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All Alex Jones and InfoWars have been taken down from YouTube and he was mass-de-platformed in a Fascistic multi-lateral Blitz in over a dozen social media sites on August 8, 2018.

Pending these videos’ reinstatement on another platform, I’m using this classic Tom Jobim music as filler, avoid web-crawling problems…


During the late 20th century, the Democrat Party was supposed to represent the working class in the US and it claimed to protect working people from the ravages of corporate Fascism. This was the era when the Democrats got their “Good Guy” cred; this was the Civil Rights Act, the Kennedy branding that they’re still trying to trade on, as their Tech Overlords shadow ban our free speech and coerce us to correct our thinking with dopamine-driven, social validation feedback loops.

The dire antics of Tricky Dick, Ray Gun, Poppy Bush and Dubya played perfectly into the Democrats’ characterization of Republicans as the “Bad Guys”, cementing the idea of the Democrats as the “Good Guys” in the minds of millions of Americans – indeed, for billions of people all over the world.

But you live long enough and you see the craziest things, like the Democrats’ hysterics over Russia, which is a total analog of the 1960s ravings of the radical Far-Right John Birch Society! What a topsy-turvy world we live in!

People have been calling this Neo-McCarthyism except that it’s not anti-Communist anymore, it’s just Russophobic. But anti-ethnic bias would be prejudiced now, wouldn’t it? It’s not very Leftist to be hating on the folks who gave you the global Marxist Revolution now, is it? This racist attitude doesn’t hang with whatever the Neo-Liberal-Nobel Laureate-O’Bomber Left says that it’s supposed to stand for, now does it?

The Left is totally incoherent. They’re a bunch of bloodthirsty Bankster-controlled Corporatists, just like the other guys in the Uniparty.

The US’ Two-Party system is dead.

So let’s unpack this Russophobia, shall we? What’s it really about? Why is it, again that the Left hates Mother Russia, from whose loins sprang the original Worker’s Utopia?

The Banksters hate Russia because it survived not just the imposition of – but the collapse of – the Soviet Central Government that the Central Banksters devised and that they wish were in place globally today.

Russia represents a kind of “Patient Zero” in the inevitable domino effect that will be the collapse of their globalism. And that’s why I, for one love Russia.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Western elites can’t control Russia, that’s why they hate Russia.
    Russia refuses to bow at the alter of globalism and the new world order.
    Putin has revived the spirit of Russian nationalism. Nationalism is anathema to the globalist creed.
    Globalists favor a borderless world with massive unchecked and unrestrained immigration, while
    Russia takes a no nonsense approach to protecting its country from foreign invaders. Illegal immigrants to Russia are immediately deported and have no legal right to an appeal. Judges in Russia don’t handcuff their country’s border patrol agents. Most Russians believe in God, and Putin is a staunch defender of religious liberty. Globalists want to replace a belief in God with a belief in an all powerful, centralized and omnipresent government. Putin promotes and defends the sanctity of the traditional nuclear family, while western elites view the traditional nuclear family as an instrument of a brutal patriarchy designed to oppress and exploit women. Education in Russia is strictly about teaching the three Rs. While in the west, schools and universities serve as little more than indoctrination camps designed to churn out future liberal activists and leftist voters.

  • This is mostly nonsense. The left as whole doesn’t hate Russia. I’m on the left and I don’t hate Russia and don’t personally know anyone who does. There are a multitude of views on Russia on the left and I’m sure there are some who do hate Russia. They get the P.R. , it seems.

    Russia never was a “workers paradise” under Lenin or Stalin or anyone else. It was a totalitarian regime with some aspects of socialism. Now, it’s run by Putin and the Russian Oligarchs as an authoritarian regie and from everything I hear and read is full of corruption.

    I don’t look to it as a model of government to follow, but I hold no animosity to the Russian people.

    The fact this was on “InFo Wars” makes it highly suspect.

    • I’m talking about a phenomenon in which hapless Lefty couch potatoes are being coerced into Russia-baiting and war-mongering, against anything coherent about what they supposedly stand for by the MSM, i.e., by the DC Establishment, which has relocated itself firmly within the Democrat Party. This took decades of “triangulation” by the Clinton posse, to the point where NeoLiberalism is 100% Corporatist Fascism and no longer represents the working poor.

      To be dominant in DC is an unfamiliar feeling for Democrats but there you have it. There’s nothing for Democrats to rebel against because Democrats have become the Corporatist Establishment.

      • Neo-Liberalism is repudiated by the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party. True, there is a corporate liberal wing of the Democratic Party, but from what I can see and read they don’t hold as much sway as they used to. The corporate liberals hold liberal social values, but differ in the economic and foreign policy spheres from the progressives.

        Actually, it’s the Republican Party that represents the big corporate interests. Look at the far right Koch Brothers, whose combined wealth in 2013 was $113 Billion and much more now. They own and operate the “Freedom Caucus” in the House, formally known as the “Tea Party.” The money they give to Republicans on the far right and to extremist platforms far outweighs that of George Soros on the left to leftist causes and candidates.

        The Koch Brothers are just for starters. Billionaires on the Republican side far outnumber the ones in the Democratic camp.

        I would agree that the Democratic Party has not always lived up to its stated values, but there’s a good shakeup going on in the party, from my perspective.

        This is a long discussion, so i’ll end it here for brevity’s sake.

  • Engdahl simply knows history, all 75% of Americans know is what they see in the funny tube. The history of Russia, America and Europe is readily available on You Tube, but one has to tell YT what to look for. All that YT’s management is interest in, is feeding viewers with entertainment, cartoons and sports, the sillier the better.

    I’ve been telling people for years to go back to the mid 18th century and work forward from there. That’s not much history, but it’s revealing. In many ways Russians are like Americans, but a lot tougher due to their harsh environment and their long history of warfare. Communism was not invented by Russians, it was imposed upon them by the western financial interests, the same financial interests who are imposing it now upon us.

    Americans like to crow about how America won WWII and that is not exactly the way it came down. American industry helped keep Russia in the game, but it was the Russian T34 tank and the determined Russian soldiers who beat Germany. The T34 was that much better than any other tank at the time. Improved German panzers came up to the level of the T34, but it was too little too late. The American tanks were a joke.

    Russia was ready to ally with America when Bill Clinton’s regime blew the opportunity. Whether it was deliberate or just Billy Bob lack of interest I cannot tell, but his regime blew it. Russians are not America’s enemy, communism is.

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