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    In this May 2021 interview with Eric Metaxas, Maxey got into some crazy details that he discovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop, like the time former FBI Director Louis Freeh did everything in his power to derail a legal case in Romania, for the purpose of protecting Hunter’s Chinese business deal there, in what Maxey calls a “True, criminal conspiracy.”

    As Maxey recounts, “Springtime of 2016, Hunter has a corrupt oligarch business partner/peer/friend/client, whatever you want to call it [Gabriel Popoviciu] in Bucharest, Romania. He has been prosecuted for corruption and for defrauding the government on some real estate deals, he’s looking at several years in jail and this is a bad situation, because Hunter is in Romania – and Tony Bobulinski can prove this, I sent you that document…

    “The Chinese are in Romania because they want to buy the Ploiești oil fields. Any of your listeners who had grandfathers who fought in the War, particularly Army Air Corps will know Ploiești. Probably more Army Air Corps died over the oil fields of Romania than even Berlin…

    “The Chinese hook Hunter up with these oligarchs around the world so he’s the middleman, right? This is the way the Chinese bribe people.

    “They’re in Romania to buy these oil fields. Well…their hook for Romania is now going to go to jail, being prosecuted by a female prosecutor who is reputed to be very honest, free, fair trial, etc.

    “I only know this because former FBI Director, Louis Freeh puts all of this in writing and Hunter’s got to get him out of jail, so they call Louis Freeh and Louis Freeh tailors a plan to dogpile this female prosecutor.”

    Freeh, who was also a retired Federal Judge enlisted FBI agents working for the State Department in Eastern Europe and FBI agents working at the Romanian Anti-Corruption Academy – who were supposed to be training Romanian agents in “anti-corruption” – and they tried to overturn Popoviciu’s conviction.

    Freeh flew to Bucharest with three of his partners from his law firm/investigative firm, Freeh-Sullivan who were former prosecutors from the Southern District of New York and Romanian witnesses claim that some of the US Embassy might have gotten involved, including the US Ambassador.

    Maxey continues, “In the midst of all of this, in the midst of all these communications in the Spring of that year and all of these communications were shared with Louis Freeh’s peers, nobody once says in his organization, ‘Hey, as a former federal prosecutor, is this not ethical? You’ve said the [Romanian] prosecutor is a very straightforward woman and the trial was fair. Is there something ethical to question about this?’

    “Nope. The only question that comes up is, ‘Are we going to get paid?’ and Louis Freeh assures his partners, these former federal prosecutors…one of whom was a former US-appointee head of Interpol! ‘We’re definitely gonna get paid, Guys. ‘Cause my guy’s checked this guy out and he’s worth half a billion, just in Bucharest.’ That’s all they care about…

    “There’s half a dozen people, outside of Louis Freeh, Freeh-Sullivan and Hunter who are power players in Washington who know all about this arrangement. I have all of the emails…and it’s outlining Louis Freeh’s plan to take down the Romanian prosecutor: ‘We’re gonna get to her. We are gonna get to this woman.’

    “Really? Remember, this is occurring in the Spring of 2016 and Joe Biden and Ambassador Yovanovitch and State Department employee, [George] Kent and the insufferable English woman… were all over Ukraine, getting rid of ‘crooked prosecutors,’ when actually, in their own writing, they’re trying to take down a woman who’s considered to be an incorruptible excellent, best prosecutor in the history of Romania!”

    Maxey recounts how obsequious and eager to do more work for Hunter and Joe Biden that Freeh expressed himself to be.

    “The former head of the FBI has to know…Hunter was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine, two years prior to him even coming to Uncle Louis to get his friend out of jail.”

    Metaxas asks Maxey, “Why do you think that is?”

    “Well, this is where it gets kinda interesting,” Maxey replies, saying that he showed just three of these documents to someone he calls “a household name”, who commented, “‘Wow, you know, Louis Freeh used to be really tight with that jerk…Peter Strzok!'”

    Another confidential informant friend confirmed that the two were very close and he told Maxey that Peter Strzok used to be part of these “spycatcher teams” that worked directly for the Director of the FBI, back in the ’90s, capturing Russians after the fall of the Wall. They had a couple of successes, particularly the team that Strzok was associated with.

