Sibel Edmonds’ Newsbud has a new show called ‘Mind Hack’, hosted by Jeff DeRiso. This week’s show is about Facebook’s unveiling of their research into brain-computer interfaces, “skin hearing” and other experiments being conducted under the heading “Building 8”, an apparent co-project with US Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) and other institutions.

Machine learning/artificial intelligence research has led to the creation of devices whose decisions cannot be explained by humans.

Very interesting stuff, here.

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  • Subjective plus objective … Anonymity or influence of a respected or disrespected authority…. One not better than the other… each a different equally needed perspective making more complete understanding…

  • Not surprising. We already knew the Deep State owned FB. So no surprises there. The only thing interesting is their admission that they hired DARPA and are working directly with this alphabet agency. I wonder if their stats told them that they had the last two generations sufficiently conditioned and can now unveil their objectives because there is an ignorant population of billions to swallow their clandestine (and often harmful) experiments without question? Just musing.

    Barron is the usual “physical” is everything neurological researcher when he reminisces that our individual physical neurons are “creating our thoughts”. What rubbish. The brain’s physical neurons are simply translators or the OS, if you will, between us (the spirit inside the machine) and our manifested physical expressions of those thoughts through the senses. Nothing more. It is well to study the human machine for many reasons. However, I suspect these researchers, pushed along by Deep State funding, are not searching for how we connect to our body’s electrical system through neurons and therefore manifest our 3-D expressions through them but rather they are searching for the spirit inside the machine–the ultimate controller. Such low-level thinking as the “physical is everything cause we can see it” are thousands of years away from that discovery–that is, without outside help.

  • Sensing and thinking by the big brain can become transferred out of qauntum fields into matter, now manipulating matter/ human bodies. This base on sensations, by the sense organs by which organs, a sensational survival is the sense of survival. The social www base on duality.

    Feeling and thinking by the stem brain is not sensational and not electromagnetic.
    By this feeling/thinking the human being can feel who/what he is and by this feeling he is a universal being and not a social being anymore. The universal www base on singularity.

  • I ‘unplugged’ from Facebook almost 9 months ago, recognizing its structural deficiencies and algorithms prevent any useful or rational discussion of relevant issues. That the former head of DARPA now directs the Facebook “Building 8 / Deep Learning” Project is absolutely predictable, given FB’s questionable origins, and it’s obvious ‘Deep State’ agenda for NSA data-collection and selective censorship. Facebook: Orwellian Social Media at its Best!

  • I’m of the mind that humans are unaware of just how powerful their internal knee-jerk is. In the moment of recognition of the basic subject, the judgment is rendered, and if the cognition is in any way revealed to be edgy or even a minimal threat, the knee doinks the forehead and the reverberation through the cranium renders critical thinking frozen in place, useless, but the ‘belief’ that personal ‘rightness’ remains in tact goes on…not question me bobo-head, ‘they’ said it and I believe it, how could they make lies when so many are involved in the process of making that point…bobo?
    …eh, how charming.

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