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    We recently saw how Patrick King challenged his $1,200 ticket for not social-distancing in Alberta, Canada by requesting in court and on the public record, “All white papers describing the isolation of COVID-19, also known as SARS-CoV-2 virus in human beings, directly from a sample taken from a diseased patient, where the patient’s sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material.”

    Patrick was able to compel an admission from the Judge, on the record and in the court transcript that Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health does not have this material evidence, which presumably would have been integral in the crafting of the statutes. Less than two weeks later, the Alberta Ministry of Health abruptly dropped all COVID mandates in Alberta Province.

    Patrick had struck the Achilles Heel of this Global Flu d’État.


    Has all of this been smoke and mirrors? Has SARS-CoV-2 really never been isolated? How have the Globalists managed to lock down the planet and cause 20 million people to starve to death over the past 17 months without an actual virus? Some argue that viruses don’t even exist, which is a whole other topic that further confuses matters.

    Mike Adams is joined by virologist, Dr Judy Mikovits to explain all of this. He tells her that he has a food and supplement safety laboratory and that he has not found any certified reference material for the COVID-19 virus. He says, “Apparently, it does not exist. Why would that be?”

    Dr Judy, who worked at Fort Detrick and who worked for years with Anthony Fauci at NIH replies, “Correct. That’s because SARS-CoV-2 was never a human virus isolated from human cells and shown to be infectious and transmittable to human cells.

    “What was done is the SARS-CoV-2 virus was manufactured in the Vero monkey kidney cell line…and so every picture you get of SARS-CoV-2 – or SARS or MERS – is literally a manufactured particle that is a monkey virus.

    “It’s a monkey virus…its DNA sequences were injected [into the populace] in polio vaccines, in MMR vaccines, in flu vaccines and they’ve been in that cell line since the mid-’90s.

    “So, just like Dr David Martin was saying, it’s only just a bunch of sequences. And this is what PCR detects, is sequences.

    “A virus particle buds out of the cell of the host. So if that infectious RNA was in the blood or in the sputum or in the lung lavage from a human with COVID-19, what you have to do is take the lung lavage, culture it in a continuously-growing human cell line that supports the replication of SARS-CoV-2.

    “Well, that didn’t happen. They took it out of the lung lavage in people – and I looked at every one of the Level 4 Biosafety Labs reported to have a paper that said they isolated it – and in every single case, they put it in the Vero monkey kidney cell line.

    “It never was a human virus, that I coughed on you or you coughed on me…So I see these doctors’ reports, saying that the ‘transmission of the virus is airborne.’

    “No, it wasn’t! Show me the virus. The sequence is not the virus…”

    “[The spike protein, aka the envelope] is the disease-causative agent…and we’ve known that since 1980! That was the work of my longtime colleague, Frank Ruscetti’s wife. So if you change two amino acids from the envelope from a mouse leukemia virus, two amino acid changes in the envelope – the spike – gives you a Parkinson’s-causing virus, instead of a leukemia virus. And so they call them ‘variants’.

    “Well, you can put any sequences you want – and this is what Dr David Martin is trying to tell you – this is lab-created, never was transmitted from people. Oh, they tried over the last 20 years, but because of people like you, Children’s Health Defense, the Informed Consent Action Network, Del Bigtree, everybody’s been catching them…

    “So in 2019, they had to do their little Event 201 game, which basically says, ‘Whoops! We better inject everybody as fast as we can or they won’t get sick enough or they won’t die and we won’t cover-up the evidence.'”


    She says the fact that SARS-CoV-2 is a weaponized monkey virus, from the very same cell lines originally developed at Fort Detrick – which are used to manufacture many vaccines – is proof that Anthony Fauci directed this project, because it’s easy enough to purchase clean cell lines from places like ATCC.

