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    This is Word War Three. It’s not being fought with expensive fighter jets and aircraft carriers. It’s being fought with propaganda and censorship and a slow-acting bioweapon that may kill more people than all previous wars combined.

    The only way the enemy can get away with this is if they kill us all. Hence, the increased censorship and the shock troops coming to your door in the US.

    In Australia, another brutal lockdown has been ordered for millions of people, with tarted-up rumors of the “Delta Variant”, after ONE octogenarian man succumbed to his COVID symptoms.

    In the UK yesterday, it was Freedom Day, when all of the COVID orders had finally expired – a perfect day for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to mandate that all those over the age of 18 show proof of “double jabs” for entry into venues where large crowds gather, saying, “Proof of a negative test will not be enough.”

    In the midst of similarly brutal vaxx mandates in France, Greece and elsewhere – and massive popular pushback – Dr David E Martin joins Stew Peters to talk about the only topic on the planet. Whereas, in previous videos that I’ve run on this site, the word “China” has never escaped his lips – he explicitly implicates them several times, here.

    Toward the end of the interview, Stew summarizes their conversation thus far: “The crime is being committed out in the wide open. All of the law enforcement agencies that could do something about it are compromised and have been ordered not to do something about it. The Judiciary is acting with this in the same way as they did with massive, obvious election fraud in 2020: they’re just refusing to hear it, altogether.

    “The elected representatives who…are supposed to be out here, acting on behalf of their constituents, are in fact out here just grifting and raising money. They know exactly what’s going on but refuse to say something. The media, we know about them; they’re compromised and owned by these Globalists, leaving only We, the People to do anything about this.”

    These so-called “America First” representatives, like Ron Paul, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene who are out on the road, doing rallies and raising money, they’re doing absolutely nothing about the evident collusion between NIH (Anthony Fauci), Pfizer and Moderna and the slow-kill genocide now taking place.

    Stew says, “They’re actively participating in a cover-up that’s going to kill millions, hundreds of millions, potentially billions of people on this planet. They’re actively participating in a cover-up! They’re equally as complicit. If and when anyone is ever held responsible for any of this criminally, they should be included.”  

    David stands up for Senator Ron Johnson (WI-R), saying that Ron has at least tried to understand the issues and gone a bit further than anyone else, albeit not nearly far enough. He says our leadership is incapable of acting because they’re beholden to fundraisers, saying, “If you are sold, you cannot buy your soul back…we now have a public system that has absolutely failed the public.”

    “Globally,” Stew concurs. “The world is being subjected to a bioweapon that has already killed thousands and will likely impact the morbidity of hundreds of millions. This is organized crime and here we are, debating masks.”

    David says somewhat grimly, “It takes us standing together and making sure that the public record is filled with the fact that we were not silent.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I am so grateful for the two of you. I have known all of this from my own intuition, and nobody wants to hear what I have to say, including my own children who I raised to think for themselves. I am sharing your video far and wide and I will know that I am doing my best to share no matter what. I love you.

    • I work in a dimentia unit it the northeast, US. I’ve seen and continue to watch the devastating effects this “vaccine” has had on my residents/patients. The outcome has been so bad, we’ve already had multiple instances of brain bleeds due to the graphene but the worst had been the rapid progression of their dementia; stages that normally take years are happening in DAYS. Most can no longer understand English.

    • What cheap remarks you make about Paul, Gaetz and Greene. They have no investigative powers. I see you did not launch any attacks on the people responsible for investigating. Everyone raises money is one way or another. These people have special difficulties doing because they do not follow the corrupt establishment line.

      This is such cheap, junk journalism, you go way off the subject to attack conservatives who are trying to expose the corruption you claim to oppose.

    • In researching the non existent virus crap, I have run into things that they could be using to cause several respiratory íssues, and blaming it on the crowned serpent venom (literally what the translation is), and the one thing they’ve talked about most is anthrax.
      But I also found how they plan to keep this going!

    • I am so beside myself with anger. I wish more people would wake the F up and start paying attention to what is being perpetrated against us. People are so apathetic to this it’s crazy. What part of these rich psychopaths are trying to MURDER YOU AND THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE DONT THEY UNDERSTAND?!? WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!!!

