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If it seems like I’m running all Stew-Peters-all-the-time, I was looking for the most recent video featuring Dr Peter McCullough – and found him on with Stew Peters in this interview that was published yesterday.

Dr Peter McCullough MD is a Professor at Texas A & M College of Medicine, President, Cardiorenal Society of America, Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology and others. He has written 46 peer-reviewed publications on COVID-19 and is considered among the world’s experts on the topic, testifying in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in November 2020, and throughout 2021 in the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, in the Colorado General Assembly, and in the New Hampshire Senate, concerning many aspects of the pandemic response.

Dr McCullough also practices internal medicine in Dallas and he was initially a proponent of the vaccine, until the many adverse reactions among his patients changed his mind completely. He has since come out adamantly against the jab.

He says, “Like most physicians looking at the data coming out of the registrational trials, the products looked like they were effective, ‘90% vaccine efficacy’…Through December, January, February, probably 70% of my patients here at Baylor in Dallas received the COVID-19 vaccine…looking backwards, now, on January 22nd, we had actually already had 186 deaths that had occurred after the vaccine. The threshold of concern is about 150 or so. In general, we get about 150 [deaths] for all the vaccines combined. 500 million shots per year, across 70 vaccines but for a single vaccine…

“I think if we had had a data and safety monitoring board, they would have shut down the vaccine in February of 2021.”

Stew responds, “25 people died during the Swine Flu vaccine. They shut it down immediately…Now, you’re talking about 180-some odd deaths at one location. The CDC is now acknowledging over 12,000 deaths. For perspective, that’s 3 [sic] times the amount of people that perished in 9/11…some of the most deadly days in our world’s history, specifically, here in the United States are minuscule in comparison to these deaths, I just don’t understand. So how did you come to the conclusion that these deaths or the condition of these inoculated patients was actually related to the injections?”

Dr McCullough says, “Initially, we didn’t know. As these deaths continued to mount, on two occasions, in March and then later on, in June, the CDC put on their website that CDC and FDA reviewers had looked at the deaths and none of them were related to the vaccine and so doctors in my circles were questioning this, because patients were immediately dying after the vaccine at the vaccine centers or then shortly thereafter, we’d be called about some kind of fatal event that’s happened, whether it’s at home or patients come to the hospital with some type of fatal event.

“And so two important analyses came forward, one from McLaughlin in London and one by Rose, using the VAERS data and they basically concluded this: that 50% of the deaths occur between 48 hours of the injection and 80% of the deaths occur within a week.

“86% of the deaths have no other explanation. They’re well enough to walk into an ambulatory and actually have the COVID-19 vaccine and within two days, they’ve died. So, it’s my judgement – and I’ve done a lot of work on data and safety monitoring boards and clinical review boards – it’s my judgement, at this point in time that the vaccine is the cause of death in the majority of cases…

“The proposition, now of coming in or of even being pressured or forced or coerced into a vaccine, which, for some people, it looks like it will be fatal is an agonizing situation. I’ve never seen it in my career.”

Dr McCullough says that in a report published by the American Journal of Science and Law, it looks like the non-fatal events that occur go along 4 organ systems: the brain, the heart, the immune system and the hematologic system.

“My analysis of this, for instance, the cardiac myocarditis – there’s now an official FDA warning on this – that appears to relatively immediate, in the data that the CDC and the NIH reviewed – and the FDA reviewed – it was in about two days of the second shot…I’ve seen these cases in my clinic and they’re frightening.

“The CDC has now certified 2,000 of these cases. They tended to hit younger individuals…I’m becoming very worried that the messenger RNA or the adenoviral DNA is taken up and it’s not disposed-of and that the spike protein is continuing to be produced locally in the tissues and causing damage.

