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    This is ‘The Bee Lady’, Maryam Henein’s interview with me last week. Enjoy!

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    • The only way to truly understand the meaning of “spirituality” is to look within and ask oneself hard questions like Who am I ? What am I? where am I going wit my choices in my life? .
      Most importantly – No religion is necessary because it prevents the mind from thinking in the neutral.
      Besides if you are truly curious to know who you are, then why not read They fly… website.

    • Yep- Souless ones! I had no idea grounding video gets you de-platformed!When posting videos like Jon Rappapor got me strikes, I told Fakebook , Fuck off, Blow me, pure evil, you can not deal with them.
      After an accident, where I flew out of the car and broke my arm, I had nerve damage where some movements in my hand were not possible . The nerve grows back an inch a month! During this time vibrations through my feet became intense, It was like I was ready to pop out of my body, especially when driving the Clutch on the old truck! I was taught about grounding back then!

    • I was also 86ed from twit land on 1/6/21 for posting a video of Joe Obiden talking about having the best voter fraud set up in history. Not receiving emails again for about 10 days now. I know I’m not the only one in that department. Thank you, both, for a great exchange of information.

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