      • I totally agree however I hate to say it but the people that need to wake up the most will not. What will happen and is in fact happening right now is the most ignorant amongst us will, with the help of the media, will blame those of us that know the truth and these people refuse to see any alternative view that they have bought into. These lazy minded ignorant people will willingly sacrifice their children to the vaccination and when the implications of having them vaccinated will eventually happen they will believe that the unvaccinated caused the the health problems that their families and children are going through.

    • Dr. Martin is the most informed and prepared, overall, with the facts to back up his premise. He tells it like it is. My favorite spokesman.


    • Go back to sleep Geni Lag. Is this the response we get from those that have been injected, or are you just another troll. Go do your homework child.

    • World is being led to hate American born white males because they unlike anyone else are connected to rights of succession at common law equal to Kings & owners of countries, governments, militaries, law enforcement, all courts and rule of law itself. White male signatures are the underwriters of Constitution supremacy over globalism/internationalism.

      World is deceived in human race being citizens under government rule of law while Queen of England, Kings, & owners of countries are exception to rule. It stems from past belief that God of Heaven blesses kings with sovereignty privilege. White male power viewed from foreign Kings is limited to American sovereignty recognition being white males only. Premise being kill all white males, right of conquest over King George’s rule of law is undone under Doctrine of Recognition, International common law, how one sovereign recognizes another.

      Problem in America is govt. getting parents to apply for contracts in equity separating all babies [ i.e. entire American populace] into the 14th Amendment remedy for black people only origin. No disrespect to black people but they have no true power. With exception to black people & native American Indians , American born are free citizen, American citizen, state People, in state Republic, 50 state Constitutional Republic, GUARANTEED Republic. Terms and conditions of New Deal contract in equity remedy to Great Depression conjoined to 1871 sovereign corporation U.S. govt. bait & switch scheme came to end in 2020. What everyone is experiencing is right of American born to cease being U.S. citizen subject, liable, & required to obey govt. Master servant relationship is reinverted back to origin, whereby all in govt. who swear to uphold Constitution are locked into servant side of Constitution contract. American born white males are supposed to kick start modern day ” We the People”. U.S. citizens are disqualified. Referencing white males has nothing to do with racism, privilege, or hate. Its about de jure, bona fide, occupation of 9th Amendment & People side of 10th Amendment conjoined to Posterity in Preamble of Constitution where People assemble to ordain new justice by exorcizing inalienable right to vote new rights and powers of People into existence.

      Like right to prosecute substance element of all govt. signatures regarding oaths & affirmations, whereby figuratively grabbing govt. by the scruff of their necks rip off their official capacity and throw it in the trash pending further judicial power master authority review. Pushing everyone in govt. back into Joe Blow citizen, Sally Six Pack person. Its about People assembling under ” , or to the People ” section of 10th Amendment to numerate 9th Amendment rights unknown. Just as servant employee side of Constitution can shut down govt. so too can master side of Constitution. People can kick out trash servants and retain the good.

      SCOTUS already guided People by its language. ” Right to make law rests in the People”, People have right to change their govt, “, ” Its a duty of the People to correct govt. from operating in error”. The power is in American born white males hands to return to We the People by way of People side of 10th Amendment. Wise judge once said if you’re looking for justice you’ll find more justice out in the court parking lot than you will inside the court room. Visualize 330 million legal Americans assembled in parking lot. White males in center vote to create 1st inalienable right reserved being People side of 10th Amendment is all inclusive irrespective of race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, or other. All non white are sponsored into 10th Amendment depopulating 14th Amendment natural personage whereby everyone but illegals are individual sovereigns with innate judicial power, exorcizing inalienable right to vote new rights, powers, & remedies. Illegals after 5 years no crimes against Americans , learn 8th grade level english to pass Constitution tests State & Federal, pass Bill of Rights & Declaration of Independence tests can qualify to join free citizen, American citizen, state People over govt.

      Most powerful remedies of People would be Writ of Nullification and Voidment, right to nullify all American Jurisprudence retroactively to 1859 as default setting [ compelling Federal & States to show cause & necessity to reinstate or resuscitate what People nullify.], right to impose sovereign people privilege tax/ penalty tax upon business, banks, & govt. , create 10th Amendment Grand Juries, 12 to 1 ratio, [ for everyone in govt. there would be 12 People assigned to look over their shoulder so people see exactly what govt. sees. Consider it transparency. People can reserve right to take top off govt. & examine all contents therein.

