A few weeks ago, a ticket to this live event cost $75 and tickets to the Live Streaming event on the Internet cost $39. Right now, you can watch it for free!

This is arguably the most important talk ever to be given. The truth about UFOs and the suppression of this truth touches not only into how the Secret Government works but also on covert aspects of the banking sector, as well as on the global kingpins of the biggest criminal cartel in the world, who are involved with the illicit drug trade, which he says generates more money than the global oil business. The latter group is a rogue, compartmented operation, populated by ruthless people who will kill their own Special Forces personnel, if there is the barest whiff of a security breech in their lock on their vast and extremely profitable illegal drug trade. (Which is the reason why he says such drugs will never be decriminalized – this would move in on their “action”).

Greer says that such a group could legally be challenged and sued, based on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). However, he doubts that there are any attorneys who would have the courage (and the security detail) necessary to fight what he describes as this “Neo-Fascist Transnational Security State”. Like author/researcher, Jim Marrs, Greer describes the US’ Secret Government (which is the defacto, true government of of this country, who rule behind the scenes) as “the Fourth Reich.”

Greer also suggests that a new wave of disclosure would be welcomed. He says people could defect from this massive criminal organization of Unacknowledged Special Access Projects and not be liable for any breech of their National Security Oaths, because the projects are entirely unconstitutional and completely illegal, in and of themselves.

This talk, in which many of his most salient points are backed by official documents, is quite long – although, never in the least bit boring, quite the opposite. However, It took me several days to find the time to view it, in its entirety but it was more than worth it and I’ve re-viewed several sections. Many jaw-dropping details are revealed, ranging from geopolitics to abductions. This is completely Earth-shattering material and not to be missed.


During the first 20 minutes, Dr. Greer presents a set of documents that show what caused the Roswell UFO crash and the fact that there were actually three crashed UFO’s recovered which were used for reverse engineering. The UFO’s were monitoring the activity of the only bomber squadron in the world that had atomic weapons, located at Roswell. This description of the 1945 – 1956 era is of critical importance because that was the breakaway period for a number of autonomous unaccounted for black op projects.

– At 18:22, Dr. Greer describes Scalar Longitudinal Electromagnetic Systems THAT CAUSE PULSES TO TRAVEL FASTER THAN LIGHT. Apparently Tesla helped to engineer them. These are the weapons that took down the Roswell UFOs.

– At approximately 21 minutes, he introduces a document that seems innocuous but is the cornerstone of a major hoax being foisted on the world for the purpose of bringing about WW3. (Several motivations for that are described in the last half our of the presentation.)

– At 24 minutes, he describes when the US mastered anti-gravity devices. He then goes on to describe how knowledge from Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists was combined with the likes of Tesla and Einstein, in combination with reverse engineered UFO craft. This technological knowledge was shunted away into labyrinths of Black Budget operations.

– At 34 minutes, he describes the pivotal reorganization of the US security and intelligence forces by the Rockefeller Commission. This provided the basis for loss of control of the oversight of several Black Op projects. This took place during the Eisenhower administration. Eisenhower was hoodwinked and became bitter over his loss of control, which amounted to treachery by those he trusted. Corporations working with Unacknowledged Special Access Projects are subsequently identified as the real culprits of those days. Unfortunately those projects have careened off into the hands of elitists who are not inclined toward peace.

– At 39 minutes, he describes a rather poignant conversation between Jack Kennedy and one of his aides, shortly before his death. Kennedy said the whole matter of UFO investigations was “out of his hands” and he didn’t know why. Then he began to cry.

– At 41 minutes, he introduces the Marilyn Monroe smoking gun document.

– At 51 minutes, he describes how the Marilyn Monroe murder caused even higher government secrecy provisions, to avoid further bloodshed that could be required in order to prevent leaks. He goes on to elaborate on how Unacknowledged Special Access Projects are kept secret from Congress and the President. On internal documents, the key elitist group is called “MAJIC” (the majority intelligence committee – which still exists).

– At 59 minutes, he describes how Nixon planned to blow the lid off the secrecy and that was the reason he was taken down via Watergate. Nixon, however had a staff member who was a member of MAJIC by the name of (CIA director) Bill Colby. Dr. Greer describes Colby’s murder, one week before he was to meet with Dr. Greer to reveal the full MAJIC agenda. Colby was replaced with George H W Bush.

