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    Former BlackRock securities analyst, Edward Dowd was back on with Alex Jones Tuesday evening. He says,”I’m just horrified at what’s going on. I can’t believe we’re here…

    “The Frontline Doctors were the real heroes. They were the real, brave ones. They were maligned, censored, smeared and de-platformed. So, I’m just building off their early work. Unfortunately, my 15 minutes of fame is because the bodies are piling up. It’s two years later and you can’t hide them anymore. It’s in publicly-available databases, now and the numbers I just showed you are CDC numbers.

    “Now, what’s really disturbing to my partner and I, my insurance expert who’s helped me develop these charts…we were talking to each other and we said, ‘Why is it that two ex-Wall Street guys; one lives on the base of a dormant volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and another guy that lives on the East Coast have to be the ones that bring this data forward?’

    “We were just stunned at how ridiculous it is that no one in the Government or regulatory agency or in Congress has figured this out? It’s right there. People are dying at an alarming rate. The good doctors have tried to get their message out but they’ve been censored and here are two ex-Wall Street self-admitted geeks having to do this.

    “That’s the state of where we are right now, Alex. I’m glad I’m here, I asked to be of service but when I take my ego out of it, why hasn’t someone in authority come forward?”


    “We’re seeing signals in the financial markets of economic collapse on the horizon…in the Third Quarter, we’re looking at a minimum of a recession. Commodity prices are through the roof, because of the overt actions by the Biden administration to limit domestic production of oil. Now, we have the war in Ukraine, where grain prices are soaring, because Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe.

    “I’m of the opinion we’re going to see food shortages soon, if not already appearing all over. There’s all sorts of anecdotes from farmers and people in that business seeing fertilizer prices going through the roof, so they’re coming.

    “If I was to write another movie today of what do I think might happen, if I was writing the script. Well, we’ve got the Ukraine war, which contains the potential threat of a nuclear war, there is a self-announced, by Klaus Schwab of a ‘cyber pandemic’ coming, which they trained for with a bunch of nations in the fall of last year and we also have a mutant virus in China that Fauci is warning us about. So, it could be any one of those three or all three at the same time…

    “Today, I saw a tweet by [Mike] Cernovich. He retweeted someone talking about the FBI’s no longer reporting crime statistics. To my mind, that’s realtime evidence of decay of the rule of law [the FBI admits this].

    “So, we’re having realtime, real world evidence of a collapse. That, in my mind is the Federal Government collapsing, when you start to hide crime statistics. I mean, that’s what they do, is gather data and report it…

    “I like to be an optimist. There’s things in motion that are beyond our control, obviously but my goal has been to stop this vaccination program dead in its tracks, bringing the people responsible for the malfeasance and fraud to justice and if we can do that, the house of cards falls apart, because they’re not going to be able to roll out digital ID passports and vaccination cards.

    “So, that’s why I’m focusing on what I can prove and what we’re proving is that the deaths are undeniable at this point, the vaccination as a prime cause of the excess deaths and the smoking gun of the Millennial cohort is there.

    “My plea is for the mainstream media to stop this blockade of this information, to get it to other people, so that a discussion can begin. My goal has been to get this into the national consciousness. I don’t have to be the leader of it, I just want the discussion to go on and let the experts take over and battle from there and the litigation begin and the stock prices of Pfizer and Moderna to collapse.

    “So, I just want to be a catalyst. I don’t need to be the guy, because I’m just a dude on an island in the middle of the Pacific and I’m just giving this information for free, I’m doing this for free with my partner and this should be raising questions all over the insurance industry, Wall Street should be all over this and if we can get to critical mass, there’ll still be an economic collapse but we’ll be at least stopping this tragedy that’s going on with the vaccines…

    “We haven’t even begin to talk about the injured and the amount of life that’s been decreased…when you cut ten years off the average persons’ life, who’s been vaccinated…the implications of that are staggering.”

    Ed is happy about the partial pullback on vaccinations and about Fauci floating his retirement but he wants to see the vaccinations stopped. College kids are still mandated, as are first responders, hospital workers, some corporations are still demanding boosters. “This needs to stop,” he says.   

