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I’ve been trying to avoid the whole Diddy business but the emergence of this video of Sean Combs brutally assaulting his then-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura has made me take a peek at his wretched life.

Jonathan Oddi is shown here during a police interview after he was arrested for shooting up the Trump National Hotel in 2018. During this interrogation, Oddi made wild claims about how he was paid to be a sex slave for Diddy aka Sean Combs. He claimed that Combs paid him to engage in sex acts with his then-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura while he watched. Oddi also claimed that Diddy, Ricky Ross and DJ Khaled are all gay.

Oddi’s claims were corroborated years later in the lawsuit against Combs by Cassie Ventura, which was settled late last year, the day after it was brought.

Diddy is the kind of man who becomes a billionaire in our Beast System.

I occasion to meet with Sean Combs one-on-one, back in 1990 when he’d just been put in charge of A&R at Uptown Records by André Herrell.

I was a music video director and I was there to show him my director’s reel and to talk about the singles that were about to drop and new artists, etc.

He was still called “Puffy” back then and he was wearing this wildly uncouth “New Jack Swing” distressed jeans ensemble that was spray-painted with grafitti and had lots of studs.

Puffy was only 20 years old at the time. As he looked into my eyes, I never felt so hated-on in my entire life! It was remarkable.

I assumed he hated me for being white but as I learn more about the allegations against him, it seems like he’s been seething with hatred at everything his entire life.

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  • diddy or didn’t he busting his shorty in a ghetto ho down moment . did trump film the live action like his buddy epstein did to make bank off the sexlifestyles of the rich and infamous ?

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