Ronald Bernard  exploded onto YouTube in late April of this year, in the first in a series of interviews conducted in Dutch by journalist and radio host, Irma Schiffers, with disturbing tales of child-sacrificing Satanists who control the world, numbering around 8,085 people.

Bernard describes a pyramid with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) at the top. The BIS has total immunity from all laws and is not prosecutable by any government or entity. Below the BIS are the World Bank and he IMF. Beneath those two are the Central Banks of the world, including Europe’s ECB and he US’ Federal Reserve Bank. Beneath the Central Banks are the Too Big to Fail Banks of the world. Beneath the big banks are the major multinational corporations. Beneath the corporations are the world governments, controlled by everything above them and beneath all of the above are human beings and other living things and the Earth’s resources.

Sean from the SGTReport has created a summary of Bernard’s interview in English with graphics here.

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  • its difficult to accept that there’s a power structure that wants you dead. I can see evidence of it everywhere now, its so interwoven into ‘normal’ life.

  • Mr. Jason Wade, has written below that we need solutions and not more of the same; I agree. The U.S. Constitution has our solutions written on it’s very fabric Here’s the solution, demand that every single one of your state officials obey their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution. Article one section 10, plainly reads, “No state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.” Yes, it’s still the supreme law of the land and every state is bound there by. A small, cheap, really good book on the subject is: Miracle on Main Street. I know, it’s a lot of work, and I can tell you first hand that there are consequences with swatting the hornets nest. Good luck!

  • While Lord-Pi314 may express the emotions many of us have about these slimy self-appointed elites, doing a precise job of extirpating them from the planet means also expunging their spawn. Theirs is a genetic psychopathy forwarded by a nurture component that would require total eradication. So all the genetic lines would have to be extinguished in order to remove them. That’s a lot more than 8500 individuals, btw. Such a task would represent a black-ops-on-steroids surgical removal and only a state has those kind of resources. I seriously doubt anything like that would happen unless the world reached, what I call, the Marie Antoinette moment. This criminal cabal has held the planet in slavery for thousands of years through blackmailing the weak minded, greedy and sick and simply murdering the rest. I doubt they’d make the mistake of pissing-off everyone on the planet at once. Although I’d like to see that unfold.

    The fact is they have the world by the short hairs. All monetary systems would have to crash in order for the planet to be free of their sickness. No other monetary system could take it’s place–a difficult concept for humanity as it requires personal responsibility be a central tenant of living. If not, the insanity can begin again. Life without money is foreign to humanity because it has been enslaved for so long. A baby elephant is chained and can’t get away. As the elephant grows it could easily break the chain but the adult believes in it’s inability to do so. Therefore, it remains enslaved.

    For now, it’s either wait and see if we reach such a moment or, as the video notes, do not participate in the systems of lending or banking where possible. Every day this is more difficult to do because the same criminals that enslave us make our laws. Those increasingly require humanity use both if we want to live and eat. These creepy criminals know humanity is waking up to the unspeakable crimes perpetrated against them, at least in the West. It’s the single reason these evil saprogens are pushing so hard for a worldwide cashless system. Their intent is to feed on humanity through a completely controlled monetary system that has no avenues of escape. They want the populace cockled into believing they can never be free–like the elephant.

  • Instead of seeing more videos like this how about actual solutions to the problem because I’ve been saying it for years, “What can be done about the problem?”. And there’s just been this repetitive nature of videos that just go on and on without citing what the actual solution is. It’s time to stop beating around the bush and instead put the foot to the metal. If you know where I am coming from then good. If you don’t then that just means you have a lot of enlightenment to do.

    • A big part of the solution given by the narrator: DON’T PARTICIPATE IN THE BANKING SYSTEM, where that is possible.

  • Hello, Alexandra – Nice to communicate with you again. While watching the video clip above, have noticed the captioning at the bottom of the screen at each end is obscured by the letters SGT on the right and MORE VIDEOS on the left and wonder WHY these are not above the video itself? This is not a trivial complaint because as the transcription isn’t verbatim, we can’t trust the captioning to tell us what the missing words are [being dictated by the banker]. Also, correct me if I am being too persnickety here – but even his striped shirt “camouflages” entire words as well. Once, a long long time ago, captioning was white letters contrasting beautifully against a TOTALLY BLACK background so all words could be seen especially if the background was light (so white letter text blended into light backgrounds). They no longer do this on either TV or the Internet.

    In that there is no “Internet Central” to ask the WHY OF TRENDS that are user unfriendly (like) i.e., the new “grayed out” texting being used that makes it so difficult to read things – even titles of articles and books are being “grayed out” now – there is nowhere to complain to. One practically has to get their nose up against the PC screen to read.

    But the real reason I am contacting you is because of a “hurdle” I can’t figure out how to overcome as an activist.

    Living in a Bible-thumper belt, against a New Agey backdrop, am being told to “stay positive” and “think positive.” Whenever I try to inform either [group] re” CHEMTRAILS or issues like this video reveal, what is happening at CERN’s particle accelerator in Europe, and a host of other horrors, they give “negatives” in my life (car breaks down, not hired for a particular job, my purse stolen, etc) are indicative of my not following spiritual law – in particular, the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Well, the LAW OF IGNORANCE makes our world the way it is, and unless it is a close friend (who allows me to expound on why my activism means more to me than “attracting what I want”) unless LIGHT IS BEING SHOWN UPON EVIL (meaning awareness and the world now at least KNOWING why it languors against such global omnipotence) that very awareness might change things … but how will We (The-World) KNOW unless we DO? Perhaps the Yin/Yang symbol is just that … balancing-knowing-against-inertia. So what can I say to convince a “positive mindset” individual to expose themselves to subjects that challenge such serenity?

