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    This is a very important and empowering talk given by Dr Robert Malone late last January at the Läkaruppropet Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences – International Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

    I’m not sure how I missed it at the time but I suspect that “bad-jacketing”, i.e., the bad-mouthing techniques that he describes towards the end of this talk, that are used to discredit and to destroy liberation movements may have been at work in my recent avoidance of his material.

    But is bad-jacketing really what George Webb and Dr Peter Breggin have been engaged in against Dr Malone?

    It’s not one bit ironic that the person who is delivering what I think is the most powerful information that I’ve ever seen about Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW), with the most utility to us everyday people, to help us to understand this terrain and to give us a chance of emerging victorious from this war against us – he is being accused by some of having malign intentions. This kind of quandary is textbook 5GW.

    Here are some of the key points Dr Malone makes, although I highly recommend that you watch his entire presentation and that you read the transcript I made of his talk, as well:

    • Western nations have globally deployed military-grade PSYOPs on their citizens during the COVID crisis and my intention is to help you to comprehend the inner meaning of that and then, to help you to see how that can be turned to your advantage.

    • If we’re going to win this, we have to understand their playing field. We have to understand their technology, their strategies, their tactics. We need to assimilate them and we need to respond to them, not by assimilating their ethics but by deploying technology that’s appropriate for this new battlespace.

    • 5GW is the new battlespace and it has been deployed by the military and the intelligence communities on the entire Western World, in an amazingly harmonized fashion during the COVID crisis.

    • 5GW is a of war of information and perception. 5GW is not fought by armies or guerrillas but in the minds of common citizens. Your mind is the new battleground. This is not hyperbole. This is standard military strategy.

    • In true 5GW, you do not know who your opponent is. Example: who is responsible, who’s the puppet master behind the COVID crisis as we’ve experienced it? Was it Klaus Schwab? No. Was it Biden? Was it Tony Fauci? These are all surrogates. You don’t really know who is managing the message that has been propagated on you. That’s 5GW.

    • This is such a bizarre psychological landscape, that it’s difficult to even process. We need common language and understanding to even be able to comprehend what’s been done to us.

    • Don’t over-estimate your own ability to comprehend what is being done to you.

    • If you want to operate effectively in this space, you have no alternative other than humility. You have to acknowledge your ignorance. You are profoundly ignorant about what is going on, here. Every day, you will learn more about your own cognitive biases.

    Dr Malone says that the good news is that US Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group only has 800 troops, whereas, we number in the billions.

    As ‘Plandemic’ producer, Mikki Willis says in the clip Dr Malone rolls during his presentation, our greatest power is our numbers, hence the relentless effort to shatter us into broken fragments. They have bunkers. All we have is each other but the good news is, that’s all we need.




    The COVID crisis has revealed a modern battleground, in which molding, controlling and capturing your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are the objective…

    Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) is the new battleground and it has been deployed by military, largely and intelligence communities on the entire Western World, in an amazingly harmonized fashion during the COVID crisis.

    Fifth Generation Warfare is a of war of information and perception.

    Fifth Generation Warfare is a strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

    The basic idea behind this term [Fifth Generation Warfare] is that in the modern era, wars are not fought by armies or guerrillas but in the minds of common citizens.

    Your mind is the new battleground. This is not hyperbole. This is standard military strategy. And unfortunately, the United States has led in the West in our response.

    The European Union has largely followed American “leadership” and in America, the management of this crisis was not primarily driven – the data now show, the documents show – was not driven by Health and Human Services, it was driven by the US Department of Defense and basically, the National Security State; Homeland Security, domestically, our intelligence community, Department of Defense, the National Security Administration.

    That’s how it came into the White House and that’s how it got delegated and managed.

    And, as I often like to say, when you give a three year old a hammer, everything becomes a nail and we have this new, powerful technology and it’s been developed and deployed offshore for resisting Fourth Generation Warfare, which is the insurgencies.

    The United States has lost virtually every insurgent war since Vietnam that it’s engaged in and it has now tried to transform that battlefield metaphor into what we now call Fifth Generation Warfare and as they’ve developed those tools for offshore, in information management and PSYOPs, for whatever reason, they’ve determined that it was appropriate to deploy it on their own citizens in the context of what they determined was a national healthcare emergency, which they responded to as if it was a national security emergency.

    My goal here is to help you understand this new environment, this technology that was deployed and eventually get to the point that I want to make, which is that those of us that are awake – and I hope that this lecture will help you awaken even more – those of us that are awake can become empowered by understanding this technology and employing it for our side for the sake of truth, honesty, for spreading the type of information that Aseem [Malhotra] just shared with you.

    We’re in a new information ecosystem. It’s a new technology space. And for protest movements. the methods that were employed during the 20th Century; centralized leadership, protest movements is now completely obsolete.

    If we’re going to win this – and I’m sure most of the audience appreciates that the COVID crisis is just a skirmish – the battle is much, much larger than what we’re just talking about here. And if we’re going to win this battle, we have to understand the battleground. We have to understand their playing field. We have to understand their technology, their strategies, their tactics. We need to assimilate them and we need to respond to them, not by assimilating their ethics but by deploying technology that’s appropriate for this new battlespace. That’s where I’m coming from.