    “Rochelle Walensky came out two weekends ago, saying she got her information from CNN. Are you kidding me? And then, now she’s claiming they changed the data, removed some COVID deaths and they’re saying, ‘Oh, it was a coding logic program error –”

    Alex buts in and says, “At a regulatory level, this is complete collapse!”

    “Absolutely, says Ed. “Naomi Wolfe recently…claimed that the deaths that they dropped out of the COVID counting numbers was due to a ‘coding logic error’. Naomi Wolfe runs a company and said, ‘You provide the programmers with the logic, itself, so that makes no sense.’ 

    “Again, [Walensky’s] not even a good liar.”


    Alex asks him what he sees happening next.

    “This is so bad. We’re working behind the scenes to get the insurance companies on board and aware of what’s going on and I suspect some of them are. You’ve got to understand one thing about the insurance industry: it’s a slow-moving industry and they all got the jabs, because they bought into this as well. They were fooled and defrauded. So, we’re trying to work as fast as we can behind the scenes but it’s going to take some time to change some minds but all we need is a couple of brave CEOs and insurance companies to go, ‘Hey, wait a minute, we’re the bag holders on this catastrophe known as the vaccine.

    “Once they wake up to the fact that there’s going to be excess deaths for years to come and injuries and disabilities, I don’t think they’re going to put up with it to much longer, hopefully…

    “Someone who’s involved in this fraud needs to come forward and needs to start naming names, because, like you said, the chaos that’s going to ensue is going to be uncontrollable.

    “And when the rule of law breaks down and you think your security guards are going to be there and your staff is going to be there, when they’re worried about their own families. Well, you might want to check on that.

    “Secondly…I can see, as time rolls on and the truth comes out to more and more people, I can see the people who bought into this the heaviest, the Covidians and the people promoting the jab that weren’t part of the inner circle of this fraud will be angry and there might have star chambers, where hit squads come after some of these people.

    “It’s not us they have to worry about. It’s the ones they actually deceived who wake up and the chaos will be uncontrollable. I’m not going to be involved with any of that, I’m not planning that, I’m not – it’s not my thing – but as a predictor of the future, you can’t control what other people do and there will be people who probably want to do that.

    “So, come forward now, so you can be protected and go through the justice system…

    “I’d like to add an addition to my movie script about what may happen. I think we’re going to win. I think these people will be brought to justice who have committed these crimes. But let’s pretend that’s the plan.

    “They think they’re the ones that are going to inherit the keys to the global kingdom but what if there’s people behind them, who have propped them up as these clownish, evil puppets? I mean, Klaus Schwab is a Bond Villain! These people are almost clownishly evil.

    “What if, in my movie script, in the midst of the chaos, we think we win and we get these people into justice but then, some very handsome guys and gals come out of somewhere else with a solution, a new way to get ourselves out of this chaos and economic collapse?”

    In other words, what if the “solution” to the Globalists turns out to be even worse?”

    He continues, “I have no idea but let’s say my movie script plays out and there’s chaos and we bring these people to justice. I’ll be looking for the very reasonable men and women who already have a solution already on hand.”

    Alex asks him when he expects things to get really bad?

    “It seems to me, if I look at the Federal Reserve and what they just did on Wednesday [March 16th], they raised 25 basis points [0.25%]. They were supposed to raise 50 or people wanted them to raise 50 to help fight inflation. I’ve seen an analysis that shows that the Fed rate hike cycle is basically over before it began, because the system is at the end days and there’s so much leverage in the system, it can’t handle even tiny upticks in interest rates, so the timing is a lot closer than I would have thought, so I’ll say anywhere between the next 6 to 24 months.”

    He wants to be wrong about this call, because obviously, nobody wants complete and utter civilizational collapse.

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    • ALEX, the fake “Saviour” you speak of who will rescue us from the chaos created by the Globalists will be the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). They are playing the long-game, and have been playing the Globalists all along. Being the “saviour” is how they took over the people of China 70 years ago. I have been studying the infiltration of Communism into the West for over 10 years. Their current tactics for world-domination (which include wokism and political correctness), as well as humanity’s path to remain free of them, are all laid out in an incredibly well-researched book called “The Spectre of Communism” (which you can also watch as a documentary). Their ultimate demise will come in the form of self-destruction as the different factions of evil start throwing each-other under the bus in order to save themselves. You can already see this happening. People who align with evil will follow their decline. People of faith will survive the calamity and usher in a new world cleansed of evil. We are living in the time of the prophecies. All of this is a test of our conscience and everyone is choosing their side. For good people, the not-to-distant future will be very very bright indeed!

