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The Globalists on the Mainstream Media have been telling us what they plan to do with the majority of Americans who voted for Trump. They plan to pass a law that will label Constitutionalists, Libertarians and all who disagree with their plans to asset-strip, dismantle and crash the United States as “domestic terrorists”; to put them into reeducation camps, to drone them to death and worse, according to their own words, as seen in this latest video by Greg Reese.

Barring some kind of miracle, we can expect their plans to be put into practice.

The US is bankrupt and its debt is unrepayable. 20% of all US dollars in existence were minted in 2020. Hyperinflation is the next logical step. Banks are no longer interested in owning your mortgage. They want your assets. Hence why the World Economic Forum tells you that “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” The US will thus be railroaded into Communism under the guise of “Climate Justice” and “Racial Equity”.

For years, the shadowy NGO, has predicted the collapse of the Western financial system and its latest update shows how all the economies most entrenched in this system – those of the US and Europe – will suffer the most.

They predict that by 2025, the US will lose 70% (233 million) of its population and 91% of its “Real GDP”, which is the Purchasing Power Parity multiplied by the population. The UK, which is the actual financial capital of the world is predicted to lose 78% (51 million) of its population and 95% of it Real GDP by 2025.

Russia, on the other hand, which is not within the Western central banking system is predicted to see its Real GDP rise by 57%, despite a 3% population decline due to existing demographic trends. China is predicted to see a more moderate 3% gain in Real GDP, probably because of its financial ties with the West.

Unlike with previous updates to the site’s Disclaimer, the latest comments reveal the writer to be a non-native speaker of English and if I had to guess, I’d say that reflects a Russian point of view that supports the supremacy of China and a Russian alliance with China.

The Forecast finishes rather drearily with the statement that, “If there is not a dramatic change of course the world is going to witness the first nuclear war. The Western block collapse may come before, during or after the war. It does not matter. A nuclear war is a game with billions of casualties and the collapse plays in the hundreds of millions.”



During his inauguration speech, Joe Biden spoke of confronting and defeating domestic terrorism.

John Brennan, Former Director of the CIA went on MSNBC that evening and labeled Libertarians as “domestic terrorists”.

A Libertarian is a supporter of a political philosophy that advocates only minimal state intervention in the free market and the lives of private citizens. A person who advocates civil liberty.

But now in America, a Libertarian is a terrorist. A Trump supporter is a terrorist. A Constitutional American is a terrorist.

Make no mistake. Tyranny has arrived in America and history tells us what comes next. The tyrants will come after all political dissidents.

There was a time when the Liberal media supported liberal democracy and freedom. During the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests, the American media seemed to recognize the dangers of the CCP. But now, along with Hollywood and major sports, the news media is all owned by Globalist multinational and the CCP.

The pop culture media machine has made all of this possible and it is now preparing all of their brainwashed flock for mass arrests and reeducation camps.

A Bernie Sanders staffer and the principal counsel for PBS were separately caught on camera, calling for rounding up Trump supporters and putting them in reeducation camps.

But that was before Biden was in the White House. Now, it’s all out in the open. Popular television morning co-host, Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, who funded ISIS and al Qaeda in the ongoing terror debacle, says that American patriots need to be treated the same as al Qaeda terrorists.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace suggests the possibility of killing Americans with drone strikes.

The Regional Director of California Democrats unapologetically suggests rounding up 75 million Americans and putting them in concentration camps.

Americans are now being psychologically prepared for the rounding-up, brainwashing, torturing and mass murder of American patriots.

Biden’s press secretary announces how Leftist NGOs will be involved in performing threat assessments on domestic terrorists, meaning if you oppose their Marxist ideology, you’re a threat to them. This is all part of the Leftist playbook.

The Weather Underground was planning for this in the 1970s.

It is now undeniably here. HR 127 will require psychological evaluations and a public database for all gun owners.

With the entire nation divided into Patriots and obedient cowards, they know who you are and they know they have the support of the brainwashed masses. They have been preparing the entire world population with COVID-19.

Almost a year ago, the WHO’s Dr Ryan announced that they will be entering people’s homes and removing family members.

