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Today is the 10th anniversary of Forbidden Knowledge TV and as I write this, thousands of FKTV’s pages are suddenly devoid of videos, after a major YouTube purge on October 15th wiped out 20 of the channels that I have featured regularly over the years.

With combined followings of roughly 10 million subscribers, the de-platformed channels include SGT Report, X22 Report, Amazing Polly and Sarah Westall. We all knew this would happen but it still takes your breath away, because it is so wrong and so utterly dystopian.

By de-monetizing  and de-platforming so many popular channels for the past few years, YouTube has been actively depriving itself of potentially billions in income. Even though James O’Keefe has shown that some of the contractors they hire as content moderators are borderline Antifa, it would be wrong to suggest that these contractors are dictating policy.

At Facebook and Twitter, we’ve seen the efforts to limit the damage to the Biden Campaign from the New York Post’s reports about his son’s laptop. We’ve seen the Big Tech representatives take responsibility for their actions and act like they’re calling the shots when they censor the US Government.

But I really don’t believe that these wunderkinds founded their social media platforms with the intention of killing the Internet. I don’t believe they knew that when they grew up, they’d be ramming the China Model down our throats.

Q agreed with me in a comment posted on Friday, referring to this recent spate of censorship: “They are not in control of their own platform(s).”

So, if the tech CEOs aren’t in control, then who is? It’s the Globalists, of course, through their agents at the ADL and their Anti-Cyberhate Working Group, whose hate specs are programmed into the machine learning algorithms of all the social media giants.

Dr. John Coleman mentioned ADL several times in his 1991 book, The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, saying, “The ADL is a British intelligence operation founded in the US by MI6 and run by Saul Steinberg and Eric Trist of Tavistock. Saul Steinberg is the US representative and business partner of the Jacob de Rothschild family of London…[ADL is] a joint FBI-British intelligence operation designed to single out right wing groups and their leaders and put them out of business before they grow too large and too influential.”

In the case of Amazing Polly, not only was she de-platformed by YouTube, she was also de-banked by PayPal. I cannot fathom how any of her incredible work could ever be construed as “hate speech”. This is such a scary chapter, that we’re living.


Rudy Giuliani is back today with an update on the findings from Hunter Biden’s computer, which to him outline an open-and-shut RICO case against Hunter, Joe and potentially other members of what he calls the “Biden Crime Family.”

These initial findings are supported by emails released by a former business associate of Hunter’s, Bevan Cooney, who has flipped from prison and provided access to his email account to investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, revealing emails which also detail Hunter’s China influence-peddling operation that are completely unconnected to those released by the New York Post.

Giuliani says there’s, “clear evidence of crime, clear evidence that the Bidens were lying, over and over again. And then, on the photographs clear evidence of criminal activity and some activity that I probably would have a hard time describing and really should be left to more private discussion…

“In short, what the photographs display is a Hunter Biden who is a very serious – I would say degenerate – crack addict…so, it looks like all during the period of time we’re talking about, when he was making millions and millions and millions of dollars, there would be pictures of him sitting in a closet smoking dope or engaged in sex while smoking crack with the woman, sometimes on his own.

“It proves without any doubt that none of this money was intended for Hunter Biden, because nobody would pay this guy ten dollars. I mean, he couldn’t, you couldn’t be sure if you gave him ten dollars to go get a bottle of milk, he’d come back. So, there’s no way that some of the biggest criminals in the world are going to be paying him $10 to $14 million or $30 million or investing in a $1.5 billion completely ridiculous private equity fund.

“So what commodity did Hunter have to sell? That’s pretty easy, isn’t it? The Vice Presidency of the United States, which…his uncle and Joe’s younger brother had been doing for the prior 20 years and that’s why this is a crime family.

“I know their name’s not Italian but you know, this RICO statute applies to political corruption, it applies to white-collar crime. I am the first one to really use it to effectively, to bring down the Mafia, the Mafia drug dealers, the Teamsters Union, the Fulton Fish Market, the private carting industry and then, Wall Street…

“So, I know this statute backwards and forwards and this is a perfect case for it, because this Biden family was engaging in the business of crime and their commodity is Joe’s public office – and Joe, you will see, shared in the proceeds, which is clearly admitted by his co-conspirators.”