– At 1:05, he describes the energy technology that has been hidden by these corporations from the human race for 75 years that we desperately need.

– At 1:08, the official role of ridicule.

– At 1:12, he describes a meeting in 1993 with the CIA Director, R. James Woolsey where he debriefs the Director and explains why he has been blocked from awareness of MAJIC.

– At 1:18, he describes the method used to determine who is “read-in” to the inner circle and who is not. He also describes Jimmy Carter’s frustration over being blocked, and the termination of a Carter White House study on the matter of UFOs.

– At 1:23, he describes how the Reagan Star Wars agenda was a cover for US defense against possible ET attacks – part of the hoax presently being perpetrated upon us. He also lists many government officials and celebrities who have expressed frustration over being specifically blocked.

– At 1:40+, he introduces a list of corporate facilities where this research is taking place.

– At 1:58, (After the break). Greer describes how the media and scientific community are restricted by the MAJIC community.

– At 2:17, he describes how $8.5 trillion of Black Ops are funded.

– At 2:27, he describes a sheep ranch encounter with Black Op drug smuggling in conjunction with UFO-style vehicles.

– At 2:29+, he describes a meeting with international interested parties who bemoaned the fact that these technologies had fallen into the hands of people outside of MAJIC. So MAJIC has been kept from the public and from the established government, and some of these technologies have escaped from MAJICs purview.

– At 2:32, he makes the important observation that there may be recourse for us in the courts because of the illegal nature of these operations. The really significant aspect is that whistleblowers get a percentage of the illegal funds recovered.

– At 2:34, he begins the story of meeting with the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein, where he describes a meeting in the fall of 1989 with President Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, UN Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, and others to plan how to reveal the UFO reality to the world. After the planning session, at 3 AM Pérez de Cuéllar was returning from the meeting when he was abducted (apparently) by Extra Terrestrials and warned not to go through with the plans. That thwarted the intentions of the world leaders at the time. Dr. Greer states that this was clearly NOT done by ETs but was done by US Black Operations and was highly successful.

– At 2:42, he describes the motivations of some world leaders who confess that they are convinced of the danger to humanity of interstellar war and others who want to see Armageddon happen so the return of Jesus Christ would be ushered in.

– At 2:46, he provides strong evidence
that the CIA has been the perpetrator of the abductions where implants have been inserted into those abducted. He also states that cattle mutilations were also the work of US Black Ops for 2 purposes: 1) create the impression that ETs are ruthless and we need to fear them, and 2) provide biological material for Black Op cloning and GE experiments. He goes on to describe his thesis, which is that public perception of UFOs is being carefully manipulated to prepare us for a planned but unnecessary interstellar war. He says that Wernher von Braun warned of this on his deathbed that the overarching plan was to first develop terrorism to create general fear and then to move public perception into support of interstellar war.

– At 3:21, he encourages the movement toward peaceful ET contact. There apparently is a consciousness movement that is starting to be coordinated with cell phone apps toward peaceful contact. He states that the thing that will thwart these hoaxed WW3 plans is actual peaceful ET contact because then society won’t fall for the fear-laden hoax. He also calls for use of the Whistleblower Act to fund legal recourse against these illegal operations by corporations. He points out the legal safety concerns of those who want to come forward with testimony, due to the illegal nature of these operations.

– At 3:30, Greer starts taking questions. He answers questions such as why established government officials such as Congressmen are not more involved in the issue.

– At 3:35, he explains what the agendas are of the people who are operating the Black Ops. This is a very informative and useful discussion.

– At 3:46, he comments on 9/11.

– At 3:49, he makes an interesting comment about the ET perspective of our human-created dilemma.

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  • Whatever Bob’s saying has been scripted and paid for by the financial-military-industrial complex founded in 1930 by the exstablishment of BIS, Basel, Switzerland.

    It is all the not-so-secret continuation of the Morgenthau Plan.

    You won’t get to the bottom of these diversions because that’s what they are. Bob – in his second incarnation – is simply an agent of corruption posing as a human being.

    The same m.o. as St Albert, big claims and not one shred of proof.

