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    Listen to “5th Gen Warfare Attacks on US with Jeffrey Prather” on Spreaker.

    We have lived the past several years being unrelentingly strafed by Unrestricted Warfare. The most challenging part of this is getting your head around it and achieving situational awareness, especially because very often, the enemy is not only domestic but it has also parked itself inside your head or inside the heads of your loved ones via unceasing propaganda, such that perhaps your friends and family have been conquered by the enemy and they are acting on behalf of the enemy and they don’t even know it.

    In order to win, we need to understand the enemy, the theater and the arsenal and Jeffrey Prather, a veteran of the DEA and the 4th Psychological Operations Group in the Army Special Forces is here to help us do just that by defining the terms and the tactics and by referring to history with Preston Schleinkofer on Civil Defense Radio.


    As Jeffrey says, “The first rule of war is to know that you’re in one. The second rule of war is to delineate who is a friend and who is a foe and that, of course, in a covert area is very difficult to do.

    “I talk to Special Operations soldiers, real squared-away who have a real hard time understanding this, because it’s such a new type of warfare and people just don’t get what’s happening.”

    Jeffrey explains, “It’s not just information warfare, it’s really 5th Generation Unrestricted Warfare.
    “3rd Generation would be World War II, 4th Generation is mixed, hard-to-identify combatants and non-combatants are mixed-in. You can think of ISIS that way. But then 5th is, you can’t even identify who they work for.

    “So, for example, the false flag event at the Capitol, where we have videos of Blantifa changing clothes and they’re all identified and there’s MAGA guys trying to pull back and say, “We’re not Antifa!” and it’s covert. But before that, all the intelligence is bought-off.

    “You talked about human sources – you know, we’ve both run a lot of sources; confidential informants, human sources…and you pay them or you blackmail them for influence and access. And that’s what, for 20 years, since 1999, the Chinese have been doing with our Judiciary, with the DOJ, with the Clintons.
    “Hunter Biden is a perfect example. They bribe him, they addict him, they set him up with Chinese children, they film him. Why? Because it’s harder to get to the dad, which is classic espionage behavior…

    “So, I say this is a global, covert World War IV in 5th Generational Warfare. The primary means of it are informational, cyber and psychological, which means that most of the terrain is human, not physical…There is some physicality but most of it is human terrain. That’s how I see it.”

    Prather traces much of the current crisis to the CIA cocaine operation run out of Mena, Arkansas with the help of the Clintons which was partially revealed during the late 1980s as the Iran-Contra scandal.

    He says, “In my estimation, that’s what built the Clinton criminal corrupt traitor empire. It starts out with the kids on the railroad tracks and it’s still going on. So, that’s where all that starts. That’s where the dark economy for the Deep State of people, drugs and weapons begins and it hasn’t stopped.
    “And Fast and Furious was an extension of that, just as Benghazi was also an international gun-running operation and Syria was a covert international gun-running operation, as well.
    “And Trump was the one who stopped it…he stopped the Clinton-Obama gun-running into Syria. We were illegally running, guns, drugs and millions of dollars of cash, just like to Iran. It killed a lot of our soldiers. And he finally stopped that.

    “He was also stopping the drug trade. He negotiated from a position of strength with the government of Mexico, and said, ‘Hey, do you want legitimate US dollars or do you want drug money?’ And he re-negotiated that treaty and they put 26,000 troops on the Guatemala-Mexican border, so he stopped the drug trade, which also stopped the human trade…

    “No one has ever outed and targeted the Deep State and the dark economy of the Deep State. And then, he started to open up relations with North Korea…that was amazing. That was a Nobel Peace Prize by itself. He’s nominated for three, he should probably have 6 or 9. I can’t keep up with all the great things he did.

    “But when you open up North Korea and you begin to establish an economy there, then, that opens up and raises the economy in China, which then raises the American economy, which is really good for Capitalism and Democracy but really bad for the Deep State and tyranny.

    “Right when he made that new trade deal with China, is when they released the bioweapon, COVID-19.”


