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    In 1999, I was the Line Producer and an interviewee in this segment, which was part of a pilot for a series that was successfully sold to British Channel 4 in 2000 (or thereabouts).

    Ahhh…the pre-9/11 world, where there was mental space to contemplate such stuff – rather than its ramifications!

    I was in the middle of writing a book on the subject:


    During the process of writing this book, I met all of the principals who claimed to be involved, as well as one who denied being involved, namely, the project’s Director; the man in charge of hiring, firing and paying personnel. You’ll have to find out for yourself who that was, as I do not feel comfortable sharing his name in this format.

    I felt as if I were being swallowed up in the parallel universes of the Montauk Project, itself and I experienced hideous dreams which came true, including 9/11, down to the detail of the rubble still burning 4 months after the the attacks (I did live one block away, at the time). I also dreamt of prison barges, policed by alien hybrids; they were rusting barges which looked incredibly similar to this Google barge.

    I couldn’t shake the sense of being stalked while working on that book and although I am still asked by radio stations to discuss the subject, I rarely do. I have essentially turned my back on this subject because the consequences of writing this book seemed to result in one disaster after another in my life and I just grew leery of the whole thing.

    Last year, I was surprised, during a flight on Virgin Express Airlines, flying to California for Christmas, when my niece, who was flying with me asked if that wasn’t me on the little TV screens on the backs of the seats in front of us. I was shocked to find this very segment playing on that airline, via the Boing! Boing! Channel, with whom Virgin has a distribution deal and they were featuring this seminal episode in the annals of parapolitics, along with an interview with the show’s producer, Richard Metzger.

    I went on to write 3 books for this publisher, which sold its book operation last year to the New Age conglomerate, RedWheel-Weiser.

    If you like it weird – you’ll like this!


    These are the publisher’s liner notes about this TV segment:

    In a sleepy fishing town called Montauk Point, a device called the Montauk Chair was used to focus the energies of a sexually aroused psychic who could create an interdimensional vortex. The goal was to send military operatives back in time to alter key events.

    In this episode, we meet the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories: the Montauk Project. It involves mind control, time travel, and Nazi gold – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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