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    Jim Dean, Veterans Today (redacted by AB)
    February 27, 2015

    “The Ukraine war, is a war of terror that is targeting civilians because the military opponents are hard to get…

    “These people you are about to see constituted zero threat to Kiev. They wanted to protect themselves from what the US and EU proxy coup-meisters publicly stated they were going to do to them.

    “Remember Julia Tymoshenko’s phone intercept about nuking all the ethnic Russians in Donbass?

    “‘Tymo the Terrible’ was the darling of the McCain NeoCon terrorists, who are essentially our own American ISIL with suits on, and who, in the slaughtering contest so far, make the ISIL folks look like girl scouts.

    “Think about that. We are paying the salaries of people we have elected to do this, just like Donbass was sending pension taxes to Kiev, but Kiev used the money to kill them, and then reneged on the social payments that were due.

    “That is the caliber of our allies now, as we back remorseless murderers against a people who just want to be left alone. It was never the intent of the Donbass people to take over Ukraine.

    “This is not a debate of Western leadership having a morality problem. It is worse… a morality vacuum. And you will notice this never even rises to being a campaign polling question. Whose fault and failure is that? Who can claim such a structure is really a democracy? Our Founding Fathers would be shocked to the core…” — Jim W. Dean

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