      • I love David Duke book The Secret of Communism. He goes back to the staged Russian Revolution in 1917 and examines thereafter. He lived in Russia for 5 years to document his work with integrity. He was able to go through documents at the Library where they stored files to these events. Incredible work. The book has many photograph’s from the time period.

        • Sounds like a good book. I haven’t read it. The Russian Communist Party set up a branch in China. This then became the present-day CCP (Chinese Communist Party). “The Spectre of Communism” documents the demonic origins of Communism as revealed in Marx’ early writings. He was not actually an atheist. He (they) profess to be in a battle with God over domination of the human world. Communism, however, forces atheism on others in order to push mankind into a moral abyss and be dammed. They hate God and are bent on the destruction of humanity. When something is rotten, however, it can only disintegrate as a result of its own decay. I believe this will happen in our lifetime. The doc is fascinating.

      • This definitely is a spiritual war. I was woken a few years ago by Jesus coming to me in a dream on a white horse. I never felt love that way before. True love. You won’t understand it unless you have felt it before. I then got on the back of the horse, my dad was up front and we charged ahead going in battle.

    • Typo from transcript above ?:

      “Former Blackwater securities analyst, Edward Dowd …”

      Should be “Blackrock”, non?

      “Blackwater”was Erik Prince.

    • Re: Dowd on the Insurance Industry ( and the US Justice/Court system)…

      Question 1 –

      Question 2 –

      Delay, delay, delay seems a very popular tactic in the legal world.

      What could be reinforcing the delay??

      Doctors’s Licences to practice.
      Lawyers’ Licences to practice.
      Captured MSM/media flunkies and CEOs.
      Wholly-owned IT/social media flunkies and CEOs.

      • Re2: Dowd on the Insurance Industry ( and the US Justice/Court system)…

        There was a (claimed) French legal case regarding a rejected Life Insurance claim one or two months ago.

        The claimant was denied by the French court, who ruled that because the jab was “experimental” and the deceased had taken the jab “voluntarily”, the court ruled the insurance company was not obligated to pay out on the claim.

        The final insult was the court ruling the deceased had “committed suicide”.


        This link ^^^ was the first I could find…

        There were far fewer results than my memory of the initial story would have suggested. A deeper search might yield more reliable and confirming/ denying results…

        A further search turns up multiple links, all seemingly referring back to a mid- JAN 2022 story, translated from a La Quinta Columna TV link at their Telegram account.

        I’m getting the vibe this story has
        either been getting seriously squashed, or was fabricated to begin with.

        Maybe we could crowd-source a small keyboard-warrior search here?

    • Alexandra,

      —Tenth paragraph in your report :

      “ ‘Today, I saw a tweet by [Mike] Cernovich.
      He retweeted someone talking about the
      FBI’s no longer reporting crime statistics.
      To my mind, that’s realtime evidence of
      decay of the rule of law [the FBI admits
      this] . . .’ “

      An Australian reporter, Paul Sheehan, had
      compiled and reported FBI crime statistics in
      1995, as U.S. citizens were being kept in the
      dark about how badly Whites were being
      assaulted and killed, by Black and Brown
      males—by teens and men of color.

      It has gotten far, far worse today, in 2022, to
      explain why the FBI is halting record-keeping
      – the TRUTH – about who is committing crime
      against whom in America.

      White males appear SAINTLY in comparison,
      and men of color keep pouring – illegally – across
      U.S. borders—by invitation from Marxian/Glo-
      balist Libertines in the Democrat Party.


      FBI Statistics on Crime :

      Read/Study below FBI-related article, about the hidden statistics on black-on-white crime in America (( MSM refuse to report the awful impact that black people have had on white civil society in the U.S. —for DECADES ! )) :

      “Paul Sheehan, an Australian reporter, dug out the following Information for an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, May 2, 1995.

      “Sheehan based his statistics on crime data compiled by the FBI and partially reported each year in The FBI Uniform Crime Report . These reports can be researched at the FBI’s website,

      “Since the FBI doesn’t distinguish between Hispanics and whites, Sheehan’s statistics don’t adequately reflect the black-on-white crime situation.