The Leftists in power are ready to break our will. They will cut off the power. They will shut down our businesses. They will destroy anyone who stands in their way and they are now vetting the military, to weed-out any Patriots who might have a problem with the unlawful mass-arrests of American citizens.

And you can be sure that at least one major false flag, if not several is already being planned to act as the catalyst for all of this; another Oklahoma City bombing to blame on “Libertarian terrorists”and American Constitutionalists.

The new war on domestic terrorism is beginning. Don’t expect it to go slowly. If you are not making decisions and actions today as if your very lie depends on it, then you are still asleep in the Matrix.

Wake up before it’s too late. That day is coming fast.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I am aware of what has been going around the grapevine. The future foretold to John on the island of Patmos seems to have arrived. Hollywood has already sold their souls. Brennan is what he accuses everyone else of. I believe he is a dangerous man and a radicalized Islamist convert. Alinsky taught you to accuse your opposition of what you are guilty of. This comes from what Satanists consider virtuous. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Love God and your neighbor with your whole heart. Stay near to the Cross of Jesus. Think in terms of Eternity. All will be judged at either a Great White Throne or the Judgement Seat of Christ. The latter is reserved for those in the lamb’s book of life. The great white throne I do not believe will hear excuses. I do not think everyone will be raptured pre-trib. Grace is presently available if you will seek the face of the real Jesus and serve him.

  • Are we approaching an event horizon? It seems so. Then there is a purpose and that is for us to stand strong and move forward in tandem, fearlessly, as a cleaver network of anti- technocrats bound by trust, honor, and friendship.

  • President Trump got an accumulated count of over 73 million votes. We know there was hundreds of thousands of those switched and hundreds of thousands of votes removed and not counted at all for president Trump. this 73 million votes add another couple million and that’s probably the Acura account for president Trump’s votes. on November 4th 2020 there was only 128 million living voters in the United States of America. After you remove Trump’s votes that is what’s left for Biden if 100% of registered voters cast a ballot. The chances of 100% of all registered voters actually casting a ballot is highly highly unlikely to the point of next to impossibility. When you account for voters that are incarcerated out of the country,
    or medically incapacitatedtc etc.

  • “…in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility because broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily.”
    Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampman
    Much of the work from the network of 5g is on the subconscious mind where persuasion, negativity and altered reality are introduced. Along with approved suggested beliefs and narratives.

  • They’ve been terrorizing and trying to mind control/re-educate people for quite awhile. Americans who’ve been targeted thus far have a few things in common.
    Many were vocal in their dissent of the government’s explanation of Sept 11th. 70% of targets are women who get electronically “raped” by remote energy weapons. Men receive other tortures but the treatment is very focused on the sexual organs of both. Most are conservative but liberal black activists also are targeted too.
    Electromagnetic fields are set up in the human body after months of dumping outrageous levels of directed energy into the body each night. This is the torture zone that will put you into a “bed of fire” every night.
    During this process, illness, a reduction of one’s immune system and sleep deprivation are issues in addition to the torture. They carry sound on the energy microwaves to make it sound like voices are coming from around your body.
    All of these things and more are clues to the fact that somehow they have chipped you with AI. The AI uses game theory to map out the re-education or elimination plan. A very large part of this is deceit and mind games. Your specific plan will be based on the body’s mapped out weaknesses, injuries, etc; as well as your DNA and your psychological profile.
    If targeted, you better get real about a faith. You’re going to need it. I know that I am good with our creator. Fight fear all the way. 95% of this is Meant to scare you.