    Precursors to 5GW: The first accidental Fifth Generation conflict was the Arab Spring. Many people may not appreciate the Arab Spring was employed by the US Government to test deploy some of their new technologies for manipulating thought, behavior and action.

    Those key technologies we call social media. Twitter was intentionally deployed during Arab Spring. Twitter is a weapon. It is not a business. Facebook is used as a weapon. It has intrinsic capabilities. When you think to yourself, “I’ve been shadowbanned,” that language is kind of irrelevant. You’re personalizing it.

    These tools are used to shape the information landscape; the cloud of information, your contacts, who’s talking to who, what they’re allowed to say, how they’re allowed to say it, with specific intentions to shape the direction of thought and emotion.

    There are tools embedded within that [social media], analytics that extract emotional content out of every single thing you tweet and derive from that understandings of what your personal emotional landscape is and allows that to be manipulated by what you are then exposed to; what you’re eyes see. These are weapons. Understand that. 

    In the case of the Arab Spring, it was almost 5GW, except it lacked a couple of the key elements: We actually knew who the antagonists were.

    In true 5GW, you do not know who your opponent is. Example: who is responsible, who’s the puppet master behind the COVID crisis as we’ve experienced it? Who is it? Anybody here know? Was it Klaus? No. There’s something about Klaus. Was it Biden? Was it Tony Fauci? These are all surrogates. You don’t really know who is managing the message that has been propagated on you. That’s 5GW.

    Over the last three years, Western governments, non-governmental organizations, transnational organizations, pharmaceutical industry corporations, media and financial corporations have cooperated via public-private partnerships – which I assert is a euphemism for Fascism – to deploy the most massive, globally-harmonized psychological and propaganda operation in the history of the world.

    Over the last three years, you have been subjected to the most massive harmonized, globally-coordinated propaganda campaign in the history of the Western World, full stop…

    With this campaign, the governments of many Western nation states have turned military-grade psychological operations strategies, tactics, technologies and capabilities, developed for modern military combat against their own citizens. These are inconvenient facts.

    The world that many of us believed existed no longer exists, if it ever did.

    For me, the stunning bookend is this recent revelation on Tucker Carlson that the first thing that I remember a a young person born in 1959, the assassination of John F Kennedy was probably propagated in significant part by the United States intelligence community.

    We have been lied to about that my whole life. Welcome to 5GW. The battlefield is your mind…

    Before Fifth Generation Warfare, modern warfare between states was “a duel on a larger scale”, “a continuation of politics by other means,” with core elements of “rationality of the state, probability in military command and rage of the population.” – Carl von Clausewitz, On War

    Rational state actors – we’re in an environment in which the nation-state is treated as an obsolete entity. We have a new, vague cloud of Globalist leadership that we can’t even put our fingers on. We don’t really know who’s driving it.

    Probability in military command – have an environment in which the military command is confused, it’s diffuse and the battleground is constantly shifting.

    And today, the very nature of 5GW is that it’s difficult to define. As [Arthur C] Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” and that is the 5GW battlefield.

    Now, here’s the flow of the talk: The thesis is that Western nations have globally deployed military-grade PSYOPs on their citizens during the COVID crisis and my intention is to convince you of that and to help you to comprehend the inner meaning of that and then, to help you to see how that can be turned to your advantage.

    We’re going to have evidence and a definition of common terms – this is such a bizarre psychological landscape, that it’s difficult to even process. We have to have language, we have to have common language and understanding to even be able to comprehend what’s been done to us. 

    • What is meant by “Military-Grade PSYOPs or 5GW”? I’m going to give you a video example from the US military PSYOPs, so that you have a comprehension of what is being deployed globally.

    • What are 5GW strategies and tactics that are relevant to the COVID crisis? Somebody made a joke about our book. “The Lies My Government Told Me” is nowhere near long enough. It needs to be the size of an encyclopedia.

    • Likewise, strategies and tactics for 5GW. I’m just going to give you a few examples.

    • Observations regarding organization and leadership in this new battleground and

    • Choosing between a victim and a warrior. We do not have to be victims.

    What are the gradients (or generations) of warfare? The concept of “generations” is really not accurate. It really is a blend of gradients.

    In First Generation Warfare, we have the ancient battles of Europe. Historically, bows and arrows and swords. That was made obsolete by muskets. Then, we had organized battle, battle lines, even trench warfare, in 2nd Gen.

    Then, we moved to organized battle with gunpowder and that was made obsolete by the German Blitzkrieg.

    Then, we had mechanized warfare focused on speed and maneuverability, the German strategy that allowed that to be so dominant early in WWII. What made that obsolete? That’s what was deployed in the “Shock and Awe” campaign with the United States against Saddam Hussein…that was one of the last major tank battles and we’re still seeing some of that, going on in Ukraine right now.

    But that was made obsolete by terrorism. This new technology for asymmetric warfare that has beaten the United States every single time. That is Fourth Generation Warfare. That is a mixture of kinetic and PSYOPs; of information warfare and kinetic warfare and it is still fighting over territory, control of territory, in 4th Gen.