      “Only about 10-15% of Hispanics are white, with the rest being Indian or a mixture of white, American Indian, and blacks.

      “Hispanic crime rates are almost as high as black crime rates. This means that the data Sheehan compiled on inter-racial crime is probably grossly understated since a considerable portion of the ‘white against black’ crime actually is Hispanic-against-black crime. (Information about this aspect of inter-racial crime will be presented in a related article.)

      “Here is the information Sheehan uncovered in his analysis of the FBI’s crime reports:

      -“Blacks murder more than 1,600 whites each year.

      -“Blacks murder whites at 18 times the rate whites murder blacks.

      -“Blacks murdered, raped, robbed, or assaulted about one million whites In 1992.

      -“In the last 30 years, blacks committed 170 million violent and non-violent crimes against whites.

      -“Blacks under 18 are more than 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than whites under 18.

      -“About 90% of the victims of interracial crimes are white.

      -“Blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than whites, although whites outnumber blacks by 7 to 1.

      -“On a per capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crime than whites.

      -“Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than white neighborhoods.

      -“Of the 27 million nonviolent robberies in 1992, 31% (8.4 million) were committed by blacks against whites. Less than 2% were committed by whites against blacks.

      -“Of the 6.6 million violent crimes, 20% (1.3 million) were interracial.

      -“Of the 1.3 million interracial violent crimes, 90% (1.17 million) are black against white.

      -“In the past 20 years, violent crime increased four times faster than the population.

      -“In the last 30 years (1964-94), more than 45,000 people were killed in interracial murders compared to 38,000 killed in Korea and 58,000 in Vietnam.

      -“Sheehan commented that the contents of his article could not possibly be published or discussed in the U.S. mainstream media.

      -“In the last 50 years, the white part of the American population has declined from 90% to 72%.

      “The U.S. now has about 33 million blacks and 25 million Hispanics (legal and illegal). By the year 2050, American whites will be a minority, just 49%. By 2100, whites will be 25% of the population.

      -“What will life for whites be like in the future?”

      -end of report



    • So Admire and only through having gratitude of one’s like you true warriors letting us know your truths of the reality in whats really occurring I am an un jabbed,loss of work life that I believed sustained myself, knowing now my rights and health has whats really sustained All Warriors. and the much bigger picture children the future is yours for love and light will shine 🙏

    • My wife, daughter, and son took the vaccine in the earlier days, before anything had leaked. They took it for multiple reasons, one being myself, but they really wanted to do whatever they could to keep our family and elderly safe. Their decision was as close to selfless as you can get, maybe 5% was for their own protection. I have 3 of the conditions that can help them kill me…diabetes, 295lbs, COPD, and occasionally illicit drug user..well they all cited wanting to do whatever they could to keep from bringing it home to me. I told them to wait, because there was too many red flags I saw surrounding these rushed vaccinations. You could say my street smarts and awakened state was telling me there’s shit in the game. But, they did it anyways, with mine and others` wellbeing in their hearts.
      I swear on everything I love, if I lose my wife, daughter, and son because they took the vaccine….I will find as many of these corporate puppets, these top of the pyramid elites, anyone I find that were in a position to set this fukn poison onto the world for money, greed, ideological reasons….I really don’t care…lack of balls or courage to say NO. I won’t say anything more than this…fear the one who has lost everything or a man that has nothing to lose! Hypothetically, one might take every penny left to one in insurance payouts, life insurance, retirement funds…one might spend every cent to hold as many as possible accountable before they stop that person. It would never feel one’s void, but one might not care. It might grant that person or persons enough satisfaction just to know the world is just a little better off without those soulless pieces of shite living scotfree of justice deserved

    • These doom and gloom are so ‘old hat’!

      If you have been paying attention to Kimberly Goguen, you will have picked up that; Fauci is no more!

      In addition, the deep state is quickly running out of money.

      If you want to know what is really going on, I can but suggest you check in on United Network News every day. Sunny Gault tells it as it really is!

      I realise that alternative news outlets are desperate for yet more alarmist news. However, my Higher Self confirms Kimberly’s perspective revealed in the dreadful Kerry Cassidy interview, namely, the Cabal attempts at World War iii will; all be over within a couple of months. MAX!

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