Giuliani proceeds to give a thumbnail of the main areas, where Joe Biden has committed graft since he was elected Vice President, “because that’s where the big money was made. Before he was Vice President of the United States, he made substantial amounts of money through the lobbying of his brothers.” Those areas include Iraq, Ukraine, Russia and China.

He says finally, “This man is unfit to be President of the United States. He’s too crooked, he has no concern for the National Security of the United States or he wouldn’t have had his drug addict son involved with all these crooked foreign businessmen.

“He’s a thief, a liar – and you’ve got to see he’s demented. You have got to see he’s suffering from dementia. He can’t do the pledge of allegiance. This is a cynical thing the Democrat Party is doing, probably the worst thing the Democrat Party’s ever done to this country, except maybe to secede. It’s got to be straightened out. The Democratic party has become rotten to the core, at the top. It doesn’t mean there aren’t wonderful Democrats in this country, as good as Republicans, maybe some better but they’re being poorly served.

“There’s an answer to this, the answer is vote them out of office, big time. Let’s elect Trump in huge numbers. Let’s elect a Republican House and Senate and, you know what the Democrat Party will do? It’ll go back and reform. That’s what happens when the public speaks. It’s happened to Republicans. It’s happening to the Democrats it’s the only way we’re going to clean out these crooks…

“This corruption was not confined within the Obama Administration to the Biden family. There are other families who are equally corrupt…we know about the Clintons. I can give you three or four more and that’s why they fought so hard to suppress this and that’s why they fought so hard to impeach Trump on false charges, to get the focus off them.

“It goes back to the Brennan Memo – she’s going to invent a criminal charge against Trump to hide and take emphasis off the crime she actually committed. That’s the modus operandi, that’s the reason to vote him out of office, big time.

“And when this gets fully investigated, this will arguably be the biggest scandal in the history of this country, certainly involving the most amount of money. Ukraine, China, Iraq, Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan – I haven’t even analyzed some of the other countries here but money involved in all of them; money going to the Biden family, kick back to Joe on that, pay for the expenses and 50-50…

“I believe this country’s in grave jeopardy. This election could really do tremendous damage to the America we know, so please vote and make sure you deliver a message to a political party that has lost its way and can be straightened out but only by a verdict from the electorate

“Thank you very much.”

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  • What were YT terms of service ? that …”.We will never allow the truth to come out because we’re getting paid too much and we also have skeletons in our closets!”

  • As long as Trumpers continue to think he’s going to save us, we’re in deeper trouble than what the Dems have thrown at us. Trump is controlled opposition. Anyone who pushes the JAB is not out to protect us. Conveniently, since the Freedom Convoy he’s said “we need to stop mandates”. DeSantis has been saying and DOINGs something about this for months now. Trump needs to step down and let DeSantis take the 2024 elections. I pray that something comes out in the Ghislaine papers or his tax evasion records that smear him so he can stop priding himself as “the father of the vaccines” and creator of “Operations Warpspeed” a government run take-over of those of us who see through the propaganda and want freedom from the likes of Trump and his ilk. At least the Dems are exposed, Trump is still pulling the wool over your eyes! WAKE UP!

  • I don’t agree with Rudy that voting is the only way to clean out the crooks. He is like all lawyers in that they never want to fully enforce the law, even when it involves such serious matters of corruption like national security violations, which could amount to treason, and RICO statutes.

    In my view, the only certain way to end corruption is to arrest, convict, then execute the guilty as those executed will clearly never commit crimes again, plus it will send a loud and clear message to others like them that they can expect the same treatment if they behave like those convicted.

    Voting does nothing but exchange one corrupt politician for another. If that were not the case, we would not have a corrupt government but any honest person knows the government is corrupt from the top all the way to the very bottom as in local jurisdictions.

  • I have about 100 subscriptions. I stopped getting notifications from those requested about 2 months ago. And when I saw your revelation about channels that have been de-platformed, I checked my subscription list. YouTube actually removed Amazing Polly, SGTReport, Sarah Westall, and X22 Report from my personal subscription list!!!

    We are in such serious trouble that only a Trump landslide will give us any hope for the future.

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