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Alexandra Bruce

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  • all of your holographic life is recorded and stored in your DNA from birth till death from which you cannot hide , all will be revealed eventually . thought crime is part of the AI plan to track and trace your emotional state your prison cell is built into a total recall system no amount of forgetting escapes the accountability it’s built into you yourself . the nano backdoor brain implant may be already installed in some of us , we are an open book and the pathway can be manipulated to implant new ideas and make you a witness to a fake history of yourself breaking the seal on your soul . whatever you do don’t just blindly follow the plan and stay a slave forever .

  • Just start from scratch, you ain’t gonna be able to do anything meaningful from the existing data.
    Or do you really think they (the ones you don’t even know anything about) are going to keep their promise?

    If you’re really serious about privacy, then go learn about it from Rob Braxman (he’s on Youtube, Odysee & Rumble).
    He’s one of the best there, and be warned about many others out there called “security/privacy” experts(aka hypocrites) that don’t even know the difference between cyber security & privacy.

  • Here’s a review of DeleteMe from

    Salient quote: “Conceived in 2010 and released in 2011, Abine DeleteMe is the OG of personal data removal services. Its creators had the unenviable task of educating the uninformed masses about how data aggregators collect and sell your public data and how DeleteMe recovers your privacy by opting you out of their collections. Over the years, other similar services have sprung up, handling more removals and adding useful privacy features, while DeleteMe hasn’t advanced as much. Our current Editors’ Choice winners among personal data removal services are Optery and Privacy Bee, both of which manage automated removal for many more sites than DeleteMe. “

  • Its not just silicone valley, it’s the entire American educational system that has been derailed on purpose. Gone are the days of classical education, today is the day of vocational education leading to university. Don’t think university not now vocational too! Look how fast the Hippocratic Oath flew out the window in 2020 under whose warpspeed leadershp?

    Many years ago when I spent a lot of time in litigation it became clear to me that there were a lot of law mechanics in the system, fewer and fewer tradtitional lawyers who could think for themselves beyond case law. If all one needs is case law software, then why throw away hundreds of thousands dollars on a law degree? The professionals have thrown out the basis for all education, namely the moral/ethical foundations for all laws there ever were. That’s what a vocational law education does!

    I once asked a high powered lawyer from a high powered law school what kind of moral/ethos are they now teaching and his response was shocking—“they assume you got that from public education, church and family.” So there you have it – vocational training, how to pull the levers!

    Recently I have been researching “private equity firms” which according to the morals and ethos taught by the church and by public schools up until the last half of the 20th century, are modern how-to get rich quick tools for theives and robbers. They have been given respectiblity by such universities as Harvard, the Wharton School of Economics in the U of PA. and the U. of Chicago which appear to be leading the revolutionary change. Columbia U. is not far behind. The Wharton School never was a true traditional university, it has always been a vocational school w/i the university that teaches how to manipulate neighbors for personal gain in business. When Trump boasts of his Wharton education, I am not impressed!

    Trump has a lifetime of experience swimming with PE Sharks or shall we say walking in another way with them? His drawing card for Evangelicals has been his devotion to Zionism. How is that aworkin out now? I cannot tell the half here.

    What we need is men and women of good moral character with proven trustworthy track records!

  • I believe that the Anonymous ‘PR’ collective is a creation of the deep dark international cess pool of letter agencies & actors. I bet it’s worked similarly as the mob has with the intelligence agencies, since the beginning but for hackers.

    I’ve always been suspicious since Anonymous’ ‘take down’ of Scientology, as Scientology is and has always been, an agency asset of (occ)cult control experiment in religion & intelligence gathering that needed to be put in check by the agency on occasion. Hence the agency sicked another asset on them. I have a family account of the agency doing this to Scientology during Morocco days in the 70’s where they’ve used the org’s international as assets & ‘freedom’ of religion since! My father was tasked with taking suitcases of U.S. treasury stamped barrer bonds to the king of Morrocco for the agency & LRH as middle man!!!

    It’s funny because Anon is attempting to make us so fearful about our data yet really do nothing about the infrastructure but offer these commercial products. Using those fucking masks makes Warner brothers fucking $! Anon are not anyone’s friends Alexandra and are really wolves in disguise. After all Anon has been selling us this white hat savior shit since the beginning! Not all Anon are necessarily assets however, the anon movement; as an observer and occasional participator is heavily intelligence asset based weather the individual is are aware of it or not. Agency & DARPA hands are and have meddled in everything Anonymous has done because of the very back door engineering nature of hacking. Anon is just like how the dark army, or unit 8200 isn’t supposedly deep state assets because of PR.

    I’m calling bullshit on everything Anon puts out as it’s like a vent for those in the know. Also how many hackers are there out there? Less than 1% of 1% probably just like the ever expanding inclusive rainbow acronym that now includes pedophiles all fear based PR psy-op. And for all these comments I’m probably now f*d.

    • LOL, yes, this comment was thrown straight into Trash by Wordfence. I edited the F-word so Google won’t F me.

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