  • Has anyone in the Disclosure project ever shown the public one iota of physical proof. What do you base your claims on? Until you can provide the proof that Billy Meier has provided the world, you need to stop saying the things you are saying. You’re looking for lights in skies that you are not going to see and any “UFO” that you do see is a military craft not extraterrestrial and it has been like this since the real ET’s in 1995.

  • It is not shocking for some of us who knows what corruption is going on.
    I am not worried about the Gov. fraud or whatever we call it.
    I am more worried about the Fake Imam Agakhan a world’s biggest secret fraudster, an atheist running a cult in the name of Islam and Shia Muslim, using the fake ID.
    In the name of religion running a ponzi scheme, selling the Hindu-Ismaili religious rituals, selling the tickets to enter Paradise, and running a profitable business in the name of Charity foundations.
    His ‘Money Making Machine’.
    We should worry about such who is not only ruining the physical lives of poor followers but their souls too as per his order they need to worship him as god..
    He is powerful than all the Govs. and so nobody can touch him as he is the proven Dajjal-anti-Christ.

  • I really can not say what is true and what is false, but certain events expressed and evidence in support there in produced is tantillizing. It makes one wonder.
    I am not an American but for many decades, have observed that the global events that have taken place or are in the process now are being pushed into action by certain unseen forces through the hands of governments and their agencies all over the World. These include deliberate destabillizations, terror hysteria & fear, sham revolts & all.
    Let us be observant as this serpent canot be harnessed by likes of myself..but eventually will be defeated by its own false force.

  • A fascinating diatribe which certainly makes one think – however the most puzzling thing was the last statement he made ‘God bless you all’ – does he believe in God as most of us would understand and if so, how is God related to the interstellar visitors – are these what history has called ‘angels’ and if the power of ‘good’ over ‘evil’ is the end game then is all this just the stage upon which the story of mankind and his understanding of ‘Good and Evil’ is played out. My question would be ‘what is the end game’ after all if you conquer and have full control of everything on earth – then what? Is it not like the dog chasing the car – catching it and then wondering what he is going to do with it?

  • This is all very interesting but you failed to expose the organizational structures that exists to manage and perpetuate all this. You mentioned Jesuit order once but didn’t extrapolate further. It is my guess that this is why you’re allowed to continue doing what you’re doing. You also didn’t mention a lot of these people have all attendant Jesuit schooling institutions and secret societies. You leave us to believe that there is no organization behind all this.

  • Dr. Greer,
    Very informative presentation, all this data reveals is that we are headed toward GLOBAL GOVERNMENT control. We can already see clearly that “Nationalism” is gone and is being undermined for a Global Government Order. What is amazing is that you stated that the “Individuals/People” involved in all this are Basically BAD and would do anything to establish their own Authority and Power structure. This is exactly what the BIBLE stated (2000 years ago) would happen toward the End of this age. Called the “Beast Kingdom” ruling over the entire world for a season. The data shown on the People and Government agencies and locations involved in all this was and is remarkable and confirming. Thanks for your research and courage presenting all this Data.

  • Be careful to not buy in until there is actual evidence beyond paper. Are these documents verified by known and credible witnesses? Where is the proof of aliens? Why are all the pictures so impossible to make out? It’s the usual stuff. I would like to believe this guy but there is a lack of convincing evidence. We have to keep asking for it and have to keep asking how and why.

    Again, I hope he is right but …..

  • Got interference in noise distortions here in East UK ,I believe all this but there are many vessels for the Guardian Visitors to access down here ,even if they abduct us and I’ve experienced short versions of .this lately but My DNA memories like muscle ect come back in another Enlightened vessel ,can’t wait 🙁 ): to watch ,no u-tube but first available chance OXO

  • How many people have died due to greedy power hungry despots who bullied their way to trusted positions they did not deserve. Good leaders are destroyed by suicide squards who must be insane to do the dirty work of bastards like hitler oddly loved by many ,and still doing more unspeakable acts of devilish evil. GOD is good ,why is this happening ? I ” IMAGINE ” john lennon had it right when he composed the great song.

  • Everyday I think about terrible things that unseen groups could be doing I would like to see this video to inform the people I am close to about what is really going on.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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