    “Because if the Chinese had simply bought it from ATCC, it wouldn’t have all the fun bat viruses and precursors from the ’90s, with SARS, with everything else that’s been going on and military-weaponized. So that is the proof that Tony Fauci directed this and you don’t have to imagine a lab escape, because you just ship a little vial of these cells.”

    Mike says, “So Fauci absolutely knew that he was acquiring a weaponized cell line…that could be further weaponized in Wuhan. That’s what you’re saying?”

    “Correct,” she replies. “He absolutely knew what was in those cell lines. That’s why he can say with such confidence, ‘You’re going to see the Delta Variant,’ and all that.”

    Fauci shipped these weaponized Vero monkey cell lines to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where she says, “They made an infectious molecular clone of a recombinant that looked a little bit like SARS, knowing full well you could grab a little HIV, SIV, gp120 and knowing full well, the XMRV 62 was in there.”

    Indeed, she says virtually all of our vaccines are cultured and grown in these same Vero monkey kidney cell lines. They’re in the polio vaccines, in the flu vaccines, etc.


    Mike says, “And then all they needed was to push the panic and the hysteria and the PCR test long enough to get people to line up for the new vaccines.”

    She says, “Never was SARS-CoV-2 shown to have anything to do with that group of symptoms called ‘COVID’. It’s a group of symptoms, not a disease. 18,000 things can cause that cough, including air pollution or aluminum or whatever else.

    Mike says, “And now, they’re injecting people with spike proteins – or with mRNA instructions to make the spike proteins.”

    Dr Judy says, “And just to finish on the whole PCR thing, if your audience realizes, if you remember what we do with COVID, ‘Oh, take your elderly away and kill them and cremate them.’

    “And when you cremate them, you break the nucleic acid down – you could never amplify or know what killed them and they all called it ‘COVID’ – and it never was. It was influenza. And we have proof of that. The CDC cooked the numbers…

    “This was not the first plandemic. This was just the big kill switch, because now, we’ve got a real problem. We have 25 to 50 million Americans who are already loaded-up, ready to be killed, whether it be from the flu vaccine, the Prevnar, the MMR, the autistic kids, the ME/CFS, the Parkinson’s disease, the type 1 diabetes, the inflammatory diseases. So they already have a slow-burning fire; inflammation driving their disease…”


    So, what’s going to happen to the 160 million Americans who have taken at least one dose of the COVID vaccine so far?

    She says, many of those with pre-existing conditions will die right away but, “The healthy people need to know one thing: Never get another shot and do not wear a mask. Go back to your life and we can fix this.

    “This is what Ending Plague is. Where are all those scholars? Well, there are a lot of scholars. We have a chapter about Frank Shallenberger, with ozone therapy, who understood back in the ’80s how to heal AIDS.

    “We have a chapter with Luc Montagnier, talking about the opportunistic infections and things like that and how he sees these injected particles; Stephanie Seneff with glyphosate; Chris Shaw with aluminum. So the scholars did step up and fortunately for us, Frank Ruscetti, because he’s the one that knows the most of it and he’s never spoken before.

    “Hopefully, this nails down the proverbial coffin for the corrupt scientists, like John Coffin, Tony Fauci, Ian Lipkin, Robert Redfield, Deborah Birx; they’re the FDA, the top of the CDC. We can change everything by only taking up these gatekeepers…

    “And so, with Ending Plague, what we hope, with this book is that everybody will stand up and have the courage – but it’s difficult – because my life ended a decade ago, really, as I knew it. And the last 11 years have been interesting, to say the least. I don’t have kids. I don’t have what others have to lose.

    “It’s sometimes easy for us to say what we would do but now we have people who don’t have jobs…They have to walk away and protect these kids and their students. They literally have to walk away and say, ‘No more!’ Everybody needs to walk outside and speak that truth in love and say, ‘No. This doesn’t make any sense.'”