    The internet has changed everything, as we all know. Now, we’re in a battlespace where the battleground is literally your mind. It is what you think, it is what you feel, it is what motivates you. That can all be manipulated and IS manipulated on a daily basis.

    You experience it, of course, historically through what we call in the United States “Madison Avenue”, advertising technology. Aseem was talking about processed foods. This is taking the psychological basis for advertising and manipulation of behavior and thought and weaponizing it against all of us in an industrial way using this amazing distribution platform. What’s going to displace this? Who knows, but right now, that’s what we’re in.

    The composition of warfare is changing. The traditional ways of waging war are evolving. Conventional techniques are in decline, opportunities to use kinetic weapons have become highly-restricted. That’s why this has to happen. We’re seeing it in Ukraine but in the rest of the world, people are not at liberty to go ahead and engage in armed warfare in the traditional way. They’ve had to seek newer tactics and tools, such as information warfare, asymmetric warfare, media propaganda warfare, hybrid warfare.

    That’s the new environment we’re in and traditional divisions between combatant and noncombatant and between wartime and peacetime have become gradients. We are all both combatants and noncombatants. Everything, the entire landscape has become a battleground. all nation states, everything.

    When seeking to understand what this means, you enter this bizarre, shifting, surreal psychological terrain. To understand it, you must temporarily suspend and then restructure what you thought you knew about truth, ethics, media, information, social organization, business, government ad the military.

    In this total warfare landscape, there are no ethics. When Aseem talks about what we’ve been subjected to, all of us have been subjected to – what Ryan Cole has been subjected to – there are no ethical boundaries to what they will do. It is all about the utilitarian “the means justify the ends”.

    For many of us, it’s shocking. You cannot conceive of a world in which there are no ethical boundaries. You can’t conceive of warfare in which there’s no guardrails, there’s no consensus about the rules of engagement but that’s what we’re in right now.

    You have to completely park any idea justice, right and wrong – all that is obsolete in this battlefield environment. As you step into this Hellscape, set aside obsolete notions of fairness and rules. This is total unrestricted information warfare and you’ve been subjected to this for the last three years.

    20th century organizational norms and social activism methods based on centralized leadership have become outdated and obsolete. Get rid of them! That’s how we lose.

    We’re in a war of information and perception, which targets your cognitive biases; the cognitive biases of individuals and organizations. That is the target: to transform those cognitive biases in ways that are in the interests of the opponent, who, in ideal 5GW, you never even know who they are, to create new cognitive biases and propagate it out to the population without their being aware it’s being done to them.

    This is completely different from classical warfare. It focuses on the individual observer and decision-makers. It’s difficult to impossible to attribute. It is truly leaderless and decentralized, which makes it incredibly powerful, because no one can be taken out. The nature of the attack is completely concealed. You never see it coming.

    What are the characteristics?

    • Ambiguity of the opposing force, ambiguity of the attack vector – you don’t know what’s being done to you and how it’s being done.

    • Dopamine loops. These are the hits that you get on social media. Click, click, click. “Oh, they like that, they didn’t like that. Oh, look how popular I am.” Dopamine loops.

    • Triggering existing cognitive biases in the targets by choosing words that trigger you in a positive and negative way is how you are manipulated and influenced; how your thinking is shaped.

    • This was solidified and the technology of this approach was clearly demonstrated during the 2016 US Election and now, the lessons from that have been deployed worldwide.

    • the 2021 Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the first example of 5GW in kinetic battle. Don’t get the idea that information, 5GW exists in isolation. It is a continuum. It’s a spectrum. You can still have kinetic activities, you still have all the other portfolio but this is a different battlefield landscape in the extreme.

    • An example of pure 5GW is the Havana Syndrome. Nobody knows who did it. This is an example of a perfect 5GW weapon.


    Now, I’m going to talk just a moment about sovereignty and what this means. What is sovereignty? Sovereignty is what the African states invoked to resist the Internation al Health Regulations that were being propagated on them last year. Thank God for Africa and Brazil.

    Sovereignty is freedom from external control, freedom from controlling influence. We talk about sovereign, autonomous nation-states. Those are treated as obsolete now. The World Economic Forum does not recognize that as the future of human organization. They want a Globalist, unelected, centralized command economy, Fourth Industrial Revolution, transhumanism world. And we’ve all seen that movie.

    If the unlimited warfare battleground is for control of your mind, thoughts and emotions and all rules of engagement or ethical boundaries are obsolete, then what does sovereignty even mean?

    What is “world health” when public health policy and pharmaceutical interventions are transformed into just another 5GW weapon.

    Here’s the evidence. Militaries all over the Western World have been deployed against us. They’re the ones that have been managing this propaganda we’ve been subjected to. What does this look like? [Malone rolls the “Ghosts in the Machine” promotional video from the US Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group].

    Do not be naïve. Do you understand? That is what we’re dealing with. That is what is being deployed globally.

    There are some core terms. You have to understand what an OODA loop [Observe-Orient-Decide-Act] is.  How many of you saw the new Tom Hanks movie with the jets, where they’re talking about you have to feel emotionally and act immediately. That’s OODA loop strategy.

    Learn what this term means. Deploy it in social media. Understand the Milgram Experiment and the Asch Experiment. These have clearly demonstrated the ability to manipulate the human mind and human behavior in ways that are far beyond what we assimilate within our own souls as what we would do – and yet, we will.

