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    Highly popular podcaster Joe Rogan interviewed

    Elon Musk joined Joe Rogan on his hugely popular podcast on this fine All Hallow’s Eve, where both sported their Halloween finery.

    The first 2 hours of the 2-hour and 41-minute interview were just posted to Elon Musk’s platform X and I’m please that the code is embedding on this website!

    The two discuss Marxism and cancel culture, which Musk calls the “mind virus”.


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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • There is a lot to unpack here from all the smoke, but here’s my short version – all you see and hear about Tesla is not real. There are underlying fundamentals that caused Tesla to partner with Ford and for Ford, GM & Toyota to reverse course with EV’s. EV’s are not not for everyone, nor will they be for the near “economic” future. Neither are windmill electric generators. The big secret there is they too are economic failures! These green energy projects are not economically sustainable and their failures play into the hands of the WEF.

      Just like the WHO health policies play into the hands of the WEF. Do not think any of this is has gone away. My visit to my own family doctor yesterday is proof of my assertion. For the first time ever the entrance door was signed with a Fauci demand poster for mandatory masking, spacing and all the rest. His waiting room walls were plastered with even more Fasucian medical mafia propaganda, naming covid this and covid that. The floor was taped up for the first time with 6′ stick on distance markers. On my way back to the individual examination room, my medical assistant quizzed me on flue shots. In the exam room I was asked three more questions about covid and flu shots which was again repeated by my doctor during his examination. It’s clear covid shots are front and center there. More important than any other thing – that’s the message!!!

      Oh, I almost forgot to mention the visual media chatter boxes in the waiting room and the examination room chanting the Prizer/government mantras.

      What has happened since my last year’s visit? My family doctor joined a statewide conglomeration of medical practitioners in which he had to agree to do this to his patients.

      You’ve been warned.

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