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Dr Yan Li-Meng joins Australian podcaster, Maria Zeee to give us her perspective on what’s really happening in Shanghai.

Dr Yan was one of the first scientists outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology to analyze SARS-CoV-2 in January of 2020. She fled her position as a virologist at the University of Hong Kong and defected to the US in April of that year, after conclusively determining that the virus was engineered in the lab to be a bioweapon.

For the past two years, Dr Yan has asserted that SARS-CoV-2 was developed by the People’s Liberation Army in 2017, the purpose of which is “to destroy your economy, destroy your social order, destroy your civilization. Finally, [you’ll be] controlled by Chinese Communist Party.”


She tells Maria that according to her intelligence sources, “I can tell you they didn’t release a new bioweapon in Shanghai and this is definitely not about any public health crisis. This is a pure political crisis.”

She explains the crackdown is being spurred by several destabilizing factors within China, which are jeopardizing Xi’s rule at a time when his first term is nearly up and his regime wants to remain in power.

They also want to replace the current US dollar-based world order with a Chinese world order and they’ve learned much about repressive strategies, after seeing them deployed in the West over the past two years.

She says that Xi doesn’t fully control Shanghai, which is the financial center of the Mainland, as well as the window through which the Mainland communicates with the rest of the world.

She says Shanghai is actually the territory of Xi’s political rivals, the group surrounding former CCP Chairman Jiang Zemin and Xi is using his zero-COVID policies to consolidate his control over the region.

“The CCP has never cared about human life,” she says. “They really care about their power and their money so that’s why using COVID policy, for Xi Jinping is a very useful weapon, because he can launch the Army and armed forces and also other related law enforcement teams to Shanghai from other cities to take over the city.”


Dr Yan describes how the Artificial Intelligence of the “COVID Code” works. Using the CCP’s color-coded “COVID Code” contact-tracing phone app, Xi is able to lock people down and to send people to COVID camps.

Without this app on your phone, you cannot go anywhere in China and they use your phone’s GPS to track you. Those found to have been in “close contact” with a carrier of SARS-CoV-2 while out shopping, who then go home can cause their entire apartment bloc to be locked down – or all sent to a COVID camp – if that is what convenes for the regime.

In such cases, children are often taken to different facilities from their parents and pets are beaten to death. She warns us that dystopian scenes playing out in Shanghai should serve as a warning to the West of where such policies inevitably lead.

However, Dr Yan points out that while similar contact-tracing apps and vaccine passport apps have been rolled-out in the West and while some Western jurisdictions, like Australia and Washington State have even built COVID camps, these things are not as easy to impose on societies which, unlike China have enjoyed basic human rights for centuries.

For example, the federal judge in Florida striking down the TSA’s mask mandate last week is something that could never have occurred in China.


Maria then asks Dr Yan about Xi’s alliance with Putin and she says that they don’t really trust each other but that they are like two Mafia families taking advantage of each other, allied with the common goal of upending the current US dollar world order.

To that end, she says the two signed a secret deal while attending the 2022 Winter Olympics, in which China agreed to supply Russia with financial and weapons support, during their invasion of Ukraine and the two agreed to exchange intelligence.

There are also 15 open deals made between the two nations to build pipelines from Russia to Shanghai and trade deals in which China agrees to buy Russian goods and agrees to give Russia access to their warm water ports, including that of her native city of Qindao.

“Russia needs these kinds of harbors, because they have very good nuclear submarines, which China doesn’t have.” So, Russia gets to park its subs up and down the Chinese coast and the two countries have also been doing joint military exercises together.

She says Westerners should not celebrate Putin as a hero, as he’s nearly as authoritarian as the CCP and he wants to resurrect the former Soviet Union and regain control over the Baltic states, Poland, Finland, the Balkan Peninsula and the Kuril Islands in the North Pacific.

She says Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is being studied by China as a potential blueprint for their own planned invasion of Taiwan. “Once they get Taiwan, they can switch the geopolitical factors. Based on Taiwan, they can also change the supply chain for the whole world, because Taiwan actually has the high technology, industry and also, once they get Taiwan, they can push their defense area forward.

“What Xi Jinping and Putin want is, they get Taiwan, they also, from the East side, get Europe and then, they break through the Second Island Chain.

“They want to directly confront America. They want to change the current world order based on the US dollar and they want to undermine America, they want to change the Western civilization.

“So when people talk about ‘Putin is just doing the invasion [of Ukraine] because NATO gave the pressure,’ no, this is just propaganda plus their excuse. If there was no NATO, they would also find another reason…

“Putin has Aleksandr Dugin, whose work is all talking about how to restore the Eurasian Continent to the old Russian Empire and that’s also what Putin wants.”