    “Louis Freeh, kind of like the Colonel who found his favorite Second Lieutenant and takes Strzok under his wing.

    “Now, it gets worse. This guy says, ‘Look, I’m 90% sure, if my memory serves me…James Comey was the Executive Officer between those spycatcher teams and Louis Freeh…

    “Now, we go forward to 2019. If you lose a laptop and you’re Team Biden, trying to figure out ‘How are we going to stop this from coming out? How are we going to create a narrative if it does? How are we going to make sure, if it ever turns up, it disappears and I’m Louis Freeh?’

    “And if what my informant told me is true: ‘I’m calling Pete Strzok and I’m putting the word out to all the FBI agents out there who have the counter espionage secret handshake that, if this thing turns up, it’s “National Security”.’

    “And it actually, there kind of is proof in this. Remember, the regular FBI agents in New York wouldn’t take Hunter Biden’s laptop, just two weeks ago – from Rudy Giuliani! They refused to take it!

    “And it also kind of goes back to the point of why did the guy who came and retrieved that laptop from Mac Isaac’s computer store, why was it an FBI agent from Northern New Jersey, in a kind of no-name glass tower office in Jersey City?

    “Why wasn’t it a guy from Philly or Chester or Wilmington or Baltimore or half a dozen more agencies that have offices that are closer?”

    The laptop was finally turned over to the FBI agent from Jersey City on December 29, of 2019, after Mac Isaac had tried for two months to get the FBI to take it.

    “Now, that means, the FBI was in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop all the way through the first impeachment. It means that they were in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop and watched Joe Biden go through the Democratic Primary, keeping great people, like Tulsi Gabbard and others from getting the nomination and then, perhaps having a real debate in this country about the future.

    “This was absolute interference and particularly, because much of the evidence concerning Ukraine that’s all over this computer was exculpatory for President Trump in the first impeachment.

    “So if my contention is correct, that Louis Freeh was the first call of the Bidens in 2019, I bet his second call was to Pete Strzok and I bet Pete Strzok put it out that anybody that finds this laptop… that this part of ‘National Security’, this goes to the counter espionage group and therefore, straight down the black hole, never to be seen again…

    “This is just a fraction of the criminal behavior that these people are engaged in all over the world and in every case, I want your listeners to understand this: The Communist Chinese are pulling the strings every single time!”

    Maxey complained that none of the so-called “good guys” in Congress would take on this laptop and everybody was afraid and everybody had this general sense that, “The Government can pick winners and losers. They can audit you, they can decide, just as Beria said to Stalin, ‘You show me the man and I’ll find you the crime!’…

    And we still have not seen anybody interview any of those 50 experts and say, ‘What evidence did you have to declare this fake? No one’s asked that question…We live in a nation where people are afraid of their government.”

    His friend, Lee Smith told him that it’s not a two-tiered justice system, as so many are wont to say, “There’s targets and people who are not targets.”


    It’s interesting to see this interview a year later, after things have gotten so immeasurably and incomprehensibly worse, between the tyrannical vaxx genocide, the retreat from Afghanistan, historic inflation, the doubling of gas prices and the precipice of World War III.

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    • Why did you remove the yesterdays (03-24-22) Jack Maxey video, Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell…? That was very thick!!! What happened???

      • I realized I hadn’t made a thumbnail for it but didn’t have time to make one and took it offline and then I forgot about it. So I made the thumbnail and it’s back up.

    • This is another crock of Sh*t. He says it’s coming, but he’s censored it. Now I see he is being interviewed about it. If this dude was anything like legitimate he would JUST RELEASE THE INFO. Has not happened. Hillary & Obama were sending comms with their covid announcements, along with Schwab & Psaki. Any of that have to do with the laptop?


    • Thanks for posting this. I remember this interview from May 2021. It is what everyone needs to hear (again and again until they are no longer afraid).

    • All this about Hunter’s laptop, and yet, Not One Dominion Machine has been audited yet!
      We only have till 9/03 to have them audited!

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