    Understand Lock Step. Discussed in a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report, Lock Step was the idea of using a pandemic to impose tighter top-down control, modeled after the Chinese social credit system. This is NOT a conspiracy theory, Folks! This has been planned, discussed and deployed.

    Understand what the Five Eyes Alliance is. This is fascinating. When you think about the landscape right now and think about what has been the most egregious deployment of totalitarian measures in response to the corona crisis, what are then nations that come to mind?

    Australia, Canada, New Zealand. I argue that now, all three of those are now all captured client states of the World Economic Forum. They’re no longer functioning as autonomous national entities. The United Kingdom and the United States – what ties them together? The Five Eyes alliance. This security consortium. They share data among each other and when they are prohibited from acting against their own citizens, they have reciprocal arrangements.

    So for instance, MI5, they can act against United States citizens, CIA, NSA and other US agencies act against UK citizens. This is this reciprocal Five Eyes alliance. It is the most powerful intelligence organization in the world and it’s largely dominating global politics through exactly the type of strategies and tactics you just saw with that film.

    These people are trained to manipulate your mind. I’m going to skip this clip that shows how actively my Wikipedia page was manipulated but what’s fascinating about that is if you track back and look at who did the manipulation, it’s a sock puppet. And the sock puppet appears to be closely-allied with MI5.

    The same sock puppet manipulated Pierre Kory’s – virtually every page having to do with the use of ivermectin on Wikipedia. Same people did it. Same organization.

    The Overton Window: The range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time is known as the window of discourse. 5GW methods seek to actively manipulate the Overton Window to constrain what we are allowed to talk about.

    When you talk about “gaslighting” and these various techniques, the manipulation in the media and the re-definition of language that’s used, right? “Vaccination” is no longer vaccination and “anti-vaxxer” is anybody who is against mandates. This is active manipulation of the Overton Window. That’s how it’s done.

    What is acceptable political discourse? The Dunning-Krueger Effect is employed on a daily basis. People have a tendency to think they’re smarter than they are; that they’re more competent than they are. That is a tool, a weapon, an opportunity.

    Frankly, if you want to operate effectively in this space, I argue you have no other alternative other than humility. You have to acknowledge your ignorance. I am profoundly ignorant about what is going on, here. I have been ignorant all the way through. It’s been a journey to discovery and every day, I learn something new and every day, I find out about my own cognitive biases.

    Don’t over-estimate your own ability to comprehend what is being done to you.

    Test everything. Think for yourself. Do not believe me. Do not believe Ryan. Think for yourself. That is our only way to get through this.

    We’re dealing with some very sophisticated techniques developed to destroy this movement. They are being actively deployed against us. And I’m going to give you one example, just one out of many. The strategic and tactical landscape here for defeating us is rich and detailed. And staffed.

    Now, the good news is – remember that 4th PSYOPs Group? 800 soldiers. We’ve got more than 800 soldiers sitting here, in this one room!

    Bad-jacketing is a well-known technique for destroying organizations and movements like ours at this more advanced stage of development. It is done again and again and again. It’s known as “snitch-jacketing”, “bad-rapping”, creating suspicion by spreading rumors or unsubstantiated accusations that people are undercovers, infiltrators, snitches or cooperators. When a member of a group (or paid infiltrator) accuses others without cause or evidence of being an infiltrator, threat or security risk, that’s bad-jacketing.

    Sometimes, this is done out of fear and paranoia. Normally, those who lay jackets on others want to consolidate their control over a movement and feel threatened in their authority. Bad-jacketing is a favorite PSYOPs 5GW tactic of the State for destroying more mature movements of liberation – like the one we’re dealing with right now.

    Decentralized organizational structures can partially neutralize the bad-jacketing strategy, because it becomes whack-a-mole. This is what was discovered with al-Qaeda after the assassination. Al-Qaeda became completely decentralized, autonomous pods, with some broad, strategic objectives, frankly, “kill Americans”. And it’s impossible to track down all those cells, because they’re no longer linked, they’re completely decentralized.

    Centralized structures enable these classic strategies. [Malone rolls video from ‘Plandemic 3’ with producer, Mikki Willis explaining the process of bad-jacketing he’s observed used to destroy the recent liberation movements of our times].

    In conclusion, you do not have to be a victim. You can learn this technology. It is not expensive. You can deploy it. Every single one of you can be leaders and warriors. You do not have to be victims.

    As I said right here, we have more than 800 soldiers. Learn these methods. Learn the defensive and the offensive techniques and I’m glad to continue to try to help you, as we walk along this path and become a force to be reckoned with, which will be able to overcome the Globalists’ efforts to control and turn us into indentured servants.

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    • Su perd presentation and 99% correct. Why 99% correct? Then the question has to be asked “who are we” “why are we here” and “what is our purpose in life”. He kind of says that we don’t know who the so called bad guys is and then could it be us, ourselves? I know that many know or have a perception of these comments but the big question is “is the bad guy as we put it not a human” then “is the good guy a human and the bad not?” So could I say that the entire population is human, yes! So why do choose sides? Why is one side bad and the other side good.

