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    The Hill’s Jessica Burbank and Robby Soave react to Ron DeSantis being challenged on his footwear and whether he wears heels.

    A view of the boots worn by Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as he speaks at the Heritage Foundation, Friday, October 27, 2023, as part of the Mandate for Leadership Series in Washington.

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    • That’s not something new actually.
      Actors and actresses wear that kind of craps anywhere in the world.

      Yes, he is an “actor”.
      He didn’t really speak truthfully about 2 V’s – Vax and (so called) Virus, yet he acted like he was against it.

    • I wonder if his wife will stick with him after realizing she is not going to the White House. She wants it more than he does. Too late, they didn’t stay in their lane.

    • The not so big guy needs high heel boots to reach all those asses he needs to kick out the way to get his ticket punched to get into the big show . I suggest he learn some jew-jitsu and watch the suckers run in fear.

    • God forbid comedic news entertainers talk about substantive matters! Who cares what DeSantis wears? Or what these two imbeciles think about it.

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