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Christian Westbrook of Ice Age Farmer is back with this report about the engineered food crisis that was wargamed by John Podesta in 2015 and is now currently underway.

It’s not just that access to food is being limited at the consumer level but also, the ability to produce food is being restricted.

In Western Australia, grain sites are being closed to farmers who don’t produce proof of vaccination. Western Australia’s bulk grain handler, CBH has told 3,700 growers they will not be allowed to enter the site to deliver grain after the New Year unless they get their vaccination, locking farmers out of the market. They won’t accept delivery of massive amounts of grains, even as they have food shortages.

And not only are they attacking at the consumer level and the producer levels, but everywhere in between.

The new border restrictions between Canada and the US, starting in January imply that truckers won’t be allowed to take goods across the border unless they get their vaccines. Many truckers refuse to get vaccinated and many are just quitting.

Westbrook says “The supply chain is being systematically dismantled and you can see it. You remember, we talked about the Port of Vancouver closing after the flooding there totally destroyed the railroads connecting the Port of Vancouver and the rest of Canada. They couldn’t get their grains or any crops to the the port to ship out to the rest of the world – Canada being one of the biggest exporters.”

A visible symptom if this is in Japan, where McDonald’s is rationing french fries, because they receive their potatoes from Canada. Customers are only allowed to buy small fries.

Westbrook explains, “What we’re not seeing is the myriad other purchasers in all sorts of countries including small countries that depend on these imports from Canada and the US…[some] countries are literally running out of food. Here’s one example
in Sri Lanka, where an official actually had the the gall to mention that: ‘Agriculture Secretary Warns of Food Crisis Before Being Promptly Removed from Office’

AFP: Agriculture Secretary Senior Prof. Udith K. Jayasinghe yesterday warned of an imminent food crisis before he was removed from his post.

Authorities may have to impose further food rations and seek foreign aid to help feed the most needy, he told reporters.

“We may have to borrow grains, such as corn, from friendly countries and think of rationing food so that mothers and the sick can be fed,” he said. “Others may have to make sacrifices.”

But within hours, Jayasinghe was replaced by another official, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s office announced, without saying why he was sacked.

Westbrook continues, “I think that says a lot, right? Somebody actually tells you, ‘Yeah, we’re running out of food,’ and they’re – boom – removed from office.”

(Continuing from the article)

Food shortages have been worsened by the Government’s ban on agrochemical imports…

“Oh, we’re going to stop importing fertilizers! This is the same sort of thing we saw from Botswana, where they said, ‘We’re going to stop importing…vegetables…First bullet point here [reading from a Botswana Ministry of Agriculture press release]: ‘The decision is to enhance the RESET AGENDA,’ specifically, reformulating the food supply lines, which is exactly what we’ve heard; transforming the food supply resetting the table from the Rockefellers – all of this language echoed!

“So, when you see Botswana cutting off imports because they’re going to make sure there’s a food crisis there, so they can ‘transform’ their food system; when you see agricultural secretaries warning that they’re running out of food and ‘maybe we’re going to ration our food, hopefully we can find some from friendly countries,’ but again, stepping back to what I have been saying throughout this video is that farmers are being cut out and farming and ranching is being shut down, chickens are being culled by the millions in the name of ‘bird flu’, which is also causing egg shortages in Israel right now.

“Another example: Syria just had their worst wheat harvest in 50 years and is fearing mass starvation, saying that about 12.5 million people are food insecure right now, with 90% of their population living in poverty, so food crisis is becoming a global thing and this is why China has, for the last two years been stocking it away, as fast as they could from anywhere they could buy food, especially the US and Brazil were cleaned out, even though the soybeans and corn we grow this season will have already been sold off to China.

“So, here from Nikkei Asia: ‘China is hoarding over half the world’s grains, which is pushing up the global prices. China is now stockpiling more than half the globe’s corn and other grains, leading to steep price increases across the world and dropping more countries into famine.’

“You see, these aren’t just random reports, this is the real story. ‘The hoarding is taking place in China.’

“China is maintaining its food stockpiles at a historically high level because they know, they are aware that the supply chain is being systematically dismantled, whittled away at all agricultural production across the world. They know. They stopped exporting fertilizers last year and that Europe has turned off their fertilizer production, Russia has stopped exporting it, too, seeing that they needed to keep their own domestic production so it’s an astounding, cascading failure of the food supply chain that’s feeding the world right now.

