On Monday, Kash Patel was on fire in this segment of Bannon’s War Room. He later went on a rampage on TRUTHSocial, asking why former FBI General Counsel James Baker – who helped orchestrate the Russia Hoax against Trump and then went on to preside over the censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the de-platforming of over one million Trump supporters on Twitter, in addition to nuking the account of the sitting Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces – how is it that James Baker was still employed at Twitter?

Kash truthed: “Perkins Coie: remember this DNC Hillary law firm funneled millions of campaign dollars to buy steele n his garbage dossier, employ Fusion GPS to run disinfo op with FBI against Trump, and hire the likes of sussman and elias to make up bogus alfa bank charade, while paying joffe and lying to FISA court- so heres the question Elonso Musko, why are Perkins Coie Twitters lawyers, and James Baker still your lawyer??? #FWK for Truth”

To which FBI whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin replied: “And don’t forget @Kash, their own little terminal for FBI work – whatever that was about. Still something none of my Bureau friends even with 3 decades of experience and time at OGC/HQ had ever heard of. Why did Sussman have badge access to the Hoover building? Banana Republic coup level stuff.”

Kyle was referring to the FBI SCIF that was operated at the DNC’s Perkins Coie law office in DC for years.

Kash here tells Steve Bannon:

“Remember, I ran RussiaGate for Devin Nunes and Paul Ryan was Speaker of the House. We’ve now found out that Paul Ryan was given an advance copy of the Steele Dossier six months before anyone in Congress found out about it and he and his staff never told us, the committee in charge of the crime scene and investigated it was not given the central piece of evidence but Paul Ryan was. It’s not a Republican or Democratic thing, you’re totally right.

“Bill Barr, Chris Wray, Gina Haspel, the CIA Director who was Station Chief in London when RussiaGate was launched, which means she authorized it to occur in England, if you remember the barroom stuff and everything else.

“Now, let’s bring this thing full circle. Who signed the FISA warrant? Rod Rosenstein, the former Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General and of course, his pal James Comey and Gina Haspel launched the investigation and then, Chris Wray allowed it to continue on his watch.

“Where do all these people work now? Gina Haspel is the National Security Advisor at Rod Rosenstein’s law firm, where he is a partner and do you know who used to be a partner at that law firm? Chris Wray.

“It’s not a Democrat and Republican thing. These people bilk money outside of government, go into government to glorify their own egos and ten leave government on golden parachutes, all at the expense of our Constitution and our civil rights and you know what they have to do? Be called out on a daily basis.

“The biggest example for this week, I want everyone to focus on James Baker, James Comey’s top lawyer at the FBI, who signed off on the fake FISA warrants, whose lawyer doctored evidence to present to the FISA court, who cleared Hillary Clinton before the investigation was complete – is the General Counsel at Twitter and has been forever and Elon Musk is allowing this guy to continue to – what? – make money and corrupt the system when he’s saying he wants to be accountable?

“I’ll believe it when James Baker is on front and center, full blast for the corruption he did when he was in government and the golden parachute he’s been collecting since he’s been out while lying to the world about what he actually did when he was at the FBI.”

Of the 51 retired intelligence community officials who wrote the open letter claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”, Kash believes they should all have the security clearances immediately revoked and he says, “As a former Deputy Director of National Intelligence, having served in those capacities, these guys knowingly ran one of the largest disinformation operations in US history with the assistance of Christopher Wray and Bill Barr at the FBI/DOJ and they rigged an election.

“And you don’t even have to believe me anymore. Twitter and Elon Musk are saying they rigged an election.They caused the American public to believe – falsely – that somehow, Trump was running another Russian disinformation op, just like they falsely caused everybody to believe he was a Russian asset for RussiaGate.

“It’s all totally Fake News and these guys intentionally – Michael Hayden, former CIA and NSA Director, who signed the letter is the best example. It came out a couple of months ago, after signing that letter and he said: ‘I’m glad to have intentionally misled America if it brought down Donald Trump.’

“This is a guy who was a Cabinet Secretary in charge of our intelligence community who collaborated with Joe Biden and Company to bring down Trump under fake, false pretenses –”

Steve Bannon jumps in, “He’s a four-star Air Force General! The military the way – hey Pentagon, you’re up to your neck in this. It’s all coming out.”

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  • Every individual mentioned, as well as ALL coconspirators, from the top down to election volunteers that harvested ballots, need to stand trial for treason and hang, as what they did is known as a coup, they overthrew the existing government to install a despot!

  • Lawyers are inherently devious and manipulative. They should never be allowed to hold public office at the federal level, or, for that matter, any level. We are doomed. Doomed! The inexorable waning of one’s honor and integrity when elevated to even a minor position of power, precludes honesty and righteousness in decision making at all positions of power. (Especially with lawyers) The caste system of elite politicos is alive and on full display for all to see. Humble yourselves before your God and accept civil service as a penance rather than a boon. It is unlikely to attract ne’er-do-wells if service to the people was performed as it was written by the founders. Succumbing to temptation is a most common sin of all humanity, rising above the same and rejecting it are qualities necessary to be a true servant of the people. As it stands now, we have little need for “leaders”. They are always meddlesome; we have a great need for competent administrators to wean us from this bloated government full of meddling grifters. These people must be of the staunchest moral fiber. If, and when they prove otherwise, then they must be removed. We have laws aplenty that cover everything imaginable, we just lack the foresight to see the long game. Our prosperity leads us to a grand posterity, for these are the main concerns of a true democratically elected republic’s administrators. Keep the ship sailing, the wheels of progress well-oiled and be always humble and thankful for what we have been granted.

  • Gina Haspel is a National Security Advisor for Rod Rosenstein’s law firm? What about the story where she was injured in a gun battle in Germany trying to protect servers involved in the 2020 election hack, arrested and flown back to the States? Supposedly, she flipped in order to avoid Guantanamo. Her sudden exit from the CIA was suspiciously quiet – no media reports. So the White Hats just let her off the hook? Q and the White Hats also promoted Bill Barr as a good guy in the Q drops. How did that work out? I think we have been played – the Q/White Hats/Trump faction is just another psyop to distract us and is not to be trusted.

    • Well, let’s see… We’ve all been doing nothing but “Trusting The Plan”, watching Monday Night Football all comfy and awaiting “Q”, the “White Hats”, “our President Donald Trump”, our Woke “Military”, and let’s not forget “God Himself” to come and Save America, and yet a Katie Hobbs did a blatant Election miracle and against all odds is now the Governor of Arizona and for all I know, George Soros is the acting President, and now, you’re feeling Played?
      Whatever gave you your first clue?
      Playing “Three-Card Monte” you’ll never win and never get your Dollar back. Same with Voting these days.


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