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    The world is something of a powder keg at the moment. The stuff we talk about here every day tends to get pretty heavy and I don’t mean to make it sound like I know everything that’s going on. With US Continuity of Government currently in play, as defined by National Security Policy Directive 51, most of what we see in the media is a distraction from a distraction from a distraction.

    There’s heavier stuff that I could run about the ongoing regime change Color Revolutions, both within the US Government and without but today, perhaps some humor is in order.

    In this funny clip whipped up by James Corbett, among other things, we learn that the US attempted to take down the Cuban government by infiltrating the local Hip Hop scene and we’re reminded of that wonderful 2014 tapped phone conversation between Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt discussing the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych – and whether or not to replace him with boxer-turned-politician, Vitaly Klitschko, with Nuland uttering the words that would cost her career at State, “F*ck the EU.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Interference in elections seems to be the ‘right’ of any country that feels the need to put in a bit of a twist & turn to outcomes. ‘They’ ,being nearly any country that needs to control outcomes. Fiddling with the elections of other countries has been going on for centuries…..I’m sure even into Egyptian times & further back. To be elected ‘leader’ is pretty heady stuff. Thank goodness it didn’t work on the Hillary/Trump election 🙂 It all depends which side you wanted to run things for the next 4 years. I don’t think that this practice will end any time soon. Looking back at what was done to turn the tide of wars & elections is a veritable smogasborg of evil actions that were undertaken……horrible nightmarish never to be forgotten plans put into place for ????? someones’ right to rule their world.

    • We are between a rock and a hard place with our president Trump. What has been done internationally over the past 40 decades, in the name of the American people, has been egregious in many ways as political entities have pushed our nation toward globalism. US leadership has done a lot of shameful things, which caused many in the world to hate America. It’s different now with this president, but too many people have yet to make the leap of trust. Past wrongs must be accounted for, but they do not predict the future. We have to clean up the DOJ, FBI and Congress of the wrong doers in order to enlighten the public. Simultaneously, we are marching into the future of free energy and many technologies that already exist to bring us into a new paradigm that already exists and is waiting for our arrival. Most people sense this, but the corrupt mainstream media continues to weaponize every GOOD thing. Patience and presence are in high demand as we unravel corruption and blow wind into the sails of our future. It’s exciting times. Corbet’s little spoof epitomizes this because it is based on past wrongs and projects those wrongs onto the now and the future. Big mistake. Someone needs to enlighten James to the idea that the world has changed even if he can’t perceive that yet, like so many others. Keep up the good work Alexandra. It’s always good to look at all sides and to keep an open mind. You do that very well. Thank you.

      • Thanks for the kind words and I couldn’t have described the past 40 years any better. America was hijacked to commit horrible acts of bloody, violent oppression around the world, which served as a demoralization campaign for the American people, who grew to hate their country, especially post-9/11.

    • Geeeez ..Folks, Looks like Trump IS Part of the Deep-state after all Huh?
      WHAT is happening in Venezuela has NOTHING to do with with Their “Government”…Its Really about the US GOVERNMENT trying to acquire Their OIL reserves…GET REAL Folks!
      OIL is an OBSOLETE form of Energy…Yet the “Corporate Governments” still WANT their Slave Citizens to Depend on it…UNDERSTAND Anyone???
      Doesn’t anybody REMEMBER, that there is such thing as FREE ENERGY???

    • I supported you, sore looser, it wasn’t until after you lost that we saw the “real” you. Well now we know.

      • Geez, so bitter! I don’t advocate for intervention of any kind in Venezuela. Maduro dissolved his legislative branch in 2017 and then had all government workers vote for him under duress – just over 17% of the population. You call that fair? He is a tyrant.

        If by the “real” me, you mean I don’t support the Bolivarian Revolution, then I’m guilty as charged, like the majority of the Venezuelan population (what’s left of it) and the rest of the South American Continent.

        The scale of Venezuela’s collapse is totally unprecedented I think in world history, without a hot war. I don’t like the idea of intervention but I do think Maduro has to go.

        • ” I don’t like the idea of intervention but I do think Maduro has to go.”
          Wow Alexandra, spoken like a true politician!
          Don’t you think the people of Venezuela should decide that?

          Perhaps you think Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Kaddafi of Libya were rightly done away with?

          And what about Assad? You probably think Assad should go too? Its not up to us or any other country to decide the fate of their leaders. Or do you not believe in democracy either?

          Who are the real DICTATORS here?

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