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The FBI has become a nationwide criminal enterprise and is the enemy of the American people.

George Papadopoulos is back to talk about how the Durham report proves his innocence.
Durham’s report laid out a road map for Congress to follow and investigate.

It’s time for Republicans in Congress like Jim Jordan to stop talking and take action.
The DOJ recently indicted and arrested Charles McGonigal who was the head of the FBI’s counter intel office in New York.

It is still unknown as to why they arrested McGonigal and what’s going to come out at trial.

John Durham’s report was full of strategic omissions that Congress must get him to address under oath.

The FBI must be defunded and completely restructured from top to bottom.

Now that the Deep State’s crimes have been completely exposed they will become more and more reckless.

They do not care they’ve been caught and will double down on their weaponization of government.

How long will the American people allow this blatant lawlessness to continue?
Get George Papadopoulos’ book, ‘Deep State Target’.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • It takes time to educate the public, and that is the reason why it is taking so much time, but be patient for the trickle is soon to become a stream.

  • Blowing up the “The Punisher” Durham’s lame ass report to make it out to be more inline with our expectations when we ordered “the bazooka” and instead he shows up with his little baby dick burnt offering and 4 years too late . The only one who got punished by this report is ” US ” and now we are glad he was just a limp simp after all.

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