“And of course this was all wargamed, right by John Podesta in the Food Chain Reaction game funded by George Soros, back in 2015, which said that in the year 2020, there’s gonna be a pandemic and climate change and nationalist interests will be rising and they’ll stop trading food just trying to save themselves.

“So this is exactly the script that we’re now walking through, just as we went through the the pandemic script from Event 201 so too, now is the Food Chain Reaction game going live, destined to end in localized food shortages and the Carbon Tax and even a ban of meat. We’ll see how far they take it.

“So, I should be very clear that that’s what’s going on with this, it’s not just that people are being locked out of restaurants and even farmers’ markets, it’s actually a much bigger attack on all aspects of the food supply chain that’s going on right now and China obviously knows it and has been preparing, other countries seem to be catching wind of it but they can’t talk about it, or they’re removed promptly from office.

“And meanwhile, the US is just sleepwalking straight into the disaster, so that’s why I really ask you to help me have this conversation with other people; make sure people are spreading the word. The bottom line is that the mainstream food supply is collapsing and I use that language quite intentionally, because if you don’t depend on the grocery store to feed your family, then this is not a scary thing to witness.

“It’s huge, civilization-ending…but it’s not immediately life-threatening, unless you depend on that mainstream food supply. I’m using that word, because it implies there are alternative food supplies: your own garden, your own community gardens, the animals at your rancher neighbor, down the street.

“This is the time to make sure that you’ve got those relationships in place, that you’re doing everything you can to help them with their operations, make them more robust and anti-fragile, if possible, so that you guys continue to eat, even as this plan is enacted.

“I’ll be having a conversation with Marjorie Wildcraft tomorrow to talk more about how to build yourself an alternative food supply. I’m sure the mainstream would love to call this ‘black market food’…!

“Let’s think pretty carefully now about how we can improve our own security and food security of our families and spread the word at all times and ask yourself the question…are you doing everything you can to stop this this agenda from rolling forward?

“We are at the point of demarcation for humanity: to either be enslaved in perpetuity; a slave species with digital currencies dictating when we can leave our homes and the government declaring that they have perfect awareness and perfect control over any transaction you make or any place you go.

“It’s not a future that that we can accept or allow and so I’d like you to ask yourself that question: Am I doing everything in my power to stop this? Because it is the end of life as we know it; for yourself and your progeny and indeed the entire human species. No big deal, right?”

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  • In the UK sugar is approaching £2.00 a kilo …..not many have noticed this! The shops are getting barer and selection and choice is down . Vitamins are getting harder to get and I am now noticing more and more that vaxed people are getting more worried as they deep down ‘know’ something about their bodies is different. I think it is an upmost evil to disturb or worry people who ve had the vax . I ve held back for over a year. After all ,we are all in this together. My friends know my opinions on the subject and by remaining quiet and not really asking them to question their choice…..its come back round…..These friends are telling me they are noticing they feel different on a fundamental level. Rather than tell them its aids…..which it technically is……an Acquired Immune |Deficiency syndrome …….acquired by false death jab vaccination, I respond with information about sunlight vitamin d .c and zinc and advise them to load up on turmeric ,Garlick and traditional anti wormers from herbs.

    still waiting from the police for my phone back……..fools….Why military army signals units are intermeshed with our local police police force mystifies me……..until my map of new UK data centers and Royal signal Corps ‘civilian ‘ locations’ points out why.

    • Back in 2018, a TDS-addled woman calling herself “Maria Rigel” had been steadily trolling me and others in the comments section.

      She wasn’t a subscriber, so I wondered what the Hell she is doing on here.

      I looked up her IP and punched the geographic coordinates into Google Maps. These led to the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) in Sevenoaks, Kent and a defense contractor called Qinetiq

      Qinetiq looks like a privatized DARPA or the UK’s answer to In-Q-Tel. It was taken partially private with the purchase of a stake by the Carlyle Group in 2002 and it IPO’d in 2006.

      In a separate (?) development in 2011, the Dstl announced that over the following 5 years, it would relocate all operations to Porton Down.

      So, nobody is supposed to be at the Fort Halstead facility in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK. I’d half-suspected Maria was a spook but to troll me without a VPN must mean that she wanted me to know where she was or else she’s a mega troll who spoofed her IP to look like it was coming from there.

      Or maybe it was just this nearby data center?


  • My question, “how much longer is the world going to tolerate these demi-gods who think they own the world and everybody in it?” It is time we got rid of these despicable people and seize there properties, bank accounts and execute them. The laws are behind the people, not these damnable plutocrats, whose heroes are Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao se Tung, Hitler, Nero and Margret Sanger.

