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Renewable energy sources like wind turbines, solar panels and nuclear power have drawbacks in terms of cost and efficiency.

Scientists have developed these designs further to create more cost-effective alternatives and to generate much more power than their predecessors.

Here are 10 viable alternatives, only 2 of which I’ve ever even heard of!


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Besides al these matter oriented energies, even those of Tesla, there is a spiritual energy which is present inside spiritual universe.
    It is the energy of thinking, feeling and sensing.

    Here also is a core, where all these energies come to the point, by which it is possible to find “god” inside. I do not think that god is of a material state.
    Even Tesla said:
    I know what electricity is and I know there is a core. However, I did want to discover what this is. This core = universal love = singular spirit = “god” without matter.
    It is connected, related with the stem brain, as the house of feeling.

    In Buddism is said: there is no I, moreover a self. This self is this core.
    In this case: be selfish in order to find this energetic core inside.

  • Sorry, Alexa, but that young Aussie lad has to have the worst video speaking voice ever. Well, it’s not that bad.

    But he should find something else to do for a living. Not his gift ( and I’m a “scary judge of talent”… which is why I know how good you are!).

  • What about Tesla’s inventions? Or looking into what pyramids can do? When discussing energy, these are always purposely left out. I wonder why?

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