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Dr Shiva tells Mike Adams about how, when Elon Musk released the source code for Twitter’s recommendation algorithm last April on GitHub, web developer, Steven Tey announced that he had examined the code and found a mechanism that permits the US Government to “intervene” with this code.

But Dr Shiva says that the matter is a lot more than just a few lines of code. He says an unholy alliance between Silicon Valley and Congress resulted in the creation of CISA, which resulted in the creation of this backdoor “Partner Support Portal”, which allowed VIP access into Twitter and which he says allowed them to de-platform a US Senate candidate – namely, himself – and which he says his lawsuit was the first to uncover.

In 2017, Dr Shiva was running as an Independent against incumbent Elizabeth Warren for the seat of US Senator from Massachusetts but the Deep State wasn’t having it. Dr Shiva fought his de-platforming in court and his account was restored – conveniently, after the election – but he was soon de-platformed again, 17 minutes after he posted ballot images showing that the Government was committing election fraud. This, to him revealed the existence of algorithms, so he went back into Federal Court.

Dr Shiva says he then discovered a “playbook”, which was the creation of Harvard University’s Belfer School, which was step-by-step manual on how to silence US Citizens if they “went against the government”. This manual was revealed in court, which, in turn showed that this was not just a portal but an ecosystem of government and non-government officials, a rotating door of people that had gotten together at Harvard Belfer School with representatives from Twitter, as well as the the State of Massachusetts and a whole array of people to create a silencing infrastructure, known today as the Censorship Industrial Complex.

So, if you were wondering how The Intercept, which had been founded for the purpose of publishing the Ed Snowden material (and which had pretty much failed to do so) had, instead transformed into such a preposterously woke publication that even its very Left Wing co-founder, Glenn Greenwald had to resign in 2020, Dr Shiva has the answer: The Intercept’s co-founder, Pierre Omidyar is the Deep State’s Censorship Czar.

In hindsight, it’s obvious that Omidyar bought the Snowden data from Greenwald in order to stop the release of Snowden’s information, so it’s hardly surprising now to hear from Dr Shiva how Omidyar was instrumental in the creation of the DHS’ online censorship infrastructure that was just “revealed” in October of 2022, in a limited hangout by The Intercept.

Dr Shiva says that he exposed Omidyar’s role as a censorship czar two years ago and that this is documented in the public record in the Federal Lawsuit Ayyadurai vs. Twitter, et al. 1:20-CV-11889 Document Number 195.

Dr Shiva wrote:

“Dr Shiva exposed in his landmark 2020 Federal Lawsuit and personally informed Fox News Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept of his findings. They chose to do nothing. Dr Shiva is perplexed at the sudden interest now. Dr Shiva’s lawsuit discovered in detail the entire Censorship Infrastructure created by the DHS and other government agencies in collusion with Big Tech such as Twitter, and Facebook, etc. Dr Shiva’s lawsuit provides the entire DETAILED censorship architecture, beyond just DHS. Moreover, he also exposed that among others, The Intercept’s Funder, and Founder FUNDED the SAME censorship architecture that The Intercept now “bravely” exposes. Is this an ad campaign for The Intercept to win a Pultizer, while its founder continues support for the same censorship infrastructure?”

Dr Shiva says the revelations of the Twitter Files were a “limited hangout” for damage control. He says it’s been a bunch of theatrics, plagiarizing his lawsuit – but only a small fraction of it. 

Last March, Dr Shiva said, “Musk is not there to fix the crime scene, he’s part of the crime scene and Matt Taibbi and the other journalists publishing the Twitter Files are Musk’s lap dogs, feigning transparency.”

Dr Shiva has a lot of beefs with the “grifters”, from Tucker Carlson to Glenn Greenwald to RFK Jr to Trump, who he says chose not to cover his information three years ago, when it was actually news.

He has these profane nicknames for each of them, which I think detracts from him and his case. He could state the facts of what they did or did not do, without the puerile profanity.

Shiva says he’s now running for President but he was born in India and he moved to the US when he was 7 years old, so he does not qualify and his “candidacy” has the effect of making him look delusional, at best or a grifter, at worst. This is ironic, because he accuses everybody else of being a grifter.

But he is right about an awful lot of things.

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  • Well he makes a lot of good points . . . as at this rate we can figure most “on a stage” are allowed to be there. Of course, his running “for president” is more or less a protest of sorts . . . as I don’t believe he can legally run either (of course, the law only applies to certain people) : /

  • Because public schools stopped teaching civics decades ago Americans do not understand many things about governing a free people.

    Lawyers are AGENTS OF THE GOVERNMENT! The government has the last word. Now that is not a bad thing, if the government is not corrupt. If the government is corrupt, the lawyers are nearly powerless. Whatever they do to achieve justice will be thwarted by the government. This is extremely dangerous to liberty.

    When the Uniparty approved the election of Barry Soetoro, there were many lawsuits, all of which were dismissed on grounds of having no standing. When you think more deeply about it they all had standing, it was the word parsers who twisted the meaning of that phrase to protect Soetoro, the MSM agreed and reinforced Soetoro’s defense.

    From there it was just a matter of outtalking the opposition.

  • stupid americans. wake up. they are all against us including Musk and Taibbi . I always thought Taibbi looked uncomfortable while doing his dirty work. He stood out as a fake right from the start. And believe me, Musk is just a front man….a marketeer for all the work he supposedly has designed and implemented. He’s nothing but a toady with little intelligence beyond knowing how to fleece you and get you to believe that he is brilliant….a genius. Nothing is further from the truth.

    They’re ALL FAKE! We need to round them all up for treason to this country. What a shame, or I should say, a sham.

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