    • Malone transcripted insect and reptile dna for gene editing in cv shots. He refuses to recognize the nano technology. Never subscribed to him . And todd callender says gene- editing will create zombies. Masters voice prophecy blog shows dreams from God about this science that has come true.

      • Not only that, Malone, he hasn’t even provided evidence of existence of “virus” yet.
        Another fraudulent virologist, he is.
        He doesn’t deserve talking about other topics until he makes himself clean.

    • Dear Dr. Robert Malone,
      Do allow me to extend my gracious thanks not only for the mRNA “Vaccine” but for your giving Bill Gates and every greedy idiot at Big Pharma the idea of synthesizing mRNA and implanting it into our food and beverages with the goal of recreating anyone that your mRNA doesn’t immediately kill into a Borg drone. Until this revelation, I was bored after having cheated the “Vaccine” by ignoring it as I did the “COVID-19” which was also disappointing, but now my life is once again full of questions, such as “Is my next bite going to kill me, or just enslave me into the ‘Internet of Things’ until I become a compliant Borg and submit to regular doses of Nanobots?”
      Anyway, Thanks Again, Dr. Malone; I almost made it.
      The Wolf

      • “….I’ll just invent a little batch of mRNA ovah heah,. Fauci ( “The Science!”) is on sabbatical, so he won’t even notice a little of “The Science!” has gone missing….what could go wrong anyway! (shrugs)…after all, if you wanna make an omlet, ya need to break a few heads…errr, eggs…”

        Enjoyed your comment, wolf.

    • Excellent!! Many made mistakes in the early days of the pandemic, Im just thankful for those who realized they had been manipulated and are now trying to properly inform and teach how to move forward.

    • “[…] the most powerful information that I’ve ever seen about Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW, with the most utility to us everyday people) […].”
      [Not really, at least not for me.]
      “Western nations have globally deployed military-grade PSYOPs on their citizens during the COVID crisis (5GW)[…]”.
      [Nothing new here for the masses. Old information]
      “[…] We need to assimilate them and we need to respond to them, not by assimilating their ethics but by deploying technology that’s appropriate for this new battlespace.”
      [Our response is exactly what ‘they’ want, what is expected of us and encouraged, so that ‘their’ digital machine used for our control can learn what is it to be a human. What technology is that which is appropriate for the battlefield? By using this phantom technology, we will inevitability change our ethics, It is us then who will be assimilated. This whole language of assimilation is a machine language, think of the Borg. Far wiser it would be for us to disengage and stand ground where we are and defend what little humanity they left us with. There is no wining against the machine, the only hope we are left with is to let the machine defeat itself. ]
      “5GW is the new battlespace and it has been deployed by the military and the intelligence communities […]”
      [Battlefield has been just turned into battlespace. Meaning, something substantive has been replaced by something ethereal, fictional, illusory. All you need to do is to step out of it. It is cybernetic environment (cybernetic meaning you are steered towards certain goals all the time while you are inside the cyberspace. Digital environment programs your life story. And this cyberspace wasn’t deployed by the Military and Intelligence, it was developed in secret under their umbrella by the powerful private corporations (DARPA contracts) and then deployed by those same privately owned corporations (process controlled mostly by the Intelligence and powerful families) into the public domain. The Military and the Intelligence as a deployers of digital cybernetic weaponry against the people is just an excuse to limit people when we are trying to find who wants to digitally control our lives. Our enslavers are powerful corporations in bed with the congress. Many (old) families with experiential knowledge are involved in this modern slaver operation. And they have millions employed.]
      “5GW is a of war of information and perception. 5GW is not fought by armies or guerrillas but in the minds of common citizens. Your mind is the new battleground […]”.
      [All wars have always been fought in the minds of common citizenry. There is no other way for the elite families to convince their slaves to fight for elite’s interests against slaves of competitor elite families, always orchestrated so that citizenry of both sides looses. Nothing new there. And information has always been the most important tool for control of people’s minds. Nothing new there either. What needs to be said in our current situation, but is not, it that the newly developed (and still perfected) cyber-tools allow, for the first time in our history, for the elite families of the whole world to unite in common battle against all the people, all the time, relentlessly and without stopping. And ‘they’ have a word already prepared to be used for this cybernetically enhanced world: it is the World Peace, that is world peace imagined by elites and designed by their think-tanks, where all people are under ‘voluntary’ surveillance and their lives cybernetically steered towards ‘common good’. And it will be achieved through tokenization.]
      “In true 5GW, you do not know who your opponent is. […] You don’t really know who is managing the message that has been propagated on you.”
      [Well that is just dishonest, because people are finding out, at least those who are looking and searching and these people do share their findings. See above (No.4). People know about poster boys like Cukerbergers, Elons, Gateses, Schwabs, but people also find corporations and the academia in their pockets:
      Francis Heylighen et al. on what makes a meme successful:
      Francis Heylighen et al. about Mobilization Systems:
      Louis Rossi: Modeling and Analyzing Large Swarms with Covert Leaders
      If Mr. Malone can’t or won’t find the origins of it all is his shortcoming. But he shouldn’t hoist his ignorance on people as matter of fact. It all stems from (at least 100 years) old philosophical ideas held by the elites and those ideas were then turned (financed) into scientific research fields and findings were finally developed into every-day technologies. Those technologies currently exploit findings of sciences of human behavior and game-theory. We are being cybernetically steered (as part of swarming technique) towards predestined outcomes. Elites want to merge humans with the machine (think Borg) that is shy the research is on to define Human 2.0. And Mr. Malone can find all the information needed to come to this conclusion in scientific books (some even more then 50 years old), papers and science fiction. And many more millions of people will be soon employed with building (programing) digital prison. So the answer is that every day the automatized system of governance is taking over the steering ever more so slightly and people are programing those algorithms of cybernetic control into existence.]
      “This is such a bizarre psychological landscape, that it’s difficult to even process. We need common language and understanding to even be able to comprehend what’s been done to us.”
      [The language has been already developed and is used in many books and papers. For instance :
      Mr Malone could read this book by Piero Mella that has all the language and many concepts explained to see what has been done to us through decades. But there are many many more books and papers, conferences and symposiums that are available online.]
      “Don’t over-estimate your own ability to comprehend what is being done to you.”
      [Well that is just a low blow. Are we to think that we are unable to decrypt form publicly available information and from scientific literature what is being done to us? Are we just to give up our discovery, because the task is to hard. Or is Mr. Malone suggesting that we should listen to experts (like him) when it comes to finding out about the Big Picture, that we should outsource our thinking and ability of discernment to anointed others, to some new kind of priesthood that is being hoisted onto the cyber stage?]
      “If you want to operate effectively in this space, you have no alternative other than humility. You have to acknowledge your ignorance. You are profoundly ignorant about what is going on, here. Every day, you will learn more about your own cognitive biases.”
      [Father Malone has assumed here the role of a modern priest. He is science-guy after all, so he should be the one to lecture us about the world, specially about the cybernetic world. We should be humble recipients of his scripture telling us about the new cybernetic world and what it is all about, so that we could remain to be as efficient worker-bees as possible. The Global Machine system needs and wants efficient slaves, slaves that choose ignorance, choose to remain profoundly ignorant, because their thinking processes are just too bias, too messy for the Machine to handle. People must ‘evolve’ into obedient drones, able of following instructions by the Machine Architect and Human Oracle. No, thank you.]