    The very good news is that, even if you were vaccinated and you get sick from that synthetic virus, she says, “You can get well. We’ve got ozone therapy, we’ve got natural products, we’ve got glutathione, we’ve got healthy glycine pro-immune, we’ve got building blocks…

    “What we have to do is stop now and love everybody…”

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    • From COVID-19 people learns to care a lot compare to before COVID pandemic than now

    • If COVID-19 doesn’t exist, how are supposed COVID survivors’ bodies creating antibodies? Of what infection are the natural antibodies created?

    • PLEASE have someone interpret this to the layman’s level of understanding! I am truly confident that if more people understood exactly what Judy is saying, they would feel more confident in sharing this with others. I for one would not know how to describe any of this to make sense. We must get this out but we must explain it to where the average every day person understands what she’s saying.

    • Thank you so very much for your love, courage and most importantly your faith sister. Your sacrifice is noted in Heaven. Blessings brother Kel

    • along with Dr Judy & Dr J.Penny I also follow Mr Robert Kennedy Jr throughout many years ( decades ) he has gained excellent knowledge from Scientist & Doctors in the field of vax injuries I often question why Sen Dr Rand Paul doesn’t mention Dr Judy’s & other of her colleagues reports or mention & yes so glad Dr Judy mentioned Dr K Mullis inventor of the pcr test who argued with Fauci that his pcr test was not designed to detect any type of infectious disease. he was about to expose Fauci then suddenly Dr K Mullis died a few months before covd hit Fauci also funds a Pennsylvania Lab to use baby organs for transfer at stage 6 wks to extended 42 wks abortions Lets not leave out B.Gates his goal to ” Depopulate ” stating it’s the best solution

    • How will we ever come back from this, our military is nearly 70 % injected and may soon be mandated.

    • Absolutely mind blowing, eye opening interview!!!!
      This lady appears to really know what she’s talking about.
      How can any believer of Covid 19 after listening to this,not WAKE UP to the reality of what’s really going on?
      With this sort of specialist knowledge anyone who labels her as a conspiracy theorist out to, as Trump used to say push ” fake news”,needs an I.Q. test.

    • I don’t think that is true that Alberta dropped all mandates. You best check that out. Truth comes to light has something on it I believe

    • Niacin flush, NAC, glutamine, melatonin, etc…. See Dimitry Kats on twitter. He also has a long haul COVID group on facebook. You can definitely recover and get it out of your system! Be well!

    • one more simpler explanation why PCR can NEVER proof any infection. Virus, human body are all 3Dimentional objects (very simplified picture), properly ‘folded’ in space, both, as whole, can survive only at LIVING temperatures, max, ~42deg C. PCR is using boiling at >95deg C, in order to ‘stretch’ and ‘align’ the nucleotides. These conditions exclude any existence of a living object (human body+virus=infection), thus by definition, is not capable of detecting any infection! Not to mention the virus is 30,000 bp long, the PCR final pieces are much, much smaller. Claiming that smaller pieces are proof of infection is a double fallacy, the ‘living principle’ and the partiality of the virus.

    • oh, THANK YOU BOTH for the great talk. Just one more issue. The sequence homology between the Spike from the Gene Treatment INJECTIONS and the Nucleocapsid protein from the PCR tests has ~37% identities! I checked the overlap, the PCR max 24-long nucleotides are not overlapping with Spike portion. What is equally extremely ‘strange’ is every single portion of the official NIH SARS-CoV-2 sequence, all of its parts, have homologies with each other, Spike is in all of these pieces, in ORFs,1,2,..,10, in membrane, in the nucleocapsid. There is even an overlap with the ‘RARS’ portion of the furin site! I do not know the final answer, but the fact, that SPike contains to equal extend pieces of every single blood clotting factor, including the Christmas factor (congratulations Dr. Fauci born on Christmas Day, now you are in every injected victim), is highly questionable. And the presence of all the pieces of bioweapons like anthrax, ricin, cholera, ebola, tetanus, etc., inside of the SPike sequence, injected into everyone, is equally highly disturbing !