Meanwhile, China is the expert of infiltration. Dr Yan says there are many people in the US working for China and that the situation is even worse in Australia, where many in power are also blackmailed by the CCP.

She says a very clear example of how this works can be seen in how COVID has played out. “How they compromised Fauci, how they compromised The New York Times…so suddenly, you will see most of these people who you trusted before showed their side to be Chinese Communist Party.”

If there is any good news about the COVID war, she says it’s that many have awakened to the Chinese threat. Where many used to see China’s activities in Africa and around the world as harmless, many now recognize that everything they do has a nefarious purpose to destroy us and our civilization.


Dr Yan suggests that what appears to be an alliance between Globalists and China, since they seem to be pushing the same agenda is not an alliance. The Globalist agenda is the CCP’s agenda. The Globalists are pushing it because they’re all blackmailed and controlled by China.

When Maria asks her about the engineered food crisis and whether Globalists are working together with China to create the Great Reset, Dr Yan says, “No. That is not real, because we really have intelligence from China. If you don’t have this, of course people would have these kinds of concerns.

“I know people talk about the ‘Deep State’, which basically means that the Globalists, the big international organizations and businesses, they work with China very well but what I can tell you, the Xi Jinping regime really feels this pressure, because they even have done things to harm the Globalists on the matter of their health and now those people realize that they’re not working with allies [with whom] they can share the profits…

“Instead, this is a mafia that wants to kill all of them. So, the CCP is very dangerous. And what the CCP could do, COVID is just the beginning. Later on, more things will happen. You see, China has been accelerating and has become more aggressive now. Especially now that Communist China has been working with Russia – two countries with nuclear weapons, which they can use to threaten the whole world. That is a disaster.”

But Dr Yan is confident that people in the West are waking up to the danger. Whereas, many businesses have held their tongues about the Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang, thinking they can still make a lot of money in China, the fallout from the shutdown of the Port of Shanghai will irrevocably change this dynamic and many international businesses will move out of Mainland China.

According to her Chinese intelligence sources, Xi Jinping and the CCP are in a very dangerous position, they’re desperate and they’re reaching a quickening.

“But we really need to break down this evil regime and then, at that time, the whole of China will go back to the peaceful status,” and we will no longer have this threat hanging over our heads.

She says it’s important that we all stand up and spread the word, because Putin ad Xi Jinping want to get the world into World War III, which has actually already started in Ukraine.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I recall when she first got interviewed during spring 2020…at the beginning of the WUHAN/NIH/CDC/FAUCI attack on USA…I’m not buying ANYTHING this person from mainland China is putting out here it just doesn’t add up and she should not even be on American soil…this is propaganda and a way to contravene the Q drops…she is a shill and likely is here as a spy…she has family back home and likely they are vulnerable to torture…

  • It does Not matter to the United States what is going on in China because we are Not going to War! It has already been decided. The Chinese need to rely on their own people to decipher what is true, and work through it.

    • How many millions of smart phones yet NO videos posted of what is taking place there if anything is…be careful who we follow.

  • 👂😐🤔
    Well…at the end of the day…these authoritarian dictators are the demons released from the negative polarity abyss…to rule for a short time on the material plane as the ancient scriptures describe. They think they would rather rule in hell, then serve in to speak, and this is manifested on the material plane now obviously. Since you can’t take the possessions of the material plane, into the soul plane….their souls will relegated to lack, and hunger, and unending desire and want…in what’s been described by the writings as the infernos of hell. Just like the negative terminal of a battery that is void of electrons and depends on the positive poles abundance of electrons, to feed it, to complete the circuit. To each of these souls…the measure of the reward they receive..will be determined by that which they have allowed to flow into the circuit…or choked off, from the collective energetic collective life force flow of energy. They shall reap what they themselves have sown. As the poles of the planet are shifting now, and their time is short as the dominant polarity and archepetal dominance on the material plane. It’s all karmic law in the 3D universe. 😏

  • I’ve been getting a black screen here for weeks. Nothing loads. Is anyone having this problem??? Thank you, Alexandra, for doing the write-up or I would know nothing.

    • Yes, other people are having this problem. It could be any of a number of things.

      The EU just passed a law last week about censoring “non-authoritative” sources, so this could be the EU deploying new censorship algorithms. I think Canada might have a similar program blocking content.

      If so, I suggest using a VPN. You can download a free VPN at and browse the internet from a different country (jurisdiction) that is not censoring content.

      Or it may not be any of the browsers, themselves but rather, the ad blocker extensions added to the browsers. So check your browser preferences and disable your ad blocker software.

      I’ve also seen people’s anti-virus programs (installed on their computers) block content, so these are all things to check.