      Each jury is Judicial Master over Supreme Courts [ State & Federal ], Sovereign Authority over all checks & balances [State & Federal], Master Employer over all jobs local, county, state, federal & part of international [ i.e. IMF]. 10th Amendment Grand Juries exist in 2 capacities. Prosecutorial or speedy trial by jury finding guilty at point of contact criminals caught in act and recorded on digital video affidavit . Consider right to encircle govt. 12 to 1 ratio as Citizen arrest power. Sheriffs & Deputies would be service of process. People write up citations like Notice of Dishonorable Discharge with opportunity to remove stain of dishonor from record if one goes to Constitution School. A 10 foot stack of paperwork ,every day for 30 days learning common law scope & purview and diversity of citizenship Creator position of People over created govt. People side of 10th Amendment is infinite best govt. can muster in opposition is finite. Govt. is winning now because People side of 10th is dead & dormant. For everyone to win it only takes one American born white male to stop being U.S. citizen, 14th Amendment person, County resident, State resident and exit all contracts in equity to return to free citizen birth right to be foreign sovereign equal to King. America’s true identity is Good Samaritan/ King Conquerors.

    • It’s Graphene Oxide in the Jabs. Graphene Oxide poisoning symptoms are exactly the same symptoms as cv19.

    • What was the technical interview you referred to?
      This presentation was not technical enough.

      • The site had the most powerful (as opposed to prolonged) cyberattack in its 10+-year history and it was out of commission for about 5 hours yesterday evening while we struggled to cope with a surge of attacks to every connection. This happened, even being on CloudFlare’s proxy server!

    • If the people doing this evil stuff to us are S worshippers, what do you think our worship should be in order to overcome them? Pray first to your Creator and ask for the protection you need. If you’ve gotten away from your spiritual self, get in touch now. You are spirit having a human experience. Remember? What happens when the human experience is done? Yes, you are Spirit once more.

    • I’m finding it odd I couldn’t post anything from Dr Martin two days ago but now I can on twatter and fb??? They worried about being complacent in a cover up all of a sudden?

    • Not at all interested in listening to ” Stew Peters ” fast sell his way through another video on ANY TOPIC…
      What is needed is GENETIC TESTING – PETERS and the other loud mouth ALEX JONES…
      With that done.. another of lifes mysteries will be solved….

      Was a form of communicating and sharing thought….
      Should be socially outed… and shunned….
      Stew should know how the ” ALEX JONES SCHOOL OF BROADCASTING ”

      Hey… Maybe STEWIE can bring it up a notch…
      Alex Jones motto ” WE AR THE REVOLUTION ” showed he was not an AMERICAN…
      Since Americans are this countries base…
      Hey !!! How did I miss that… Jones is a ” GLOBALIST- CABAL DEM REVOLUNIST ”

      Hey… Maybe STEWIE can bring it up a notch…
      Could be re imaged to ” We feel so OMNI IMPORTANT… WHAT IS BIT CHUTE ??? “

    • WAIT Until you SEE What will happen in Europe AFTER the Disaster is Only partially cleaned up!!!
      Imagine ALL Those “Vaxxed” people are Exposed to all the”Sickness” that will HIT,.DURING and AFTER the “Clean-up ” is over!!! YIKES!!!
      The AVATARS really PHUCKED-UP Introducing this Vaccine!!!

      • My uncle is bleeding internally with a high temperature,admitted to the hospital where no person can be with him.They say he has covid but was inoculated fully months ago!This is such a TRAVESTY..damn poison😈

    • There’s such a thing as shedding the stuff in j a b to others. God will deal with the wrong doers. Just save yourself and others now. Fast to detox and
      use detox that gets it out of cells. . This is nano technology. Think nano as means to remove it.

    • Thanks, Stew and David, for a unique conversation and quite relevant information for the many who do not already know your work and the truth due to the censorship 🐄rona madness a cover for – Build back better – A deception of the ‘nobility’ for the re-creation of overt slavery on the Globe, these criminals will be stopped.

    • I heard that glutathione which is an antioxidant can is some way down play what occurs after receiving the jab.

