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    Karen Kingston joined Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog and he asked her why she thinks so many people are still unaware of the unfathmable evil that has been perpetrated against the peoples ofthe world by their own governments and she replies:

    “That’s what this comes down to. Why are people not waking up? Because their trusted leaders, their trusted family practitioners are telling them that these mRNA injections are safe and effective.

    “And it’s orchestrated and it’s repetitive. So it’s the definition of gaslighting in psychology and in legal terms, it’s the definition of Extrinsic Fraud, which means that experts, physicians, doctors, government officials, they’re stating first, that these are vaccines and they’re not vaccines by definition, by what was submitted to the FDA, they are gene-editing technologies and the FDA does not have a right to call a gene-editing technology a vaccine.

    “Second of all, they’re not even a therapy. They’re not even a gene therapy, because they cause disease, disability and death. Gene therapies are used to make genetic mutations for the purpose of fighting against or curing a disease but these actually cause the disease, so they’re a bioweapon.

    “And the FDA approved Comirnaty® – and I think this is verbatim – for the prevention of the coronavirus-19 disease, so that’s COVID-19, that’s caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. Severe Acute Respiratory Coronavirus 2.

    “Well, if you take a look at the FDA’s filings, their September analysis from the data that was submitted states that after the two doses from Pfizer, you’re more likely to develop COVID-19 than if you remained unvaccinated.

    “So it causes disease, disability and death. It’s not a vaccine. It is not a therapy in any definition and it’s actually a bioweapon. So why people aren’t waking up is because they’re being lied to. And not just by Fauci and not just by Pfizer but by all of our leaders and all of our local leaders and even some of our experts that we trust in.

    “Even those who say that maybe these are good for the elderly people – no – they’re bioweapons and they cause disease by their own filing.

    “So that’s what it takes for people to wake up, to stand confidently in the truth, which includes real world evidence that you can find on my Substack, as well as your own eyes and what you’re experiencing in your own life.

    “We’ve all lost people early from the vaxxine.”

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    • This and other hour long videos are too long. We don’t have time to listen to this. You need to present your material in 10 to 12 minutes.

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    • What “disease”? Where are the samples proving it exists? Bcuz they don’t exist. The flu is not a disease either. The body makes viruses that enter toxic cells and cleans them out. Excretions of toxic cells are called EXOSOMES. The body is doing its job. GGGGGs cause flu like symptoms. You don’t “catch” the flu. Uv just got too much junk food/drink and not enough sunlight/V-D. The inventor and Nobel prize winner of the PCR test Dr Kary Mullis said that it can NOT diagnose anything. It makes a lot of a little. They were ordered worldwide by the billions were ordered re ed in 2017-18. Hmm

      • In the corrupt LEGAL WORLD, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT EXISTS; but in the lawful land; show me the verified claim that COV has been isolated and purified; and i want to see the wet signature of the (wo)man

    • She’s actually right on this!
      I knew this almost from the beginning when this sham and farce started! ..lots of people coming out within a month or so in 2020 when they said 2weeks to stop!
      Look where we are now!!

    • And God shall give them over to reprobate minds because they choose to believe a lie rather than accepting the truth , Evil men waxing worse and worse, Deceiving and being Deceived.

    • Karen is an excellent guest. I knew the truth long before the Bio-weapon was released. The Event 201 in Oct. 2019 was a Bill Gates sponsored meeting that was the prelude to what would be needed to cajole then force billions to take the Death Wish injection..aka..faux eugenics vaccine. The end game if the Davos inbred psychopaths have their Agenda 20-30 succeed is a 90% termination of the little people they despise. No virus has ever been isolated. Polio was caused by DDT. When it was discontinued Polio was cured.

    • The germs theory must be widely discussed and investigated. For more than 100 years NOBODY HAS PROVING IT. Once the public demands proofs, and the government provides budget and transparent studies, we may discover that the medical education is fraud. Virology is the science of lies! Fued is a fraud.

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