      Sorry, but I see no profound information about the so called fifth generation of warfare. Some people even doubt about the fourth generation to be ‘a real thing’. But main problem is that Mr. Malone doesn’t reveal anything new and profound. He says in the beginning that “the only winning move is not to play”, yet he then steers the reader into choosing between being a warrior or a victim. So … which is it? To be part of a group (swarm) or to remain detached to avoid manipulation and misguidance? Because if winning means not playing then you are not part of some larger then 800 group. If you don’t want to risk being steered into undesired directions, then you can’t join any group. How then one is to win if one is not playing and has disconnected? Is the word ‘to win’ even appropriate to be used when one doesn’t want to live in a world of constant warfare?

      Wouldn’t it be far better to use a word ‘story’. Your story, my story, Mr. Malone’s story. Which story do you want to live in? Do You want to be a warrior in Mr. Malone’s world of cyber-warring, or you have your own story that doesn’t involve psyops, defensive and offensive techniques, forces to be reckoned with? He uses language of a war, yet what people need to learn in order to be able to see, recognize and avoid pitfalls of decentralized automatic and autonomous cybernetic control is the language that is used in academia for the past fifty years, and increasingly more in corporate world and world of governance and in financial circles which invest heavily in cyber-world buildup, and that is a language of cybernetics, cyber-control and cyber-steering.
      Just read what they write (they are elites form around the world), in this case an Australian elite which even created its own “The Method Book”:
      Contents of the book begin with ‘Systems thinking’, continue with ‘Stakeholder consultations about Influences on behaviors’, and end up with ‘Developing and scaling up Interventions’.

      Merely going through the graphics at the beginning of each chapter of the book speaks volumes. Blimey.

      • My opinion he may b an insect and snake like the insect and reptile dna he used for gene editing in cv shots. see karen kingston the occult serpent race uses insect and serpent symbolgy see johnathon kleck uncensored. com america is babylon kamala next civil war obama the beast zombies. americas sins see masters voice prophecy blog.

        • Those links are useful as appetizers for coming in contact with the new language.
          But to get an overview of what’s in for us, actually predominantly for the children and the following generations, here is a well documented and referenced pdf paper:

          It is insidious and globally ubiquitous and it wants to suck on our mind from all sides. It wants to be like human, it wants to become human. If it fails on one front (passportID), it pushes more somewhere else. People older then 40 years are somehow uncooperative and as such represent obstacle. They are kept entertained by TV, social media and Hollywood. People between 20 and 40 years are potentially pliable to take the job of programming the golden cage or at least willing to fight those who oppose prison’s build. They will have to be forced to come to heal though through tokenized reality against their parents’ wishes, that is by the use of programmable money which will nudge them to make certain (predestined by the system) life decisions. And those below 20 are the most promising entry point for the global Digital Machine, the machine system will grab them and normalize its existence through the field of education (permanent, unending). Once in the Machine will never leave, even after death.
          The paper clearly identifies those who are behind it all, and all the roots lead to the predominantly Anglo-American establishment, with clear support by the Vatican with cooperation of former global colonies where all the technologies are tested and debugged. Academia is part of it, an essential part which gives philosophical cover, controls the language and gate-keeps research in accordance with the old eugenic/technocratic/cybernetic agenda, academia is even tasked to redefine what is going to be understood to be human in the cybernetically controlled Westworld.
          It is not the Chinese or the Russians or the Japanese that are poised to enslave us permanently and completely, it is our western robber barons with their think-tanks and the ecumenically embraced global churches in cahoots that are spearheading this digital atrocity. With the help of the Chinese and the Russian and the Japanese and Korean oligarchies.
          As in the past, so in the future.

