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‘A Farewell to Virology’ – Full Film (2023)

This is Part One of the three-part series. ‘A Farewell to Virology’, based on the 29,000-word essay debunking virus theory and virology, written by Dr Mark Bailey, MBChB, PGDipMSM, MHealSc. It has yet to be contested and the purpose of this film is to explain why.

This film version walks the layperson through the paper and scientific evidence in an easy, simple and understandable way, so that they may better understand and be able to easily explain to others the great hoax of the last few centuries and certainly last three years, that fictional particles called “viruses” exist, cause illness and are reasons to lock down and destroy societies and economies and cause lifelong disease and misery through needless and useless vaccination programs. They don’t.


The use of fear of disease had been one of the first approaches to public goodwill adopted by Rockefeller and he knew it to be effective. Since then it has become standard and accepted practise among the conspirators, even in radical circles. Thus the Russian Communists offered as an excuse for the invasion of Rumania, statistics that were designed to show “an appalling prevalence of endemic diseases” in Bessarabia. The Communists propose, in the words of one commentator, that “if Rumania will not treat the needlessly ill with Communism, Russia will cure them with bombs.

– Rockefeller “Internationalist”: The Man Who Misrules the World, Emanuel M. Josephson, M.D., 1952

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