“Senator [Ron] Johnson held the first vaccine injury…press briefing and I was amazed at what the late-onset and the emergence of the neurologic symptoms that you mentioned. And it really depends – and we know – the lipid nanoparticles are taken up into the brain, the messenger RNA and the adenoviral DNA is taken up into the brain and it probably depends on how much and where the seeding occurs…

“I have a patient in my practice who has a very prominent cerebellar syndrome…she has imbalance and also has tremendous memory loss, tremor. She is absolutely not right, Stew. I’ve had her ten years in my practice and she was perfectly normal. She took a vaccine and within about a month, now it’s progressing to the next level, she has this horrific neurologic syndrome.”

The two get into the baffling symptoms presented by some, particularly the young, who are gasping for breath but whose tests appear normal and what the explanation might be.

Dr McCullough says, “Doctors in my circles, the interpretation of this is that the messenger RNA or the adenoviral DNA is taken up in the cells, the spike protein is produced in the cells, it’s expressed on the cell surface and then body is attacking its own cells. The spike protein that circulates in the blood, after a few weeks, that’s actually mopped-up by the circulating antibodies, which are supposed to be there.

“Ogata and colleagues from Harvard published a paper showing the first injection of messenger RNA, they’re circulating spike proteins. After the second injection, the antibodies raise up in the bloodstream and damp down the spike protein but the local production of spike protein is what we’re concerned about, causing these neuro-, cardiac and hematologic syndromes.

“So we have some laboratories hints. Dr Charles Hoffe in Canada has presented on this. The D-dimer test, which is a sensitive test of blood-clotting, which is elevated in SARS-CoV-2 infection, appears to be elevated in those patients with these vaccine injuries. He’s reporting 50% to 60% rates of elevation of D-dimer.

“We know that the imaging, right now is not helping us. Getting MRI imaging or other imaging, you can’t see the spike protein, itself causing damage and yet, we can’t measure the spike protein in blood. There’s still no clinical test to do that but importantly, we do imaging. It’s important, because we have to rule out blood clots and we know the FDA has warnings on J&J, for instance on blood clots in the brain. There are analyses showing that blood clots are, to a greater extent, with Pfizer and Moderna.

“They can occur throughout the body, so every patient who presents with a neurologic syndrome must have imaging, either CT or MRI imaging, mainly to rule out blood clot as an etiology of the neurologic syndrome.”

Stew then asks him if there is a way to reverse any of this. Dr McCullough replies, “We don’t think so. I think what happens, Stew is that so many Americans patriotically went out, hey volunteered to be in the vaccine program in December, January and February. We had a huge rush a people who did this. They were told that it was safe and effective. Nobody really asked what was in these vaccines and then, we started to see this evolve over time, so I think it’s fine for people to change their view on the vaccine and they should, based on emerging data. The CDC keeps telling us, ‘Go to and look for yourself, do your research. That’s what we see throughout all the CDC webpages.

“What we haven’t had, that is really an act of malfeasance is we have not had a press briefing by the sponsors of the program, which is the CDC and the FDA to tell Americans what’s going on with safety…They should be having at least weekly or monthly press briefings on this. They should have a critical event committee, a data and safety monitoring board, a human ethics committee. There was a paper by Bruno and colleagues – worldwide paper, 57 authors, 17 countries – they basically told everybody in the world, ‘Get the safety mechanisms in place on the vaccine program or shut it down.’

“We can’t continue to do this and blindside Americans and people all over the world on safety. We can’t ask them to take a vaccine without giving fair disclosure, fair balance on safety information.”

Stew asks him if he’s ever in his career seen a blank insert, such as is seen in the packaging of the vaccine vials. Dr McCullough says he hasn’t and that the mechanism of that is the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA); they’re not fully approved, so there is no vetted packages insert on safety information.

“It’s called ISI or Important Safety Information and what the viewer should know is that when something gets fully approved, it must be fully presented with fair balance. And what we see by our government agencies is that they’re taking advantage of the loosely-written EUA legislation, which doesn’t indicate that fair balance needs to be presented and so they’re not presenting it.