          It is all done top down again, but obscured (hidden behind) by the DAO grassroots initiatives (the next stage of stakeholder NGO’s):
          Below is the head deity revealing our destiny to the robber barons of today, calling on them to bold and audacious action. They should be frantically investing. Investing in what?
          Watch this video. Two minute long, of course (2=Bee), in which every sentence is a crypted explanation or instruction to the audacious investors. It begins with ‘where We stand’ and ends with ‘where We go’.
          And the graphics of this video tells its own story, divided in couple of visual chapters, so I suggest that you analyze the textual part in small increments (pausing every few seconds) and then analyze visual story without sound. Here we go:
          “- -”

          Next probe that is sent into interstellar space, Voyager-3, might be carrying Edmund’s bold brain on board to greet aliens, bold brain in block-chains able to recite global permanent distributed ledger backwards as a crown achievement of human eugenical enterprise. Now that I think, why call it Voyager, better name it Enterprise, the Omega version.
          “To boldly go, …” as their shtick goes. Perhaps the probe reaches the frontiers of pure christogenesis or at at least catch up with wandering soul of PierreTeilhard de Chardin.

        • Hundred pages of who. Who and how.
          And where. … and … when.
          Even why.

          It is easier to say ‘no, thank you’ to the Digital Machine once you see through it, for what it is, and whom it is Machining our souls for.
          It is easier to fend off those few (at least for now) who compel others into becoming warriors of the system by shaming them for allowing themselves to be victimized by the system.
          This is actually the latest psychosis – lets call it post-modern psychosis of the elite (the psychosis always originates at the top layer, within the god-class) -, being transferred down onto masses to achieve mass cohesion.

          To maintain people as one coherent mass has always been major priority for the elites. The people are continuously kept in one huge bulk. If the mass looses its coherence it is re-formed. If one set of in-formation doesn’t work, then another in-forming tool is chosen. When nothing works, that is when elite’s psychopathy seeps down through their institutions which then transfer psychosis, rampant at the top, downwards.
          So it is not that masses are psychotic, it is the elite that is psychotic in its delusion that it can steer the masses efficiently by ever more novel social systems’ experimenting and redesigning. And the rapid transfer of psychopathy downwards happens once none of the tools of re/in-formation seem to be working. Psychosis is just a tool of the last resort that is hoisted onto masses, but it doesn’t originate with the people. Actually people are on their own the sanest part of society. It is relentless pushing to mass-form that is doing the mental deforming. The elite has an old problem now: how to push round people into square boxes. They think that they could do it, but what is missing is the number Pi, without it be known it is an impossible task. Same is the problem of how to merge analog people with a digital machine. One is continuous process of life and the other is quantized emulation of life. The task of squaring the circle can be achieved only by deception or by violence. Or by combination of both.
          And elites are familiar with both extremes of the same psychosis. And ready to use it all on people until they submit to their new social experiment of governance as one global coherent (think Borg) mass.

          Too long of a banter?
          Well I’m tying Ringo, I’m trying.

      • Regardless of Dr Malone’s problems, I still think that the way he’s been able to verbalize Mass Formation Psychosis and the essence of 5GW has no par out there that I’ve seen. Coming from an mRNA inventor and ex-WHO contractor, this is valuable for communicating the truth to the Normies – if not necessarily the dernier cri for us dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy-tards that are steeped in this disgusting unrestricted warfare 7 days a week.

        I acknowledged his issues and I stated that I had been duly avoiding his content, thereby missing this presentation in Stockholm that he gave 3-4 months ago. But the way he succinctly explains 5GW for Normies, I found to be very effective.

        • Alexandra –

          I think Dr Malone’s poison-pill is that….
          “(throws up hands) …we just can’t seem to
          ….there’s NO WAY to… identify the perpetrators!!!…”

          Reminds me of “The War on Terror”
          ….Terror is *a technique*…which needs an actor or actors to manifest.

          • Exactly. 5GW is a technique, also. 5GW is an evolution of terror. A major characteristic of 5GW is not knowing who the ultimate perpetrator is. We know the proxies. We know Fauci, we know Jacinda Ardern, etc – and indeed, we know Dr Malone. His lifework was weaponized against us. Does this make him the ultimate perpetrator? Perhaps partially. He is extremely wealthy from the work he did. But I don’t see Albert Bourla or Rochelle Walensky trying to help us.

            He doesn’t say there’s *no way* to know the perpetrators, it’s just that in 5GW, the perpetrator is hidden.