  • I am well aware that perhaps only a handful of your regulars, believe in ‘Our Friends Out There’?
    Yet, if they had been paying attention to Charlie Ward, Simon Parks or David Steele et al, they will have come to realise that The Royal Family in the UK are, as David Icke has been stating for some forty years, extraterrestrial lizards. What is left of them, that is!
    Furthermore, your readers will have heard that they are collapsing underground tunnels and even whole cities up to 5miles deep, where young children and mothers have been held hostage for unspeakable acts, by despicable aliens creatures. God rest their souls!
    Surely it cannot take too much of a leap of faith to believe me when I say that our planet is also occupied by kindly extraterrestrials? And although I have not personally met them, many of my colleagues have. Thus I can assure you they have technology far superior to any vile instrument we have thus far conjured up. Where do you think we got the design for the cobalt ‘rods of god’ idea? And, as I have stated before, who do you think diverted the comet heading straight for the nuclear power station, in Russia? Thus, I assure everybody concerned over nuclear war, that Our Friends Out There, aka OFOT, will not let it happen. Planet earth is too valuable a resource for the universe at large, to let us destroy it in our Satanic madness.
    Personally, Alexandra, I found your choice of article and narrative somewhat confusing? Surely you are not hedging your bets?
    It is not the stated purpose of your website to give free speech to ‘Evil’ now, surely?

    • I posted this article and video because I am so angry at anyone who can’t see how evil and sadistic these Globalists are and because I wanted anyone who voted or Biden to viscerally feel the evil that they are allied with.
      I received a lot of very angry feedback from Q followers who seem to feel that I’m promoting that agenda or that it was fear porn. I’m sorry but the key elements of the video are the mainstream talking heads discussing concentration camps and drone strikes against normal patriotic Americans, as if they were discussing the red carpet attire of Hollywood celebrities!
      Mainstream news hosts have morphed into mini Stalins and Maos and my Liberal friends don’t even bat an eye. It is very dangerous! It’s unacceptable!

        • I would argue their precious blood has been drunk by the despicable ‘Evil’ and thus, the red carpet in Holywood is made from their fine hair.
          In the UK I can assure you that the spirit that got my parents through the war no longer exists. Instead, we have pathetic sheeple clamouring for Bill Hates’ vaccine!
          For many years I have been advising my colleagues in ACIO that before we could tackle ‘Evil’ we had to get to grips with the MSM including the despicable BBC. If it was not for the MSM, Biden et al, would not have been able to pull this off. As far as I am concerned, any editor that knew that he was defending the Satanic, should hang by his neck!
          I can see why Alexandra posted this article but I would caution her in future, to explain the views are not her own!

    • To travel here is physically impossible within the world of the nearest place where life is possible is many light-years away. How long would it take to go just 1 light-year? That’s is traveling at 186000 miles per second. which is over 10 times around the world in one second. Probably if life exists it will be 100 light-years or more away. Sounds like millions of years in a spaceship. Do reptiles live this long? If they did exist they would be Angels that are fallen created by God on this earth. Thank you for tipping me off on who teaches this. It seems to be not a benelovent teaching or factual in the least.

  • Your last line was “Your very lie depends on it” I’m not a psychologist but that whole text was meant to inflame patriots!!You are doing exactly what “They”’s irritating when you give out of text statements and your opinions as god 0 mighty facts.Stop it,we’re all mad but that won’t help!More people than not are AWARE.My dad told me long ago about these people “TECHNOCRATS” and yes people need to worry and do what needs to be done to stop this Global threat!And as you know any nuclear War would wipe all us off the face of the planet so is that really what need to worry about??!!Start worrying about gov’t at your local level,that IS the start of revolutionary change..that’s how “they” got where they are,so run for city council,mayor etc.Start writing your Senators,Reps. and Governors with your ideas,complaints and voting power..because,guess that’s what they did while we bought shit at the Dollar Tree,oh ya😕stop being the OVER CONSUMER!p.s. tell your gov’t that you know a high % of the people breaking in to the capital were Antifa and better be dealt with swiftly because they’ve,for unknown reasons,get release w/o bond..humm makes you wonder!!!

  • In your dreams! Have you forgotten General Flynn, The President, the military and 800 loyal generals?
    Nothing more than a leftist’s ‘wet dream’!
    It is all over for them. The vibrational energy of our universe will tolerate them no more.
    They can play in their dreadfully conducted drama, but the reality is …they are through!

    • That is the biggest line of Trump bullshit I’ve ever heard! No one took these people down! It’s all a lie, a distraction to keep complacent

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