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  founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Alexander Wunsch about the hidden dangers of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.

    Our eyes were designed to receive the light frequency of the Sun. Rays strike the optic nerve, which signals the pituitary gland, triggering the release of hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate our bodily functions.

    The mitochondria of each cell in the human body produce almost one’s entire bodyweight in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) per day (!) and the human body can only live for 15 seconds without it, as compared to 4-10 minutes without air, 3-4 days without water. Another shocking thing we learn is that we only receive 1/3rd of what is converted into ATP from the food we eat. The overwhelming percentage of our ATP production comes from the light we receive through our eyes and skin.

    With many of us staring at screen devices or spending most of our time indoors with energy-saving LED lighting, few of us are aware of the adverse effects that LEDs have on retinal health, hormonal health and mental health, because these do not emit the correct frequency of light, in order for us to produce ATP.

    Dr. Mercola calls his conversation with Dr. Wunsch “One he most important interviews you will ever see.”

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    • I now know for a fact that LED lights are making me sick. I been for the first time living with all LEDs the past year and my health has been getting worse and worse. From migraine headaches to body aches and pains, gastrointestinal issues, sleeping issues and overall feeling of just ill. Since I stopped using the LEDs all my ailments have been going away. My migraine stopped immediately after turning them all off. Within 2 min it was complexly gone. My pains have been subsiding and I been feeling 100xs better than I have in months. Even though I cannot prove this because it is anecdotal I would like to see if others have had similar issues and similar conclusions. I know I am sensitive to radio waves as 5G made me very sick in 2020 and I had to get rid of the router and service and avoid places that have it but I did not know LED lights could be so dangerous as well. Please keep my comment in mind as you continue to research the effects of LED lights. Thank you.

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    • This is more of an argument for getting outside more than an argument for the dangers of LED light. I mean, come on, have some common sense here. It’s not that LEDs are inherently dangerous as the title would have you believe, it’s more about people not being out in sunlight enough. This is like saying eating oranges is dangerous because it doesn’t give you the protein you need.

    • Do not be hasty discrediting valuable information. Try to work in brightly lit environment for the day and pay attention how you feel at night. Your body will let you know. Our visual system operates the best in wide spectrum of light which is sun light and incandescent light bulbs with 45 lumens are sufficient for your eyes to read and function during evening hours. Dr. Mercola is right and in the future if we live that long we will see dire consequences of our own doing. Keep your eyes open and take care of them.

    • What a crock of garbage! Light is light. Different levels of brightness, different frequency ranges. It is still light.

    • There is no proof in this article of anything said in it. There is no proof that the white light emmited by LED bulbs is any different than sunlight white light. Take out a frequency and the color changes. You need all colors to have white. As far as our design, the same could be said about incandescent bulbs which are yellow, lacking blue, green and U.V. spectrums. Flourescents have already been demonized by our health advocates. Of all lighting, LED is the best, sunlight does provide a lot of good but too much U.V. which ages us quickly. And we don’t “Stare Into” LED lights, apart from TV’s and Monitors, but they, again are white, and multiple colors. This review sounds biased.

    • I just replaced all of my regular inexpensive light bulbs with LED bulbs, which were very expensive, on the advice of a lighting technician in whom I have complete trust. Am I now advised to remove all of them because of health risks and revert back to the regular inexpensive light bulbs? Would you please give me the whole nine yards so that I may forward this to the lighting technician. And to think that I have referred numerous people to him because I had in mind that I wanted to help them to conserve on energy and $ave their hard earned money. Well, well, well, what’s next?

      Your attention and early response(s) will be appreciated.

      • It is your responsibility to assemble the “whole nine yards” and present it to others. Nobody is here to serve you …

        Educate yourself.

    • Great discussion, the anti-reflective coatings on ophthalmic lenses will help. Essilor has Prevencia which blocks these blue UV “bad” light.

    • Now we have something else to be aware of, I wonder what chemtrails do for lighting, by defusing sun light, just more modern tech that’s out to kill us. We need more people to come forward and reveal what is being done to us. Thank you for the info.

    • The world is driven by time. Actually its inverse: frequency (how often?). As creatures developed on this planet, our bodies react to the frequency of interactions with the active parts of the sun’s surface as Dr. Wunsch is telling people. LEDs work on their own atomic frequency which is too fast for our eyes to respond to biologically – once again, the money-greedy types have imposed their profit-driven decisions on the rest of us by removing low-cost thermal light-bulbs and forced us to buy their high-profit solutions.

    • Geezus…I finally get my lights all replaced with the corkscrew shaped ones, cut the power bill and now I need blue blocker glasses, blue blocker ‘somethings’ for my ‘puter screen and DC powered low voltage incandescent halogen reading lamp…aaaahhh, the wonders of modern technolgy.

    • Dear Dr Mercola,
      Many thanks for your work and advise on LED lights.
      I can feel your excitement on this subject.
      When you have time, could you please publish a summary in plain English for us, who are not so qualified to understand all the technical terms of this video.

      May God bless you even more for your tutorials, and your hard work.

      Tony Busuttil.

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