“But I’ve chaired over two dozen data and safety monitoring boards, with committee work – we always work in teams – I have been a part of major programs where we’ve had to shut it down because of safety. I’ve done this before. I’ve done this type of work, I’ve chaired the data and safety monitoring boards for the National Institutes of Health – in fact, I’m doing so, right now. So I can tell you, as a doctor and this is my book of business. I’m in my fourth decade of doing this, I can tell you, this program should have been shut down in February, based on safety…Stew, it’s going to go down as the most dangerous biologic medicinal product roll-out in human history…

“The mechanism of action is clearly poisonous and then we know that the generation of the spike protein, itself, it damages local tissues, it’s not natural for a human cell to produce this foreign spike protein. We’ve never asked the human body to produce a foreign protein, ever. This is so radically new to do this and to do it on a mass scale and to, let alone express on the cell surface and have the body start to attack its own cells and then, let it circulate in the bloodstream, where we know it damages blood cells and causes blood clotting.

“So the mechanism of action in the human body is so alarmingly dangerous, if you were to draw this up on a chalkboard, two years ago and say, ‘You know, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna give it a whirl, I don’t think we could even get a human volunteer to sign up for this. I don’t think I wold ever bring it forward as a product idea, even on the drawing board.”

Stew asks him if he wold ever recommend the vaccine for a child and he responds, “Under no circumstances…at this point in time, I really can’t recommend it to anybody…I think, at this point in time, it’s fair to warn against it…I’d say, take the risks with a natural infection right now and let’s treat early. We have EUA on monoclonal antibodies. They have just as good of an approval as the vaccines. We should give monoclonal antibody infusions…The vaccine, once it’s in the body, we can’t get it out and we don’t know how to manage these complications, some of which are fatal.”

When asked about the “shedding” phenomenon, Dr McCullough does think it’s real but he doesn’t think it persists much beyond 4 weeks, as the antibodies mop them up, which is the purpose of the vaccine.

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  • Absolute bullshit. And he was fired from Baylor Hospital for his spread of misinformation regarding Covid-19 and disservice to humankind.

    • Because he was fired, he is spreading misinformation? Ludicrous. Do your homework. Read the science not CNN. You have it all wrong. You ARE the MISINFORMATION.

  • “…Senator [Ron] Johnson held the first vaccine injury…”
    This should probably read: Senator [Ron] Johnson held the first vaccine INQUIRY

  • Banner Health Care in Arizona is mandating that all 52k employment be vaccinated by November 1 as a condition of employment. Currently only approximately 40% of the workforce has done so. The organization made it very clear that there will be limited exemptions. Does anyone have any legal connections in Phoenix that would be willing to take this case based on the safety of this “vaccine”.

  • Banner Health Care in Arizona is mandating that all it’s 52K employees be vaccinated by Nov1 as a condition of employment. There will be limited exemptions. Does anyone have any legal connections in Arizona that may be able to stop this violation of human rights?

  • Graphene oxide was administered since 2012 in injectable, drinkable physiological saline under a patent that is not in the google files. This product is only renamed and magically transformed into a vaccine or whatever is needed. This means that the attack is on all fronts beyond the vaccine. In an emergency or surgical operation it can be administered without anyone noticing that it is also a “vaccine”.
    This toxic attack can be combined with different heavy metals, preservatives, or genetic material to make the perfect cocktail for every occasion.
    The company that produces the star product has been distributing its magic since 2009.

  • FYI: We have been seeing transmission from sitting next to jabbed persons 3 and for months after 2nd injections here within 12 to 15 hourA after visit, unbeknownst to us the person wa jabbed. Side Effects: hemorrhages from nose, anus, vagina, blinding migraines for lasting 7 to 24 days and miscarriages. This is a study, and I appreciate this Dr stepping forward and confirming what we parents of vaccine injuries kids and ourselves have known all along. Injections carry with it great risk, and one size does not fit every body, and this was never about health but crowd control to put it lightly.

