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They understand 5th Generation Warfare and they are using it to fight back – and they are winning!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • We know this, lots of us know this, I keep asking if we know this, then the rest of the demons ruing this county also know this.
    WHY????? hasn’t anyone started a roundup arrest of ALL these criminals? Complacency and lack of commitment are another byproduct of a country that has been dumbed down, overfed but under-informed, content to line up and get these poison shots with NO clue what is in them, and why people around them are now sick and dying.

  • “The Biden family stole ‘over 10 Million dollars!'” I believe that this is way less than “10%” of it.
    I will not be surprised if the Biden Crime Family accrued Billions of dollars. They haven’t even begun to consider the “Ukraine Donation” cash profits, nor a percentage from the Military/Industrial Complex. 10 Million dollars wouldn’t even cover Biden’s taxes on his overall income, IF he paid Taxes. The Republicans simply do not understand Crime Families; I do.

  • Freedom Day is coming , first we must uninstall the defective brandon .gov , reset the bankrupt FED financial system , reboot the liars in woke media , reassign the down sized military to defensive duty on our borders and wipe out the drug cartels. Send ALL of the America haters back home and let them reapply to join us or not .

    • daniel laxon,

      And put every federal
      employee ( including
      spy agencies ) on work
      probation—pending a
      review of his/her
      N E P O T I S M status,
      as just three civilian
      workers funded one
      federal worker in ‘98
      (The Washington Times) :

      In 2023 ?

      And, no-show federal
      “workers” had been –
      then – a growing issue :

      In 2023 ?


      • A better shot for you is to get on the Civil Service yourself.
        You can’t beat the benefits for the unskilled , and the pay runs pretty good as well.
        Trying to dismantle it at this point is quite futile, you would get what Steve Stills called “too much resistance from behind”.
        You wouldn’t just be taking on the Government and the NWO.
        You would get huge resistance from the Black Community due to its traditional dependence on Civil Service for Upward Mobility.I knew a Black guy who could not read, but was Chief of Dietary Services, with Masters Degree Dieticians under him, as well as over a hundred other employees.
        What you need to build independence is cash, and Tilting at Windmills doesn’t pay very well.

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