    As for Jeffrey’s predictions for the next 18 months:

    “The Chinese are moving from unconventional to conventional warfare and they’re challenging us in the Indo-Pacific Theater. The Chinese are challenging us and it will be interesting to see what Charlie Flynn does but it probably won’t matter, because the guys that pull the strings of the Biden-Puppet will pull that back and so they [the Chinese] will dominate in that area.

    “And Gates is now the largest [farm] landowner in America and the Chinese are buying up ranches and farms at three times the rate, so they’re in trouble, because their rice production has been destroyed by floods and there’s a lot of dissent, so things are going to look much more like Venezuela…things are going to get worse, much more scarce.

    “We’re going to continue to see the militarization of DC, because a dumbed-down, drugged-up, fattened-up populace isn’t even paying attention…

    “The coasts are being taken over by a ‘Feral Cities’ concept. Feral Cities is how we destroyed ISIS, like in Fallujah. That’s how Trump destroyed ISIS, by unleashing JSOC and SOCOM.

    “With the Feral Cities doctrine, you don’t get to hide. The guerrilla now hides in the urban environment, not in the rural environment, because overhead surveillance is too sophisticated now. So, the Feral Cities will continue to creep inwards…

    “So, that’s the bad news but the good news is that this is still primarily Human Terrain. The battlefield is still Human Terrain and the reason is because we’re all armed. And Yamamoto knew this.

    “Even with all this bad news and things looking bleak, I’m still hopeful and we will win, because tyrants always fall – but most importantly, is they do not hold the Human Terrain – by no stretch of the imagination.

    “That’s why they have to use force. Force is not power. That’s why they have to use armed soldiers there. They do not hold that ground. The only place they hold are the coasts and most of the people have fled and so they’re losing support because in an insurgency, as anyone who’s done unconventional warfare knows, you have to hold the populace. You have to have the populace on your side. And it’s between 75 and 120 million Americans that are not on their side. They’re on the MAGA side, they’re on the Trump side or what I call Team America.

    “And every day, more are joining our side. Every day. So, they cannot hold. Now, I’m not saying it’s not going to get ugly, I’m not saying it’s not going to get bloody, I’m not saying it’s not going to get unpleasant. Freedom is expensive. Always. But they do not hold the Terrain…

    “When you make 75 to 120 million Americans criminals, what happens to criminality? Who needs who? Does the city need to the country or does the country need the city? And what happens when Blantifa tries to push into the countryside? They won’t make it. ‘Yamamoto knew better than you,’ is what I tell the traitors.

    “This has never been tried before. We’re living in historic times. And they’re going to turn on each other. People have been asking me, ‘When is the military gonna coup?’ They’re not gonna coup! George Washington would turn over in his grave if there was a coup! We’re not gonna do that.

    “But I would say, having seen the way the police have been treated for the past year: Are the police on their side? No. OK. Having seen the way they just treated the National Guard, sleeping on the floor and one Port-o-Potty for 5,000 guys – is the National Guard on their side? Nope. OK, are the farmers on their side? Nope. Are the ranchers on their side? Nope. Are the mechanics and truck drivers and cowboys and Indians and Hill Billies and miners – are they on their side? No, they’re not.

    “So, it’s gonna be those guys and gals against some Blantifa metrosexuals, out of Portland. So, how’s that gonna work?…

    “This is the way things are heading right now. It’s not gonna be pretty and it’s more complicated than people understand but every day, more and more people are waking up and more and more people on the Left are gonna wake up to all of this, too…”

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    • The NWO/Great Reset people inflicting the phony and corrupt Biden “Presidency” on 330 million Americans are the people who staged the coup! All that Trump and the military would be doing is restoring normal Constitutional government (the American Republic) by a countercoup, removing the USURPERS from power. This should be understood. There is nothing illegal in so doing, just as a policeman arresting a robber is NOT committing assault or kidnapping.

      • It’s not a video, it’s an audio this time. Scroll down beneath the headline and click on the orange “Play” button with the white arrow.

    • From Nevada whose state motto is “Battle Born” …we are prepared. We are committed – to defending our Constitution, our nation, our freedom, and our God given rights.

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