    • Only rats thrive in the sewers, only flies are attracted to $hit…Sorry they deserve what’s coming…Period

    • Exactly how are people who are jabbed transmitting to people who have not had the jab. This was not talked about. Is it through the air, physical touch, family members in contact with each out under one roof? HOW?

      • Stew did ask David about this. David says that without any transparency as to the ingredients of the jab, he can only speculate as to the mechanism, however similar effects are seen in other drugs.

        • Alexandra- I recently met Dr Sandra Rose Michael and I’m learning about the bio-scalar Enhanced Energy System she invented. While we cannot say for sure what the transmission impact is, we need to find protection whether we’ve been jabbed or not. She feels that EES can make a big difference in shielding us and restoring our health at the same time

    • I encourage every single person that sees this to share it, to pester their contacts into watching this, to carpet their social media with it even if this gets their account suspended or deleted. This will never be aired in mainstream and needs to be widely known . This is a war against the peoples of the world and the people needs to know they are being preyed upon.

    • We must fight! Our their any methods of reversing this in those that did not receive the shot? Our there any alternatives for those that got the shot. What do we as the public, van do to help you and your group.

    • Dandelion leaves and pine needle tea apparently have major impact on resolving the impact of the spike proteins

      • Don’t look for any help from the Justice Dept or the Supreme Court. The wicked ones have infiltrated or climbed the ranks in all categories. Between the Masons, who worship Lucifer, and the Satanists, who worship Satan, they have covered all of the bases. Some say Lucifer and Satan are the same. I wouldn’t know. It’s fitting that I should say, For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

        • What I’m saying is that these traitors have sold their souls to Satan, in exchange for power and wealth. And they have used that power to climb the ranks in all categories. So these people at the “top”, are totally controlled by Satan, himself. And nothing can stop them, short of a silver bullet. Or lead. Or a rope. Some of you think that Trump, and the Republicans, will save us. Think again. Or begin to think for yourselves. We’re gonna need a lot a rope.

        • They’re the same and you’re spot on on secret societies,jesuits,zionist and the pope. The popes one world religion, zionist noahide laws…add in the globalist,bankers…great reset guys…all this is prophecied in the bible which tells us there will only be 8 world powers. The US is number 7. Unfortunately in Revelation 17:10 the one to come at the time of its writing but it will only last a short space.(space of time)
          Read Isaiah 3:1-5 especially vesrs 4&5. Then think about our prez…next think…are we being oppressed?
          What about the Mark of the Beast, vax passports,children and higher must be vaxinated, buisnesses requiring vaxes…all,kneading to t b e ability to buy or sale or be educated but there’s one more…SUNday worship will be forced on everyone. Blue Laws will be reinstituded for the pope. The Sabbatth is the seventh day of the week…not the 1st.

    • Take the KILL SHOT? No way! We must share the data points that have informed our decision to avoid this bullet, like the CDC’s own damning report of July 8th – of over 9,000 Americans dead and over 430,000 adverse events reported to VAERS. This is many more deaths than all previous vaccines combined and these numbers could in reality be much, much higher, according to a 2011 Harvard University study that revealed that cases reported to VAERS may account for less than 1% of actual cases. There are also the nearly 18,000 dead and nearly 1.7 million officially reported injured on Europe’s EudraVigilance system and double those numbers in Asia and Africa.

      Less than 1% of actual cases! Do the math!

    • I pray to My Heavenly Father, that this global crime against humanity cease, rapidly and criminal charges are publicly brought against ALL willing participants.

    • Would LOVE to see Dr. Martin join forces with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. Maybe they are already working together. But with them working with global citizen volunteers, we could see some enormous changes, I am certain. Hoping this collaboration comes to be. — Dennis M.

