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‘Enjoy the Show’ is written, narrated and co-produced by Tore Maras and directed, edited and co-produced by Broken Anthem.

It’s about the undue influence of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the talent agency that controls all of the major talent in Hollywood, that drives some of the biggest Psychological Operations on the planet and that is basically an extension of the CIA.

The film starts at around 16:46 minutes into this video post by Tore Maras, fresh off her election loss in the race for Secretary of State of Ohio on Wednesday.

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  • The reason they show us what they are going to do by putting it in movies, is to get our consent!!
    By watching a “show” we take it in, later we say, “hmmmm I have heard of this before, somewhere..” SO IT APPEARS FAMILIAR AND CONSENTUAL. Be sure to say, “I/we do not consent” WE DO NOT CONSENT

  • Though this is interesting, I am really not buying it. Why? as soon as you say the planes flew into the twin towers and Brennan signed off on the “pilots” passports, I knew you are one of “them”.
    Those pictures of the “pilots” are baloney, they did not fly the “planes” there were no planes, no planes can make the turns necessary to fly into the bldgs. It is all fake and the bldgs, came down from demolition. No steel framed bldg has EVER fallen down from fire….. etc etc. So Tore what is your deal?

    • The news articles trashing “QAnon” are intentional disinformation. There are no coincidences why I was given Q clearance in a military intelligence operation. It takes tremendous courage to expose a worldwide trafficking/pedophile ring involving the government “swamp”and hollywood “elite”. The news media knows I exposed all the names in Epstein’s flight log.They also know I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms caught on security camera 11.The ” swamp” got caught and justice is coming.

  • While many of us are reeling, overloaded with so much information about how the power mongers bolster their power, Tore has certainly ripped the veil off the CAA. I didn’t even know it existed until a few hours ago.

  • I’m going to ramble a little because I’m thinking not preaching and a human — at times one who wants a life mulligan. There is so much to unpack in this video. My thoughts are not compensated by a group thumbs up . Mainly, thank you for your awareness regarding intentions and a production of merit. You hammered a difference into my patience with digital media at all. We unplug – they lose. We focus on our local area better. We are one world, but no way should there be a one world order setting boundaries. You never mentioned Masonics or Illuminati or that the EMPCOE is now proven science. We all won’t be here in 100 years, right? Turkey has underground ancient tunnel cities why? I’d like to learn more about Harry Truman’s luck. I watched this till the last word. I know CAA is the topic header but I want to comment on your edits of Tulsi. You did her a good turn. Tulsi Gabbard’s individuality and experience is real. Her party betrayed her- good she left. I’m ready to leave the Republicans and stand with her skills, knowledge, and experience. She is still royalty, of course, but very BOOTS ON THE GROUND KINE. Our Next President, President Trump, ought to invite her to run as his v.p. — A LEADERSHIP TEAM -Polynesians impress with their dignity, passion, and use of voice. We can make America honest again. Thanks again for the video.

  • I simply suggest that where is focus in our world today? Is it not kind of like a magician? Look over here and not see what is being done. There is so much BS being peddled out there that most want to simply make people wrong instead of looking deeper.

  • I know I have mentioned in the past on some other sites that planes did not hit the twin towers and the key is that its almost impossible to prove because then we have to go to video and how can one prove video as being real. Has there ever been a video that has been changed? Ok so I am not going to argue but I do ask can anyone prove that planes hit the towers. To be clear showing me a video is not a proof. My next question would be could proving proof that planes did not hit the towers change the narrative of today and in what way? Why was it so important to clean the area up. Bush being president at the time is maybe a key here!

  • A couple of things I learnt through my years of constantly question authority. Authority is not for the average person yet it often is perceived as being so as it is only there to control the average person and to falsely tell the populace that they care about them and they hire the so called average person to give them authority over others. Those in charge do not care for it does exist in their DNA because authority always rules. Today is a prime example of what I am saying in my opinion. So the comments below are what the world does most often as people think they now what is being said and then put out blame because so many have no idea how to do otherwise. The world is in constant judgement and does not even know it but those in power know it all. If one can really understand the concept of right or wrong yet so many do not want to understand because that might make them wrong then what or who are they if they are wrong and not the action but the concept of thought of right or wrong. If one is to understand what I am saying one has to separate the action and the emotion from the thought so then one can see a clearer picture. Then something can be done.
    The film maker does a good job to point out some excellent points regarding the use of film for propaganda. In the early 50’s when one went to the movies there was always a film report and propaganda on previous War or the new wars now going on and always putting on a positive spin on. Imagine a POSITIVE SPIN on war and hey it does not affect them so who cares.
    In the end war is always blamed on others as we are constantly creating bad guys. Can one spell propaganda! Food for thought!

  • Voting in “State of State” elections is a shareholder election. States of States are foreign, privately owned, international, commercially registered, incorporated, legal entity, business organizations – not government. These entities are sub-contractors of our lawful government – one Territorial (Crown Corporation) and the other Municipal (City of Rome Corporation). Both have a Constitution (contract) with our lawful government which has been out of office since 1860. Joe Biden is not our lawful President – he is President and CEO of a Municipal Vatican incorporated governmental services organization. WTFU! The office of Commander and Chief is a British Crown corporation. These 2 entities are contractors handling enumerated services in their respective contracts know as constitutions – these are performance contracts, for pay contracts, equity contracts. These are not living documents they are wet-ink contracts subordinate to their international treatise not any different than a landscaping contract for your gated community. WTFU! Exit from United States Inc. and start self-governing – join your state assembly and get busy.

  • Tore’s bizz card sez “Psychological Manipulator”.

    Would you willingly believe and follow this woman when she says:
    “C’mon, follow me! This is the way out of the funhouse!”

    She’s got at least 20 years of “duping delight” to scrape off herself.

    • Who better to divulge the secrets of the method to the madness ?

      You would discount the substance of information before weighing it’s worth against the Truth ?

      Fearful it seems we are of other viewpoints, perspectives, and paradigms, to be so guarded of our beliefs and sensibilities, while shielding ourselves from our own self ability of veracity ; to derive, question, and pursue the Truth.

      “… me thinks thou do protest too much …”
      or are you merely a bot, or just a shill ?

    • Tore is telling you how to save and take back your country. She says, you must get out there and run for local office or help share the info and offer support instead off criticizing and being a troll. If everyone left those two parties and became independent thinkers, the powers would shit. That’s a little heavy so just kill the messenger. Thanks, Capt Joe Kelley.

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