    • “We know we are the children of God and that the whole world is under the control of the Evil One.” –Jeheshua (Jesus), 1John 5:19-20.
      From this, we see that evil control has been a long time and we know it is coming to an end. We the People are the minds and bodies of God in this drama and dimension. If humans continue to march forward, our success is guaranteed. We are in a great battle between good and evil. Evil will do whatever to win and human suffering may greatly increase. Evil cannot stand love, compassion & goodness; it feeds off fear and hatred. To go into denial of what is truly happening at this time is one way to support the continuation of evil. To become fearful feeds evil. We must resist it while remaining focused on our personal radius to the Source. Focusing on the Beloved One we shorten our radius/distance, focusing on the evil one without the Beloved we move away from this center into more darkness. Focusing on accumulating material possessions moves us into greater 3-D bondage. We must shorten our radius to the Beloved One which must be our greatest desire, all else is bondage and distraction. As our radius to the One shortens our intuition develops and works nicely with our intelligence. We fear nothing, not torture nor death; we know we are eternal and we Trust the One Source. Continue planting your seeds in others, they will only hear what they are ready for at this time. Fear or inability to see what one has not seen may be fore and front. Serenity will most likely be powerfully interrupted, stimulating Awakening or more fear. Any seeds of thought you generously gave may sprout within them.

    • Jeanne,

      I think and now it is possible to pass inbetween positive and negative thinking, where both becomes united and duality disappears.
      By attraction forces love attracts love, where the dualistic emotional pain/hate inbetween can disappear.
      By “plain” thinking intelligence appears and a new life happens.
      Now the question is, what is positiv?

      Yang/yin is dual is two dimensional
      In three dimensions, under both points is a space, creating a vortex for attraction, where attraction has its impact. Now all comes to the point and is true.
      The´is being selfish.

    • Jeanne’, SGTReport was using the footage from the interview produced and conducted by Dutch journalist, Irma Schiffer. They’re clearly not trying to obscure anything, they makes these videos for a living (advertisement revenue) and they have their branding loaded onto their editing systems and their YouTube suggestions to watch more of their videos because that’s how they pay the bills.

      The subtitles are not automatically generated. They were done with care and integrated into the English-language version of this video by the producer/s. To watch the full interview, go here:

  • It is needed that people must see that a bank is a bank based on the impact of people.
    There is a colelction of people, acting as a bank.
    Now, there is a pyramid of people where a few at the top are the gods of money.
    Inside sports there is such a pyramide,
    Inside politics there is such a pramide,
    Inside Religion there is such a pyramide.
    The question is in which position any human being inside such a pyramide is.
    Here appears a scale of validity/worth by personalities.
    This is not a scale of love, moreover a scale of possesion.
    Love has nothing to do with possesion.

    I am aware of an other pyramide, where al human beings have the same worth/dignity and where there are also uplifting energies to the top. This can happen only by being human and not by being a person or a personality. These uprising energies are present INSIDE any human being. Now the strongest uprising energy/intelligence urges that all uprising energies inside al human beings become stronger.
    This is also spiritual evolution of human intelligence.

    These uplifting impact happens in the centre of any human being, by an attraction force.
    This attraction force is one sided and therefore gravitational, where love is also a gravitation affect by attraction.
    Love is NOT an repulsing force.
    Love has the goal of healing any human being.

  • The dutch are also seen as the jews of europe.
    They have less sources, so they had to become business men.
    I am born dutch, now living in Germany.

    I agree totally: where is the ethics inside business?

    What I see inside the world, money has become a religious affair.
    The more money, the more there is a god of money.

    Jesus threw the money makers out of the temple!!!
    Where are the christians not believing in money??
    There seems to be much money inside catholic structures.

    There is a spiritual way for using money, where matter is not in focus, moreover being human.

  • …a quiet revolution based on innovation and finding better ways of doing things. I don’t think we should try and take on 8000 fantastically well resourced psychopaths with violence

  • There’s a good point made here, extricate yourself in any way you can. I’ve changed some of my habits since waking up to all this. We all need to just turn our back on them and become self sufficient that would be truly revolutionary

    • I disagree. You sound like Karen Hudes who tells us that unless we cooperate with them things will never get better. How about we get some whistleblowers who name names so we can tie ropes around their necks. Who do you think is behind the flooding of Europe with Jihadists so that the Europeans will be too busy defending themselves from evil murdering rapists than to spend time tracking down the crooks that destroyed their economies. And they are in the process of doing it to America also. We want their genitals shoved down their throats, understand ?

      • I totally understand your frustration. But I’m talking about making them obsolete. Should oil companies be developing free energy? Should controlled governments be managing our tax wealth? Should corporations be growing our food? No, we should be doing it for ourselves

      • Karen Hudes has said we should cooperate with tyrannical banking terrorists and their filthy spawn? That’s news. Has she gone insane? Never.

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