  • OKAY, yes @ the virus. But her views on Putin are REMARKABLY INCORRECT. She could be a PLANT. Spreading fear. Add in Chinese agenda. Or OW agenda. ALL OF COVID WAS TO SPREAD THEIR NANOTECH PARASITES. THINK ABOUT IT! And Whyyyy were only those people allowed to run the planet’s integral industries? And whyyyy the need for soooo many shots?! BECAUSE HEALTHY PEOPLE DO NOT HOST PARASITES! Those with complications and death due to “vaccine” _graphite nano synthetically engineered parasites!_ almost most definitely already had parasitic infestations. IT ALLLL MAKES SENSE! 🐞

  • Comparing using alcohol to the mRNA shots is where she lost my trust. Propaganda always has 1/2 truths. I am sure a lot truths were said by her but her cadence and voice changed when she spoke about vaccines as if she was forced to stay this in order to be able to say the other stuff

  • It’s a matter of perspective.

    This China national’s perspective is limited to her experience. I disagree that China is controlling the globalists, it’s the opposite, but that does not mean globalists (international investment bankers) can control China indefinitely.

    These interests have been manipulating China for centuries, Russia not as long. They both are useful sources of manpower (slavery) and both are dangerous, having the potential for going rogue. America is also dependent upon these banking interests and they have found a way to control Americans through medical mandates which are being perfected by China.

    Medical mandates are the new weapon of choice for enslavement of nations. Its delivery system is television and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Such a deal for the globalists! Global warfare on the cheap by conning viewers into accepting medical mandates. We could have seen this coming for a long time.

  • People, it’s all orchestrated. This is the end.

    Ancient biblical prophecy tells of a final worldwide conflict involving China (“The Eagle”) and Russia (“the Bear”) against the US/UN/UK alliance (“Israel”), staged there in the middle-east/Israel as the theatre of war.

    Israel/Palestine is the token trophy each side wishes to possess/control.

    Neither side is right.

    After Antichrist is revealed, and their mark is indirectly forced on every human who hasn’t chosen to follow Jesus Christ (like a bank account, the mark will be required in order to trade/buy/sell/operate in the world), the powers that be, who are utterly possessed by Satan will bring the earth to the brink of utter destruction through prolific nuclear warfare (which heats up our atmosphere more than any other pollutant by far)… Then Jesus Christ returns (“the 2nd coming of Christ”) with His angel armies to arrest and incarcerate Satan and establish heaven on earth.

    This final conflict and resurrection of Christ occurs at the battle of Armageddon (approx 1hr drive north of Jerusalem).

    A word to the wise… Get your soul right with God, before it’s too late because eternity is real and from now ’til the end of time, our souls will exist somewhere. Some will gravitate to the divine world of heaven, and some to the wicked world of hell.

    Arrogance and pride will lead those souls to an eternal destruction. Humble and contrite souls gravitate to the higher plane of heaven. We’re blessed with the good fortune of being free to choose where we want to live out our eternity.

    It all comes down to knowledge. Acquire knowledge of God.

    Get to know the mind/will of God and gain understanding of the mystery behind it. The soul who gains that insight is one powerful individual and will understand the priceless value of their own soul and the worth of their place in heaven.

    • I wonder why Xi would be fearful of his position when he was just given a life time CPC sinecure. Is that not stable? It can’t have been given casually by such a sinister, calculating group. But maybe his position is deteriorating because behind the scenes the power base is shifting.


  • But she confused us by speaking about so called virus, which was never isolated.
    She may be right about something though I just don’t trust her much.
    She may be a psyop.

    • I was 2nd comment and SAID SAME THING! She’s stating basically information we already know, mixed in with false information. Seems super suspect. 🐞

    • Might it be that they could not document a virus because it never was a VIRUS, and per Dr. Ardis, and was all along synthetic snake venom, long researched and then patented by traitors Fauci and his minions…and next implanted on test swabs which when processed would show “infection,” followed by rolling out an already prepared “vax” containing the venom….and force feed it to the world in the biggest genocide history has ever seen?? A vax with Franken-elements that would also make any survivors into mind-controlled transhuman slaves, forever stripped of any spiritual connection to a divine source????

      • For what it is worth, I believe you are not very far from the truth?
        I repeatedly have to remind my partner that her triple vaxxed friends no longer have the brain function to discern.
        I also observe that whilst the world has benefitted from complete alignment with the Central Source Sun today, the increased energy has not restored the malfunctioning minds of the vaxxed.
        Although, I note that the heinous residual Cabal could not cope with the earth’s raised frequency of 32Hz.
        No doubt they will be rapidly replaced either with doppelgängers or actors to continue to control the naive and the ‘stupid’!

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