have scientific confirmation at the highest possible level that in some way or form, 5G either exacerbates or enables the spread of this virus. I do not think that there is a shred of doubt that the virus we a currently seeing was developed as a bioweapon. Although I am of the belief that it is not of the devastating construct that the Deep State thought was being deployed.

        I am also of the belief that the cards have been turned on the Deep State and whilst the Lockdown versus the damage the actual virus is causing is economically farcical, it is what the Deep State had instigated, and thus expected. Except of course, that the Lockdown makes it so much easier to take out the Deep State players, as per my message above to Alexandra.

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