    • OK super frustrated with the title ship of this interview all over the web on our free info platforms because yes it should be over because everything he saying I too have been screaming since April 2020 because anybody could look up those 73 Patents Thankfully Dr. Martin seems to be the only one with the capacity and the platform to talk about and he knows what he’s talking about in such debt that it’s amazing it’s taking this long for this to come out but yet why is he talking on all these platforms if it’s such a serious matter why isn’t it on main stream media yet why hasn’t this been seen world wide already because this video has been out for a week now and I was the only one who commented on it in brand new tube after eight already been out for three days so people don’t believe it and they shouldn’t believe it that it’s over because Covid is an over until something legal or public rather is what it’s gonna take.. This hasn’t gone public because nobody in the public knows who the heck we’re talking about or what the heck were talking about because it’s not getting out we’re also happy that all these things are happening but nothings happening why not why why aren’t you guys creating some kind of noise your guises interconnections with main stream media this is an funny anymore to see these headlines of these generally Clickbait people on these other places they’re just doing it to make their money you know and that’s why I’m commenting to you because I feel that your intent and your productivity establishment with your platform insight is much more reliable and respectable. This should be Tucker Carlson‘s screaming afternoon Clickbait rent not the rent that goes round and round and never gets hurt by anybody but us and keeps using the same lingo the same jargon of virtue single Basically to me I mean the title ship is I hate to use the word this information miss information because that’s not true the fact checkers about that all the water just buy the title because it’s not true yes everything he says is true yes what they’re doing is in the hopes to produce a truthful Legal faction but as far as utilizing the lawsuit the German office is putting together and they’re working with other Legal offices in other countries
      I want to hear where these lawsuits and what jurisdictions and level of courts are being prepared to go into then I’ll have a little bit of faith but telling me that on face what’s not actually true because Fauci is still on the news every day and Covid is still rampant Lee being right about daily people are still having the rights removed from them kids are still dying nothing is being stop the only ones that are actually filing lawsuits are the front line lawyers and I’m still yet to even hear any of them on main stream…
      But really Dr. Martin is the one that concerns me only because of my fact directed research and investigation.. I’m not interested in anything with my emotions I don’t care I am prepared for my opinions to change I just want the facts whether I like it or not I don’t my hearts not set on one outcome I just want the facts so what I mean by all of that is where Dr. Martin come from who is he who are these magnificent magical powerful people that he has done so much work for and it’s been privy to such underground private information via third-party yet directly connected to the most Connected and financially invested folks when it comes to these matters I mean it sounds to me that he works directly for the people that he’s providing the information for and that’s why it’s a little bit stomach turning because the 73 patent Problems issues and possible policy and law breaking conduct by all parties when it comes to these patent why doesn’t he have a direct line to know how to handle the situation in an expedited fashion to start pulling rugs quickly he’s been doing this with all of them for 20 years why is he just a reporter of information and then that’s it but he’s not reporting to the Senate he has direct line so powerful people and these are the ones that he’s working for so why can’t he talk to them and they help the rest of the world and as interesting don’t you think it’s a little bit curious? I don’t want that at all and Problems issues and possible policy and law breaking conduct by all parties when it comes to these patent why doesn’t he have a direct line to know how to handle the situation in an expedited fashion to start pulling rugs quickly he’s been doing this with all of them for 20 years why is he just a reporter of information and then that’s it but he’s not reporting to the Senate he has direct line so powerful people and these are the ones that he’s working for so why can’t he talk to them and they help the rest of the world and as interesting don’t you think it’s a little bit curious? I don’t want that at all andI hate to even be the one to lay out such findings with the facts are the facts and when you look at his website you can’t deny what these people going out and you can’t deny really can’t deny anything I just not willing to be the one to have to continue to throw out such harsh questions nobody likes to be the one to question the guy that’s that’s trying to help us save humanity but why doesn’t he have more connected Note-oriety and why does nobody else seem to be familiar with him within these industries it’s just nothing is adding up now that I’m thinking about it
      I’m sorry I’m just at my limit when people or miss leading others I’m not in disbelief I am very aware of what’s going on with the truth that’s why I’m so surprised that
      I’m just seeing this headlining everywhere
      like it just happened today or yesterday when it didn’t actually watched it live myself and then again and again hoping that in his various platforms I’m coming across it And the comments that you do see her like yay finally thank you oh God it’s all over like I’m glad it’s getting some people relief but really they should just go encourage me and we need to continue to follow and stay on it but why is it taking so long to file lawsuits why aren’t they taking formal depositions and why are they throwing all the shit out there to the public if it’s going to be utilized in formal proceedings and investigating that’s gonna have to take place in each jurisdiction and Court districts across the world I don’t trust any buddy who is an actually taking action they’re just preparing and talking about how they can to make the plan that Plan can’t be made all the way around in front of everybody and then you think that if you’re not gonna have a defense that wipes the case completely because of your miss handling of the cases of And the comments that you do see her like yay finally thank you oh God it’s all over like I’m glad it’s getting some people relief but really they should just go encourage me and we need to continue to follow and stay on it but why is it taking so long to file lawsuits why aren’t they taking formal depositions and why are they throwing all the shit out there to the public if it’s going to be utilized in formal proceedings and investigating that’s gonna have to take place in each jurisdiction and Court districts across the world I don’t trust any buddy who is an actually taking action they’re just preparing and talking about how they can to make the plan that Plan can’t be made all the way around in front of everybody and then you think that if you’re not gonna have a defense that wipes the case completely because of your miss handling of the case The problem is is this freedom that everybody feels to exercise their rights to find a way to squeal but why aren’t these people squealing to the governments why aren’t they the ones calling and making formal actual lawsuit and Sells if they’re the ones with the information why are they can’t why is Dr. Martin utilize all the people that required him to be the one and only God and Savior it sounds like he makes himself to be for these companies and he knows everything when it comes to this subject then why aren’t isn’t he the one with the welcome red carpet into the emergency meeting of minds that these people claim they’re doing that appear on C-SPAN that nobody cares about