    • Sorry Dr. Mikovits, need to mention this, at:
      are the used officially allowed PCR primers. The pieces belong to the Nucleocapsid protein and the human RNASe P gene. There are NO pieces of the Spike in the tests. Spike is only on the gene treatment injections. Not only the nucleocapsid is THE MOST abundant portion of ALL CORONAviruses, with 95% identity in their sequences, but also the error of the RNA->DNA polymerase needs to be taken into account. Last but not least, when the injection suppose to protect you from the ‘covid’ and yu are getting the SPIKE, how on earth are you suddenly after the injection, are testing positive for the nucleocapsid?? That is the MAJOR question I’d ask the gene treatment manufacturers, what’s really in the injections??

    • I was lucky enough to watch Plandemic in early 2020, so didn’t get the flu shot.. I’ve also never worn a mask, social distances, or gotten sick with coronavirus since 2020. My family doesn’t believe in flu shots. Over the holidays, However, my siblings and parents all caught the “virus.” Siblings had some flu like symptoms and both of my parents went to ICU wIth COVID. Both survived with HCQ and Baricitinib but my Mom suffered greatly and is now a “long hauler.” My main question is how are people getting sick with COVID, even if they don’t take flu shots, if it’s not contagious? What on earth did people get sick with, how and why did some of us not catch it? Thank you so much for all of the truth.

    • I read that Bill Gates bought up the influence over scientific journals and what researchers can put out!

      Time to get the root problem and root it out!

    • Great talk!

      Thank you Judy and Mike! To all the mentioned remedies one should add glutathione or NAC as its precursor. That helps with the lost energy levels, but also with decomposition of graphene.
      There are still many issues left in terms of what really is happening with the injected. The radiation emission, not only the shedding particles from their bodies, is the most worrisome, to me..

    • Oh my goodness. Monkey cells. That’s a scary thought. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with people nowadays.

    • Thank You! Mike Adams (Health Ranger), Brighteon Conversations and Dr. Judy Mikovits (Warrior & Heroine) for standing strong for over a decade now! I have learned to purchase the especially revealing books on pre-order. e.g. I have your The Case Against Masks 🙂 I can’t wait to get Ending Plague: A Scholar’s Obligation in An Age of Corruption. I haven’t read the books: I like to start at the End & then go to the beginning. Always I do that!
      I want to thank Alexandra Bruce for uploading the transcripts, as there are always science terms & alphabet letters that upon hearing for the layperson (even with a BSc. Bio. Sciences) causes some confusion, but in a pdf format these terms can be looked up and clarified. Whenever Scientists & various Medical Practitioners are highlighted, I print out their work and distribute their knowledge around my little Ontario town, where everyone working in or owning a business is a neighbor; and all are trapped into July 2020 (when the Covid Protocols were illegally enacted). What is important is the children! They shall NOT be subjected to anymore Covid Stupid! The Provincial Government is NOT doing this. It has lost to Vaccine Choice Canada (Vaccines are NOT Mandatory anywhere in Canada) & Rocco Galati (Constitutional Rights Centre) October 3/2020 (masks are voluntary) & to a Police Advocacy Group via Rocco Galatti (CRC-CDC) i.e. The ROA (Reopening Ontario Act is unenforceable)(June 9, filed E-Laws June 10 & Parliamentary Official Notice (June 26-The Ontario Gazette). The local Municipal Building took down the flashing – notices – “Stay Home – Stay Safe”, “Wash Your Hands-Don’t Spread Germs”, “Declared State-of-Emergency” and for months on end! Oops! NOT ACTUALLY SO! I figure the shopkeepers are afraid that the Health Inspector (considered to be Peace Officers, like the Police Officer are governed by the Criminal Code), but if lacking integrity & under the right degree of pressure by outside forces will come into their shops (especially those with food, which were therefore able to remain open throughout) & suddenly find “something” to fine them heavily and to close them down! SO: It is STRICTLY the population that is creating a prison for themselves and their children, by “color of law” refusing to accept that their “passive, naive belief in local, provincial, national governing bodies” was/still is warring against their respective populations-for personal gain-to undermine, demean, negate & to nullify our very existence. Please see: CV-21-00661284-0000; Ontario Superior Court of Justice; Notice of Application; Rocco Galati Law Firm, 1062 College Street, Lower Level, Toronto, Ontario. M6H 1A9. TEL: (416) 530-9684; FAX: (416) 530-8129; Email:; LSUC: 29488Q. Lawyer for the Applicants. Please NOTE: There are 15 Big Brass Respondents Listed against whom this class action suit is launched, with the aid of Children’s Health Defence (Canada) and Educators for Human Rights.
      I feel rushed: The mails delivered a card from Government of Canada, stating: 1) The vaccines are safe: 2) The vaccines are effective: 3) The vaccines can’t give you Covid: 4) You need the 2nd dose of a 2-dose vaccine. 5) Vaccine safety is continually monitored. AND to answer the ? as to Why get vaccinated? Answers: 1) More people getting vaccinated means fewer people getting sick. 2) As the vaccines continue to roll out, vaccinated or not, continue to follow public health measures. i.e. Wear a mask: Wash your hands: Keep 2 metres apart: Avoid gatherings. AND just in case you didn’t get the message : Book an appointment as soon as a vaccine is recommended for you (i.e. available in your area). For info. visit

