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    This clip was made 12 months ago. Who is really promoting this story about “Disease X” and why do they want the public to fear a hypothetical scenario that we can do nothing about?

    One of the topics of the discussion “Disease X” is scheduled for January 17 at the Davos Forum of the WEF, which can kill ten times more people than coronavirus.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I doubt this disease or any other would kill everyone and Why would you do this, it could kill you and your family Dumbass! And I would actually say, go do this and you will receive the wrath of Karma for countless lifetimes so double dog dare you Biatch!

    • Yes, every day is a fight against you and your cohorts. No more, We The People will not comply!

      We The People Walk Worthy

    • First of all, no viruses have ever been proven to exist.
      Secondly, if we already know that WEF is corrupt, do not believe it, instead follow what we already know (if we’ve already done homework on virus isolation topic).
      Third, just keep following the protocols that we already know such as eating clean foods, drinking clean water, reduce carbs/sugar intake & doing exercise.
      Occasionally, you may try some of natural detox methods (mostly by using common herbs) available (if you think you have some health problem).

      • He probably past out or had an heart attack after his latest Bioweapon round and did a face plant.

        Seen it all the time in our kids when babies that weren’t strong enough and too tired to hold their head up when crawling .

        In his case, I’d tell him to rub some dirt on it or suck it up buttercup I can’t help you cuz I’m not a Dr and you’re probably gonna die? Pretty harsh but he doesn’t/ didn’t have any mercy on us or this country and is a traitor.

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