Michael Matt, publisher of Minneapolis-based The Remnant newspaper is back to remind us of what is largely overlooked: that George Floyd was depressed and he had relapsed into drug abuse after his employer was shut down, due to the coronavirus lockdowns.

Similarly, the ensuing riots were stoked by the economic misery enforced by the lockdowns, which disproportionately affect residents of the inner cities, who are more frequently minorities, thus as Matt says, making the lockdowns racist.

“Liberals, they never get enough of telling the world that we Conservatives, we’re racists – even if we don’t know we’re racist, we’re still racist. There’s nothing we can do about it…

“Well, if that’s true – and I don’t think it is – but if it is, let’s go with them for a second, here. They would be susceptible to that as well, right? So, maybe they don’t even know how racist it is to lock down America’s inner cities; to lock people down from minority communities, lower income communities who don’t have the advocates, who don’t have the power or the influence to do a damn thing about the lockdowns, because that’s what we’re seeing.

“I live in a suburb. The lockdowns aren’t nearly as hard on me as they are for the folks in the inner city, so why do they continue the way they are?”

In 2020 in Minneapolis, gunshot victims doubled, carjackings have surged 331% and homicides are up 73% and in 2021, those numbers are continuing to spike even higher. The vast majority of these victims are minorities.

He asks, “What if these were mostly white victims? Would Minneapolis City Council still be getting away with de-funding and even trying to disband the police?

“They’re getting rid of the cops and they’re saying ‘You’re gonna like it.’ Well, guess what? The folks who are doing the suffering, who are getting shot, who are doing the dying over there, they don’t want the police disbanded!…

“Who are these supremacists that think they get to tell the Hispanics or tell the Blacks or tell the minorities, ‘You don’t need cops. We’ll take care of it.’

“The people in the inner cities are going through this Hell on Earth so that the governors and the mayors of this country can collect federal money and no one’s speaking up for these poor folks?…What is this, if not some form of racism – systemic racism in the Democrat Party?

“They project all that racism all over us all the time. Seems to me, maybe they’re the ones who are doing this. Because as a Conservative, what they’re doing to people who can’t fight back under these draconian lockdowns is sick, is perverse and looks mighty racist to me…

“Friends, if somebody wanted to destabilize our country by totally destabilizing our inner cities, this is how you do it. This is exactly how you do it – and at the same time, they’re sow in all this class envy and race warfare, race wars, pushing all that, as well.

“This is a powder keg, Friends. It’s not going away, not getting any better – and again, in terms of the crime rates, most of the victims of these crimes are from the minority communities. This is why the minorities are the ones who are speaking out loudest against insanity like de-funding the police…

“We are undeceived, which is why we here at Remnant TV are joining our voice forcefully, adamantly, immediately to all of those who are calling upon local law firms, victims groups, families groups, family of victims to file Wrongful Death lawsuits against the State of Minnesota today, against this out-of-control maniacal governor.

“File the lawsuits, get the conversation started. We need to go to war. We need to go on offense against these guys. If somebody doesn’t stop them, they’re just going to keep on going like the little Adolf Hitlers that they are, you see and if these guys, if they don’t stop the madness on their own, then we need to get in there and stop it for them.

“We’re done with defense. We are on offense.”

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  • It has nothing to do with racism or any of those other isms these people bore us with, it’s about ANARCHY! Creation of chaos to manufacture mass unrest is a fundamental in creating REVOLUTION . It’s a enduring Marxist Communist tactic used worldwide since that ideology was hatched.
    So the question to the new woke generation poisoned by the public education system is this😡. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A COMMUNIST and live in a communist country? Think about that very seriously. Also , for sanity’s sake turn off the mainstream, media news. It’s propaganda as bad as Mir or Pravda.


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