  • Very good reporting on the food crisis. Yes Yes to Marjorie Wildcraft interviews, and other great gardeners to help the people do more independently and collectively in your local communities.
    Polyface Farm, and others who know how to grow. Yes to supporting the local farmer’s markets.
    The more small farms we support, the greater good for many. This was how this country fed people and livestock in the past, not the mega/chemical farming as is established now with degraded foods, GMO’s, etc. The small farmers are struggling to survive.

  • The governments are the enemy of mankind defund them and we can live in peace . Leave the cities go back to a self sufficient lifestyle with community farming and local sourced sustainable living. Not full Amish but trading for good and services where money is less important in a trading system where goods are valued just like money. No bankers no government handouts to corrupt our way of life just living close to nature in the paradise GOD intended us to live in. You will own everything you need to live and the billionaire owned corporate slave systems can kiss our ass. The new world is here for the builders of our new society no asking for the governments permission and paying dues to be in their club.
    The resurrection of mankind requires the death and destruction of the harmful systems of the old world order, long live the new world order.

  • How far are the “Alien” Globalists going to go with their “Plandemic Scandemic?” Well, Jacobi Rothschild said to D. Trump:”I told you to stay close to Satanyahoo, instead, you crawl half way up his ass.” Now you know.

  • God is in charge and will never let this continue. There is a reason for the season.

    The truth is being revealed about our current President and his evil puppeteers.

    The world is awakening big time . God bless and keep us all safe . 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • God is in charge indeed, and he is going to allow this to continue until all the prophecies have been FULFILLED.

      Have you never read the book of Revelation?
      You are living in it.

      5 When he opened the third seal,
      I heard the third living creature say, “Come!”
      And I looked, and behold, a black horse!
      And its rider had a pair of scales in his hand.
      6 And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying,
      “A quart of wheat for a denarius,
      and three quarts of barley for a denarius,
      and do not harm the oil and wine!”

      7 When he opened the fourth seal,
      I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!”
      8 And I looked, and behold, a pale horse!
      And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him.
      And they were given authority
      over a fourth of the earth,
      to kill with sword
      and with famine
      and with pestilence
      and by wild beasts of the earth.

      Don’t be naive.
      Christians have been informed for almost 2,000 years about what is coming to this earth. We above all others ought to know what is going on here.
      “The wise will understand.”
      The “wild beasts”, that is, the globalist leaders who intend to mark you with their brand like a herd of cattle, are going to kill one quarter of humanity with the sword (execution), famine, pestilence (have you noticed any viruses about lately?)
      That is 2 BILLION people who are going to die this way, very soon.

      But then the Kings of the East are going to raise an army of 200 million, and one third of the remaining population will be killed in this global war.
      That’s another 2 BILLION.
      Many will also die from other disasters prophesied in Revelation.

      Wake up!!

      • The Bible is a work of Literature. It is to be read as such, Allegory. There is Much Hidden meaning, but there is No Prophecies to be fulfilled. Forcing them is rather contrived!

        • Correct, all prophecy has been fulfilled:

          Luk 21:22 “Because these are days of vengeance, to fill all that have been written.

          That was during Jesus’s time up to 70ad.

      • God let 70 million Christians die inder the Bolsheviks. You all keep mocking God with the holohoax crap. Holocaust is mentioned twice in the Bible: when Noah got off the boat he made a holocaust offer to the LORD who found it pleasing and gave the rainbow. The 2nd time was when God told Abraman to take Isaac and make him a holocaust offering. Pretty sacred thing that holocaust. But the fake jews are slapping God in the face tricking you into accepting “them” as the holocaust offering. Shame on all of you.

        • Thanks, for setting the prophecies into their correct chronological order. Just as natural Israel came to an end, so it will be with this false church system with its head, the anti-Christ, whom the world worships and cannot recognize the monstrous deception that has stood before the world as the vicar of Christ and has seated himself as the head of all Christianity, in the temple of God the church. Yes, the whole world wonders after the beast, as he gives his stamp of approval to the destruction of humanity, just as Pius 10 gave his approval to Hitler and Mussolini and aided the escape of high ranking Nazi leaders to Argentina and the U.S.

      • Ruby, that all happened a very long time ago. Ie a quart of wheat for a denarius. The denarius was Roman currency 211bc to 220 ad. Thar dates the prophecy. Jesus returned in 70 ad just like He saud He would before the end of THAT generation.

