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Edward Dowd joined Steve Bannon’s War Room again and doubled-down with more information from life insurance and funeral company reports: there is a massive spike in deaths, which correlates to the roll-out of the death shot.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I don’t trust this guy because Blackrock is one the main ones behind the plandemic. Yes he left there in 2012 but he was one of them so he’s probably a snake in the grass


  • The video prior to this dealt with Trudeau getting rich off the jabs.
    I hope the people at Blackrock can crash Acuitas and sqish Trudeau.

    Here’s the intro to that video:
    “There’s an unconfirmed rumour that the Trudeau Foundation owns, through both direct ownership of shares and indirect ownership through shell companies, a 40% stake of the British Columbia-based Acuitas Therapeutics.

    Acuitas is the biotech firm contracting with Pfizer BioNTech and with Moderna to provide the Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery System in the death shot that encapsulates the mRNA and allows it to sneak past your innate immune system and to fool your body into manufacturing the spike proteins that give you Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (VAIDS), etc.

    Trudeau’s purchase, via the Canadian government of 400 million doses of the vaxx is ten times more doses than there are Canadian people. And I believe that the plan is to buy at least another 600 million doses!

    If it’s true, that Trudeau controls 40% of Acuitas shares, then the Canadian prime minister is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud Canadians, using their own tax dollars to kill them off and to enrich himself; becoming a billionaire while he genocides his own people.”

  • Ed,

    is it NOT a nonsense, it is a long time planned very carefully designed a global genocide. If you follow the patents of the pharmaceutical industry, the contents of the proteins, their genomes, people are being injected with, in particular right now when the genetic 100% SYNTHETIC material became indistractable, if you follow the entire history of GMO food production, your hair would possibly turn grey, in a moment. It is much, much worse than Auschwitz.

  • Unarmed Canada going kinetic really Bannon who? the Hell’s Angels maybe packing heat in Nova Scotia or the rough crowd Newfees . The Mounties are land pirate thugs working for booty. The resistant hostages in Canada are screwed without the guns the gov thugs will steal all they can get their hands on.

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