      I care and that’s why I ask these questions why is Dr. Martin only have it on the wrong website that really doesn’t say much of anything regarding anything with his reputation and his level of expertise in his accomplishments he tells us what he’s doing with the word if you listen to him actually talk he discusses nothing he basically work for a private ABC if some kind that’s what it sounds like he was a contractor for them for what they did and that’s why this is none of it makes sense because his company you would think would be all for getting everything they can advertisement was not they want more clients were to take to take pride in there as a company with the guy behind all the truths to take this down none of it Adds up

      • Pray and be saved is number one if you die you’ll go to heaven. Secondly, anything that helps immune system get the poison out of you.

    • Thank you, Stew and Dr. Martin for sharing the truth, even though extremely disturbing. America must wake up or suffer a most humiliating end.

    • “ The media, we know about them;
      they’re compromised and owned
      by these Globalists, leaving only
      We, the People to do anything
      about this. “ :

      Forwarded Message :

      Our republic’s weak link is identified by
      what this scribbler terms:

      “Jumping Jack Journalists”—

      a derogatory term I’ve borrowed
      from John Swinton’s truth-telling
      criticism of his own newspaper/
      profession :

      “There is no such thing, at this date in the world’s
      history, in America, as an independent press . . . If
      I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one
      issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my
      occupation would be gone. The business of the
      journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright;
      to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon,
      and to sell his country and his race for his daily
      bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is
      this toasting an independent press? We are the
      tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes.
      We are the jumping jacks; they pull the strings and
      we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our
      lives are all the property of other men. We are
      intellectual prostitutes.” -John Swinton ( 1883 )

      [[ Swinton was the former Chief-of-Staff
      of the New York Times, speaking before
      the New York Press Club—to toast an
      “independent” press. ]]


    • Follow the money. That’s all you need to explain the behavior of all these grifters.
      BigPharma owns them all.
      Not until we have a political system that no longer allows for lobbyists, campaign contributions, and the like, will we have a Republic.
      And before you point any more fingers, are YOU willing to say no to all that cash?
      Wouldn’t YOU prefer the industries you oversee write the damn laws? Easier that way, isn’t it?

    • We have a government that is out to kill us. And no where to run to. All corrupt, lock stock and barrel. Any ideas? Next planet please…. This one is dead.

      • Why do you need ideas? We are going to war with traitorous bastards, that is what we signed up for, remember?

      • An interesting segue, but my internet was shut down three times while I watched this video. I had to reboot my router each time to continue watching. I even went to red voice media and experienced the same interruption, and had to reboot again. Very strange, as this has never happened before. Coincidence…?

    • The Government, Media, Tech Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies are doing their best to suppress the true intent of the Covid Vaccine, which IS NOT a true vaccine. The “vaccine” is an experimental, un-proven injection that does more damage inside the body than the actual disease does.
      Why all the enticements and pressure to vaccinate people against a disease with less than one percent mortality rate? What is the actual goal of the “jab”? Population reduction, maybe???

    • Time to start Hanging the treasonous psychopaths’ that have created this world geocide!!!

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