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    El Paso Issues State of Emergency ahead of Title 42 expiration on May 11

    “We’re getting prepared for the unknown & the unknown will happen after title 42 is lifted after May 11…. So effective at 12:01 May 1st, I am declaring a state of emergency in our community.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Goodness, decency, kindness is all well n good – In it’s place. Please, STOP enabling them!
      Do not take them meals on wheals – Do not give them currency & do not buy into this wreck – which will further the agenda of those who wish to do us further harm.

    • If anybody in Texas should call a State of Emergency over “Migrants”, it should be the self-styled “Sanctuary City” of San Antonio. I live a half-hour away from there and I’ve noticed that we are catching their Overflow. It must be their time to celebrate their annual “Fiesta” celebration!
      Every Texas town is a “Border City”, and in their case, they got what they asked for. We didn’t.

    • Who issued the State of Emergency? The legislature, the governor, the mayor, city council? Perhaps when attracting our attention you can throw in some useful facts.

      If Americans were AWAKE, this would be a call-to-arms as it certainly qualifies as an invasion. Just another ruse by our treasonous members of the US government, especially the khazars like Mayorkas and many others under their influence.

      Never forget who the real enemy is.

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