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There were several choice moments on Wednesday. Marjorie Taylor Greene confronted all the former Twitter execs for permanently banning her account, violating 52 USC § 10101, the voting rights of US Citizens.

Then she tore Roth a new cloaca for de-platforming her while allowing 44,000 child pornography accounts to remain active, in alignment with with certain of his pedophilic statements that he made in his college dissertation (of all places), which she cited.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank you, Margerie, for standing up for the MORAL American people. These people are perverts and need to be arrested and prosecuted for treason. “This is also known as…’Joint State Actors’ [42 USC §1983]. It’s highly illegal. You were all engaged in this action and I want you to know that you will all be held accountable.” Lauren Broebert.

  • Bravo!

    Sadly congress critters failed to act in a timely manner. Only when their ox was gored did they finally act.

    The ramifications are enormous. Exposing ambitious, rudderless corporate executives willing to harm their neighbors for personal gain. I have worked with these moral relativists and can tell you the stockholders go with the flow of profits. What does what does that tell you about them?

    The foundations have been eaten up by moral relativism taught in government schools at least since the 60’s. And shall I add, legislated and adjudicated by the Federal court system.

    No nation can survive such undermining of justice!

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