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    New lab-created disease out of China (“Disease X”) has a 100% fatality rate in humanized mice by infecting the nervous system/brain.

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    • The labs are working hard on the next “pandemic” “vaccines”, even though they don’t know what it is yet.

      WEF, WHO to Discuss ‘Disease X’ at Summit: “20 Times More Deadly than COVID-19”

      How can you make a vaccine for a disease not known to exist?

      Seems like that would be a logical question.

      But are they bothered by this minor inconvenience? No. Why should the be? After all, SARS-Cov-2, aka covid-19 was never isolated and proven to exist. There was an “in-silico” gene sequence created on a computer that was put forth as the sequence they could all agree on- by general CONSENSUS, don’t you know.

      And there was a PCR test developed that supposedly tested for a small fraction of the total computer-generated sequence, a process that amplified the presence of this tiny representative of a cobbled sequence by replicating it between 30-40 times, whereupon it was declared to be present, and therefore you must be sick and “cases” were defined by the presence of this trumped up fragment- hundreds of thousands of them in Alberta alone- yet the average age at death did not change until AFTER the rollout of the UN-safe and UN-effective “vaccine” some have now characterized as a “bioweapon”, based on EVIDENCE, not theory. Over time (not much time, actually), the tests were shown to be false positive almost all the time (95%). (Note: I don’t know where the 5% true positives came from since the real “virus” has STILL not been isolated, as far as I know.)

      Anyway, there was no need for a real disease in this scenario under these dubious circumstances, was there? Every aspect, including the data to support this scam, was faked.

      But everyone goes on acting “as if”…

      And look at how far they got with this scam. Trillions of dollars have changed hands and the world’s top criminals have found the secret to controlling the world.

      Lie and keep on lying, come hell or high water (wastewater, that is).

      Check the attachment. Dr Makis comments on this new variant scare propaganda.

      The screenshot tells us that they are using data from wastewater. Considering the ease with which test sequences can be amplified and developed and the absolute fact that we get nothing honest or real from the propagandists and all those who benefit from lying, WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE THIS EITHER?

      Can wastewater get sick? The idea here, I guess, is that if they are seeing greater amounts of some sequence in the water, it must come from us, so we must be proportionately sicker. Reasonable logic- except for that pesky fact that they can amplify any sequence (THAT THEY DESIGN, btw) to whatever level of volume suits them. THAT’S WHAT THE PCR (polymer chain reaction) PROCESS D O E S.

      If they don’t have to actually test PEOPLE anymore,- people who are FAR LESS LIKELY TO LINE UP FOR SUCH TESTS THESES DAYS- then it makes sense and is a hell of a lot cheaper to test the water. You can get any result you want and nobody can argue with your statements unless they know how it got there.

      Personally, I don’t trust this kind of “evidence” because I don’t trust anyone who lies or aligns themselves with liars for profit (and for all the other reasons, some mentioned).

      For instance: Tony Fauci, the “I AM Science” liar extraordinaire:

      But if WHO is allowed to do what they want to do, such lies will become headline news around the world and tyranny on a scale we have not yet seen will be rampant.

      QUESTION EVERYTHING! Have important conversations. And please don’t encourage ignorance and apathy by saying nothing.

    • Another bullsh*t psyop coming out of… that’s right, “China”, this man says?

      If anyone has learned a lesson about fraud on Virus Isolation, we should immediately know about the red flag (even from 1st sentence of this clip)
      Even without knowing about Virus Isolation fraud, people should be questioning how the hell we are supposed to trust China, which is famous for propaganda (though other countries are about the same).

    • Perfect! Doctor Frankenstein solves all our problems. Which reminds me where in the world is Tony now that Bobby the Tony slayer is finally gaining traction?

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