    • Wow! I will need to watch this a few times but I think I’m starting to understand. There’s only transfection, what’s been injected into you via shots, medications etc during your life. They’ve created perfect conditions for illness with bad food etc and now they’re trying to kill off those whose health has been successfully compromised. It’s been a very long game/war

    • The sequence (not! a virus) had a total death rate in 2020 of 2%.

      The sequence (not! a virus) currently has a 1.7% death rate including the Delta sequence…

      Let me ask a question here to the fear of populace out there who weren’t taught critical thinking due to no fault of their own.

      If you contracted a rare form of cancer today that had a high death rate but a new procedure has now been approved that worked rough 98% of the time, would you go into the surgery confident of your chances of success?

      I would.

      To you urban dwellers (God bless you), if you walk across the busy street in front of your Casa, do you have a higher chance of getting hit by a car or contracting what they falsely call covid-19?

      PLEASE PEOPLE, turn off the fear channels, look at the stats yourselves, THINK about things for your self, be wise in your choices and your behavior and you’ll likely be fine.

      • Uh, world wide year and a half aggregated stats reflect recovery rate of 99.7% . Why get monkey kidney tissure injected? With that kind of recovery, would you take a jab? I wouldn’t…

    • So you’re telling us their is no calibrated samples to check the equipment.
      So glad I woke up years ago and avoided the jab.
      Good to hear someone else state the fact that Fauci was the guy to introduce AIDS into society.

