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by John Bowne

At the end of January 2023, talks between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Swedish Government detonated. In order to be accepted into NATO, Sweden and Finland needed the vote from Turkey. But talks disintegrated after a Swedish-Danish politician set fire to the Quran in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm.

After Erdogan’s declaration Turkey and Northern Syria were devastated by a series of earthquakes in southern Turkey with a death toll that has reached over 11,000.

Turkey is no stranger to earthquakes. The majority of them occurring in the eastern and western portions of the Country. But strange anomalies occurred just before the earthquakes. Leading many to question whether a HARRP weapon may have been used to punish the Turkish Government for failing to tow the line of NATO’s New World Order overlords.

These weapons of geopolitical terrorism will be able to mold the climate change narrative and bend Countries to the will of the New World Order as the target date of UN Agenda 2030 draws nigh.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • To understand current events, you must first learn the history. The world’s biggest secret is that there have been tremendous global disasters in the past that decimated populations and caused the collapse of empires. Chronicles from the 14th and 6th centuries describe events as if from a disaster movie. They write of “an extraordinary earthquake over the whole world”, “poisonous earthy exhalation”, “fire falling from the sky for 16 days”, “falling stars” (meteorites), “the sun became dark for 18 months”, “hailstones of incredible size”, “lightnings that killed thousands of men and animals”, droughts and torrential rains destroying crops and causing famines so great that people resorted to cannibalism, and “a pestilence which spread over almost the entire world” and “swept away third part of the human race”. And all this was happening within just a few years. These global disasters were caused by the impact of the Sun’s magnetic field, which suddenly increases once every several hundred years. When this happens, the Earth is struck by violent cataclysms. Unfortunately, the next such catastrophe will occur in 2023-2025. Massive earthquakes will destroy entire countries. Asteroids will fall to the Earth. Powerful geomagnetic storms will cause long-term power outages. Sudden climate change all over the world will lead to widespread famine. Governments are afraid of a public panic and an uprising. They are going to instigate a world war to keep themselves in power through terror. They will allow a deadly pandemic to spread that will kill a few billion people. The media, both mainstream and alternative, will lie to you that this is a man-made crisis. They will say that the disease is caused by radiation or a virus from a bio lab. They want you not to find out what the disease is and how to cure it. Earthquakes and climate change will be explained by HAARP. They will say the asteroids are nuclear bombs, and the power outage is due to a cyber attack or EMP. Do not believe it. Similar disasters have happened in the past. This is not just another conspiracy theory, but a cycle of global disasters confirmed by chroniclers’ records. You find this hard to believe because you have been fooled by historians all your life and the media has programmed you to disregard such warnings. Please do not judge this hastily, but examine the evidence yourself. All information can be found at Please read and warn others.

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