  • Our medical establishment is woefully under-educated regarding vaccinology. But that is eclipsed by their moral and ethical cowardice. The Swine Flue vaccine was terminated at 25 deaths. This vaccine may have killed 400k+ just in the US but virtually not a peep from our medical establishment.

  • The problem here is that a profession which has been entirely asleep at the wheel, and in fact actively colluding with the covid scam, is now trying to continue to control the narrative.
    This man is introduced as a “top expert”, but he is continuing to push a discredited narrative, ie that this condition has anything to do with a “virus” and a “spike protein”, when those who are less invested in the official narrative now know this is all about graphene oxide and a deliberate state-sponsored policy of genocide, which can only be addressed by mass arrrests and executions of those responsible.

  • Stu, you are doing a great job. Keep it happening . People very slow to wake up. Most refuse to wake up….

  • One of the action of Vitamin D# is to reduce the inflammation in the lungs…and those who have researched the topic quite extensively have asserted that just being up on Vitamin D# reduces all risks by 87%…and if you add zinc almost 100%;plus what other immune boostrs one could advocate would simply make “the idea” of a vaccine even if properly tested and vetted would make the concept a vaccine absurd…and as all media are under the Rule of Law shoul absolutely beyond any doubt be emphasizing this to the Max instead they are “selling” as it trun out death…even after having been for warned in advance of the potential problems with such a device as a MRna vaccine..that does not even come under the definition “of what” defines a vaccine…yet being sold to the public as a vaccine…and an untested device…All this is contrary to the Maxim of Law that states there must be good faith in all that ones does and in all the laws that are written whether for a public Media show blitz…all must conform to good faith in the Law and to NOT proclaim from the roof tops all this about boosting the immune system first and foremost BEFORE…it could be allowed “to sell” via advertisement regardless if paid for or not…such is forbidden under the tenants of ALL law that is written for if ALL Law does not have Good Faith as the essential compo9nent then Law is a worthless piece of crap…period

  • Back a few years to 2009 on the Program CONSPIRACY THEORIES….that featured Jessy Venture interviewing the wife of Major General Stubblebine who is a foreign national and a Doctor with a Life Extension practice and, consequently , had high ends patients including heads of State. In 2009 mind you she said that a head of state had asked her if she was aware of the “next” thing, so to speak, coming down the line..and she inquired and the response was to get ready “for the ‘culling’ of the human herd using vaccines as the modality of “treatment” if you will of a vaccin pandemic….I won’t fo into the whole thing but add this statement to what the Georgia Guidestones have Noticed the World of way back to the 1980’s…chiselled in granite on eight 30 ft. granite towers in 8 different languages…ten platforms for the Human Race…going forward…to reduce the population of the human race to 500 million people…or to get rid of seven plus billions of us…whom the so-called “elite: of the world consider useless eaters…also from my information this is also a Jewish advocasy…as they consider “the goyum” to be inferior and useless eaters according to their parameters of what I guess parameters are all about…though I would say that they reflect the inner world into the outer world of their perception…and from such a viewpoint who then would be the useless eater and the ‘goyum”??? i would think that a fair assessment of the..sit..uou..acceon. I think it is safe to assume…there be some evil afoot…and just about under YOUR footsie

  • Thumbs down for me? Not going with this guy on everything…

    I’m a nobody and I knew from before the covid announcement it was on the way….

    I say he’s late for sure..

  • your videos do not want to activate..please check your end or it could that here in Belize internet suppliers are sensoring incoming info…ok the video just started it takes a few minutes, thanks ..great info most sheeple although the truth is getting out some are waking up most still in denial especially females .