    • They are trying to ban what works…NAC/supplements/block Ivercetin/Hydroxychloroquine etc.. How to help Autistic kids? How to help Lyme/coinfections which are a bio-weapon. Did they put microrganisms in the shot since Ivercetin worked? Swine flu was a hoax also it seems. Is it raining microrganisms? How does ozone hurt a virus/bacteria? Does ozone hurt mitochondria that are ancient bacteria? Antibiotics hurt mitochondria. Did people get different doses or salt water for the jab to make people think the vaccine was safe? Can the cell line that is contaminated be destroyed? What happened to the zoo animals who got the jab? They did not deserve this. Delta variant just a mutation from those infected? They can not test for variants.
      If Trump was shown this important could he help? Did they use MKUltra on Trump to promote the vaccine/5G? One place put 4 people connected at the same time to a ventilator. Doesn’t that spread the virus to all? They want the gene change in all ages…change the DNA of people/plants/animals as they play god and erase the real God and make this world their playground. Would people’s body get rid of the gene change? Polysorbate 80 gets things into the blood brain barrier…was in some flu shots/Hept B shot at one day old/Gardasil shot etc…can that be banned? Are bio-weapon labs needed? Can they be banned? They hurt their own people. Did they even run the test for meat packing plant they wanted to shut down and Trump Jr. etc..? Once people got the infection then the vaccine would hurt more? The flu shot is a higher dose now for all people. It used to often kill elderly in two weeks along with the Shingles shot and pneumonia shot. New York hospital made people take the flu shot when they entered the hospital. Many pharmacists seem to want to make money so don’t discourage the shots. They enjoy pretending they are a doctor. People are not told the truth about the shots…not full disclosure of health risks. Can they stop this plandemic by fixing the definition of a vaccine/pandemic? Can they be sued since it is not a real vaccine so immunity to liability can be stopped? What would stop Bill Gates/Fauci? CDC is not government run? WHO head person is not a doctor? Trump stopped money to WHO etc.. Trump maybe back in power. Can you explain all of this to Trump?

      • Sorry to say, but your blindness is hopefully curable… TRUMP introduced WARP SPEED, he endorses the GENETIC TREATMENTS of the world population. He IS THE PROBLEM! Stop going back to criminals, choose wisely.

        • I’m no Trump defender, but his info came more directly from the criminal manipulaters Judy Mikovits describes than anything citizens had at the time.
          How was he to know?

    • Fauci and all his buddies are true MONSTERS..I await their disposal💀Bill Gate,we see you and you can’t kill us all!!

    • Hello, have yoy seen Stew Peters video? It is about a person in Alberta, Canada and he won his case in court and now they delete all measures,like masks etc

    • Earlier today I passed a dumpster that had an old bumper sticker that said “9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB” and smaller text below that looked like a web url. it was pretty old.

      This got me thinking, we should start coming up with slogans and create bumper stickers to splatter across major cities. Imagine all the people we would wake up if we did this.

      • Well that sticker on the dumpster was undoubtedly true!
        I admire your idea, however bumper sticker?🤔 More likely than not the fascist world were now living in, the local traffic cop would no doubt be under instruction to stop you by the “Cult” and tell you to either remove it or face a heavy fine for displaying false information. 😂
        Think things have got even worse since 9/11

    • How is this Mike Adams of any importance in the science community? His bio says he has a bachelors degree from a “midwest university”. Why is Mike Adams connected so closely with fraudster Steve Quayle?

      Mike Adams made ridiculous music videos, he has no science credentials. He associates with liars.

    • Kary Mullis said there was nothing to multiple in HIV so no virus there at all? Did Fauci send all the virus’s during the last 7 presidents to lower the population/make money on the treatment? Spanish flu was not a virus? Was bacteria? The Hoax was used back then? Fauci wanted to resurrect the Spanish flu? Can he be tried for Crimes against Humanity along with Gates? How can a person have so much power and not be elected? There was no one monitoring him but patent people? Can the next Plandemic be stopped which is scheduled for 2025 and will last 3 years and be 10X worse Gates says? Soros/Gates bought the new testing company where they can predict if you will get the weaponized virus. They could say all will get it so put all in lock downs and FEMA camps?

    • The first case of the weaponized Corona virus by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the nursing home. Were testing kits contaminated with the weaponized Corona virus to start it in America?

    • Let’s say someone is forced into it. Is there a way to get it out of our system? I’m worried about my family . The death jab?

        • @Carol orr. I heard that in a comment on one of Charlie Wards`video`s , It was Janet Ossebaard who had taken that white pin needle tea & glycine , to be free from the shedding symptoms. Supposedly her dog died from it . Where she is now is a Big Question . Janet is another Hero of our Times . She wrote ” the Fall of the Cabal Series “, Google it on Bitchute and Rumble . Its still there , but where is Janet ???

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