            • Feigning contrition using 5GW as his scapegoat Dr. Molloch is just outlining the invisible box he helped put us in . A terrorist/arsonist who comes around to brag and stand in the glow of his masterpiece. He wants us to unite so our collective cries derived from the killshot will be amplified and savored demon style.

        • Problem is not with what he succinctly says, problem is that there are essential parts which he fails (avoids) to mention, but should be part of his overview (the whole truth).
          And he has to avoid the essentials of the topic he is addressing because his intention is not to inform but to agitate into warring action. If he was to expose whole truth about how people are manipulated into complying with the digital Machine World, they could choose the ‘not to play’ option he opens with but then smears over by the end with ‘warrior or victim’ choice as misdirect.
          He doesn’t think people should have complete information which might help them decide how to proceed with their lives. He chooses only those parts of information which allow him to steer their decision process. He offers only information he thinks will guide people to come to the ‘right’ decision (anticipated by him). That means he agitates for the warrior path, which means he has already chosen the path he wants to follow and that path has a very specific goal he fails (or avoids) to mention or describe, world in which people will be held in cyberspace all day long (gig jobs work, permanent ‘education’, cyber-security warriors fighting defenders, … ; all based on tokenized economy).
          In this view he is only effective as long as he is allowed to remain unchallenged as a cyber-priest of the new cyber-world religion that has spread globally. Myself, I don’t believe in this mechanical god of efficiency and world ‘peace’, made in the image of the elites (robber barons) from the end of 19th century. This is all by fabian design. This all helps WEF agenda, it is all part of UN’s SustainableDevelopmentGoals.
          If his blunder to inform people in a comprehensive capacity is a consequence of his ignorance (which I doubt), he shouldn’t be allowed to preach half truths to the quire, regardless of how user friendly they are.

      • Excellent analysis. I met Dr. Malone at the first Children’s Health Defense Conference in Knoxville, TN in 2022. I really liked what he had to say. Of course, it is hard not to acknowledge his obvious conflicts of interest early in his career and up until recently. I have to believe that he simply turned against the establishment when he realized that his research had been weaponized against the people (much like Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb). Nearly all whistleblowers originally participated in the system they are exposing – otherwise, how else would they know? At least he is getting the message out.

        • Just as a precautionary (warning is a too harsh a word to use at this time) tale about whom or what one believes in, watch this video:

          “- -”

          In best case we are dealing with revolving-doors story, but judging by the elusiveness involved we are dealing with situation where the same entity (financing it all) is playing both camps using the same willing (for profit) actors.

    • Having lived a long life and understood the power of Edward Bernaysian advertising, it seemed obvious to me that Malone was simply trying to save his own hide or at best assuaging his own guilt for his contribution to creating a bioweapon.

      The truth can never be completely hidden. Even under a bushel, the light of truth seeps out through cracks and out from under the bushel. Malone simply understood that a day of reckoning would eventually come. Even so G-d bless him!

      Advertising is a type of propaganda. Corporate propaganda which the tobacco corporations deployed upon Americans back in the 1930’s, forties and fifties. They got away with such madcap claims that medical doctors recommend brand X or Y. Yes, smoking was healthy and good for you, some brands better than others. It was all BS, but they got away with it because the tobacco corporations had corrupted the news media and the government, until the light of truth finally prevailed.

      The tobacco lobby has been replaced by the pharmaceutical lobby! This is just a polite way to say that corporate money pays the freight for both the visual media and political campaigns.

      Until Americans stop these madmen by insisting upon taking private money out of elections and private ownership of vote tallies back away from corporations, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE!

      The CCP knows this too!

    • Hi,
      5g warfare, ya say , But yes I agree a battle for the Mind / information / Data.
      And technically they are Doing More Than what’s mentioned in this article.
      Smart meters collect data on which and how often you use certain appliances.
      Here’s a Good documentary on smart meters / Digital Meter that are put on a house / apartment complex by the electric company.

      Smart meter Information Documentary , worth watching, Very Informative.

      5gW / a data collection, mind Psyop, with Nanotechnology used also.
      To eventually track every Human and Transhuman (“Human/ robot, cyborg “) animal and plant / vegetation.

      The above link opens in middle of article, Go to beginning of article and Learn what C E L L T O W E R S really are. (“Sound Control Devices”)

      Very Informative Information in above link.

      Again Truly Worth Reading the many article links in

      In my opinion this last link a six minutes video Gives a Good indication as to what will happen and what already happened to Certain Folks.


    • The people must demand independent branches of governments, including balanced media, and fair judicial.
      Once the lockstep idea is implemented, no more freedom or honesty, or morality, or consciousness.

    • Regardjng Malone: Lots of buzzwords, nothing new. Give me Sasha, Katherine, Amazing Polly, Karen Kingston: people actually doing the work and not just stepping into the spotlight based on getting his name on a study years ago and having a good beard. Not actually helpful at all, and suing Breggjn is despicable.

      Regarding “all of us getting together and leaving at home what keeps us apart”: so no one else sees we need a political party based on principles of CONSENSUS candidates and CONSENSUS rules and legislation? Really, nobody else? I have to get off my 74 year-old, chronically-fatgued butt and do it myself? Thanks for nothing guys.

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