  • It’s astounding to me that McCullough would continually refer to the kill-shot as “the vaccine” when it is not a vaccine but a deadly experiment. Moreover, that he took “covid-19” seriously, believe it to be a real virus, is horse manure! None of the corona viruses have ever been isolated so “covid-19” could not possibly exist. Why didn’t he do a little research back in March of 2020? I did. I found Dr. Andy Kaufman, who went out on a limb and declared covid-19 non existent! What we encountered in 2020 was mass hysteria that bled into 2021, fueled by a malfeasant MSM and many in the medical profession who shouldn’t be in the medical profession. In addition, when Dr. McCullough says that he doesn’t think that those who receive the shot through transmission (by being among those who took the jab) suffer symptoms longer than a month or so, he’s dead wrong. On May 4 I had a root canal done by two women, the endodontist and her assistant, both jab recipients, and I’ve been sick ever since. Maybe I’ve stopped spitting up blood, maybe the menstrual cramps have dissipated (I’m way past menopause), and I’ve stopped vomiting, but I’m still short of breath and, worse, I feel horrible, have no energy, sleep day in and day out. It’s good that McCullough is speaking out but despite the long list of achievements, he should’ve caught this experiment in its early stages merely by noticing that the inserts were blank. That should’ve been a huge red flag for him, for every quack out there who let people take this suicide jab. He’s covering for himself, saying that, well, people wanted the vaccine; they weren’t ordered to take it. Really? Well I’m angry enough to call that a cop out.

    • I agree with you.
      McCullough is just trying to control the narrative.
      His own malfeasance is grotesque.
      If he had any real concern for his patients, he should have advised them by no means to subject themselves to an EUA concoction when it is clear that there are many other highly effective and safe alternatives.
      As to your situation, if graphene oxide is causing your symptoms, which is highly likely, then the best way to break it down is to start dosing with the precursor to the body’s main antioxidant, ie glutathione, with n acetyl cysteine.
      It is of note that Amazon recently stopped supplying it – and not because Bezos cares about his customers, quite the reverse in fact.
      Let’s hope his rocket ship blows up during his supposed flight.

  • When you take a M rna vaccine that is patented and it changes your DNA, you become property, of the patent owner. If you live that is.

    • I believe this whole story is just cover for what is really going on.
      What is known is that the mRNA being injected is not natural, but specifically modified so that it causes the receptor proteins in the cell to misfold.
      Misfolded proteins in the brain cause what is known as prion disease, aka CJ syndrome.
      The so called “spike protein” does not exist – even McCullough says there is no test for it, and what the D-Dimer test is doing is looking for clots.
      All the effects attributed to SP are actually coming from the graphene oxide they are injecting, which is what they do not want you to know – so let the “experts” continue talking about spike protein.
      It’s misdirection, and deliberately so.

  • Why can’t the Biden administration, media, Pharma, Gates, Fauci and all the others be charged with murder?

    If charges are not brought against these people, than we have a zero justice system for the Populace.
    Only a system against us. On every level

    • You are beginning to understand.
      As a sworn “Citizen of the United States” you have just surrendered all right to be treated as a man, and you have become a corporate servant, under the jurisdiction of corporation rules, and you have no right whatsoever to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.
      You may be terminated at any time if the corporation decides its workforce is excessive – and so this is what it is doing, by “mandating” the kill shot to everybody who does not have a position on the board.
      And I will leave you to guess where that board is located – here’s a hint; it is not in the US.

  • Why on earth would Trump take credit for this slaughter??? I’ve heard the reasons but none of that makes sense at this time anymore. It is very disturbing to think he is behind this in any way. Many people are now questioning his loyalty to We the People. Very disturbing. The reasons given for Trumps support of the vaccine do not resonate and do not pass the sniff test for those who are awake and trying to decipher truth.

    • Agreed! For people who are looking fir a highly credentialed main stream doctor who says ” avoid the jab”, this is your man!! Appreciate what he’s saying and share with sheep who aren’t ready for full blast Alex Jones!

      Isn’t the real goal for us to open eyes??

      Have people not take the death shot?


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