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    The basics of energy amplification shown here are undeniably fascinating. Directed-energy weapon (DEW) emit highly focused energy can come in various forms:

    Electromagnetic radiation, including radio frequency, microwave, lasers and masers Particles with mass, in particle-beam weapons (technically a form of micro-projectile weapon) – sound, in sonic weapons.

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    • Good point, Nam-Vet. At least nothing we KNOW about! And Elle has a good point. The FEAR button is used all the time to get people to agree to the cabal’s agenda. However, logic should tell us any ETs who manage to get here are probably more evolved than we are and definitely have greater technology than we do. So, if they really wanted to take control, they would have done so.

    • Interesting how the narrative is aimed at an ET invasion to “protect” our nation. Sound familiar? Can anyone say, get the people to beg for more so-called protection. This time not from those awful terrorists but from ETs who are coming to get us. Oh yes, and to frightened those into submission that are not already on board with Cabal’s agenda.

    • I don’t think anything can bring down a Tower in it’s own footprint, other than professionally controlled Explosives.

    • So the Nat’l Ignition Facility comes online in 2010? Well, Will Riker, where is it igniting now? Or, did it fail? This Tokamak fusion gambit sounds like a ruse to me, another boondoggle to get money for dicking around with tech… What did we get from all that taxpayer money?

      Nothin’. Damn government has to go….

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