        The trib was 66 AD to 70 AD. (1260 days) Jerusalem was surrounded by armies. The believers knew the prophecy and they left Jerusalem. There was a feast celebration and many Jews were coming from other towns into Jerusalem. The Romans left the gates open to let them come in. This is when the believing jews left for the hills ( anout 60 miles NE). Then the Romans closed up Jerusalem and began to destroy the. harlot. The temple was destroyed 70 ad exactly 1260 days into the war. Then there was 1290 days before Roman armies left. That period was the great tribulation and ALL believers were protected from it. Some Roman armies remained in the vicinity of Jerusalem for 45 more days and anyone that returned early was either killed or taken as a slave. The Romans left the area completely on the afternoon of the 1335 day from the day of the temple destruction. Then it was safe to return to Jerusalem. This fulfilled the prophecy blessed are those who wait and come to the end of 1335 days. The believers returned and Jerusalem was 95 % Christian. The Hospel spread pretty unhindered for 1000 yrs.

        All prophecies have been fulfilled. New Jerusalem is here ( it’s in the Spirit but Ive been there several times and I know who have been too.)

        Satan is in the Lake of Fire. There are a few demons to mop up but that’s it. They can’t hurt you unless you look at them or try to play with them. The little rock Jesus is grown to a huge mountain spreading throughout the entire world.

        It’s ALL spiritual. Jesus told you that.

        TPTB are copying old history portraying Revelation and the other prophecies as future to control you and to get your eyes off Jesus and on to them.

        • “All prophecies have been fulfilled”…Hmmm.

          Unafraid, I find your posting quite interesting. But, if Satan is in the lake of fire, then that would mean Revelation chapter 20 has already been fulfilled.

          Revelation chapter 20 verse 2 ,3, 7 …2And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, 3and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it over him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years were ended. After that he must be loosed for a little while.” 7And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be loosed from his prison 8 and will come out to deceive the nations

          IMHO…if the Great Tribulation happened a long time ago, then this COVID19 Vaccination***MARKING*** program would most probably be the point of time when “the thousand years are ended, Satan will be loosed from his prison and will come out to deceive the nations.”

          There is no letter D in the spelling of Corona Virus 2019. The most realistic definition I’ve found for the media’s revised shortened version–COVID19–so far is…Certificate of Vaccination Identification AI. ( AI ) meaning artificial intelligence.

          Moderna’s states, “we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug”

          Moderna is the only one of the three USA versions of the COVID19 MRNA vaccinations that even list a vague breakdown of its ingredients. Interestingly, within their compound SM102 is lipid that contains a product called “Luciferase”.

…”Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence” …” derived from the Latin word lucifer, meaning “lightbearer”…” luciferases do not require an external light source”

          In Revelation chapter 18 verse 23, The Greek word for “sorcery” is pharmakeia,

          Exactly what industry does these MRNA Covid19 vaccines just happen to come from?

  • There is a solution to this. BECOMING INDEPENDENT! They need to open THEIR OWN Grain Sites. Be INDEPENDENT of the Corps & Criminal government. Same with other farmers, growing produce. Instead of selling to grocery stores……..SELL DIRECT! Out of the back of tractor trailers/box trucks……..create ‘Selling Points’ where people (customers) can come and buy direct. ELIMINATE THE MIDDLE MAN! Haven’t MEAT producers, here in the US, done similar? Ranchers opening their own processing plants? INDEPENDENCE and DECENTRALIZATION IS THE ANSWER! FIGHT BACK!

    People need to seriously LET IT SINK IN……the days of relying on the EVIL, CORRUPT Govt and other institutions (‘hospitals’, ‘schools’, ect)……ARE OVER! Time to GROW UP and DO for ourselves! ARE you an ADULT? Well, then, ACT LIKE ONE!

      • Spot on . Separate networks , individual and local responsibility. Without our dependency….THEY HAVE NOTHING………!!!!
        In the medical sphere we need to work on substitutes for many common drugs ,especially insulin ,and we need to start our own pureblood blood bank.

    • Western Australia is a vast, thinly populated state.
      Grain farms are many thousands of acres, many hundreds of miles from populated cities, and they produce thousands of tons of grain.
      It is just not possible for them to sell off the back of their trucks to individuals.
      Be practical!!

  • They are going to get their (revolutionary/civil) war but on a global scale. If there hasn’t been an alliance already, one needs to form as declared by Archbishop Viganó.

  • Laws that are repugnant to the constitution are null and void.
    Mandates are NOT laws, at best they are recommendations.

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