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    George Herbert Walker Bush is dead and for Truthers everywhere, this means that the grandaddy of the New World Order and of all the biggest and most foul conspiracies of all time has gone home to Satan.

    The hope is that, among other things, Trump can release the remaining JFK assassination documents from the National Archives, proving GHWB’s involvement in that epic treason.

    Over the next days and weeks, we’ll be bombarded with shows, segments and articles in the MSM celebrating George Herbert Walker Bush as an American hero. None will touch on how his father’s fortune was made at a Wall Street firm that primarily benefited German steel magnate, Fritz Thyssen in companies that financed Hitler and used slave labor from inmates at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

    We may never know for sure if Prescott was a Nazi sympathizer but the Wall Street trading firm that he co-founded, Union Banking Corporation was seized by the US Government in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. It is rumored that the US Government did not move to prosecute Prescott Bush because he was Chairman of the USO at the time and that to do so during the height of World War II would have been hideously demoralizing to the American public.

    British YouTubers, Alltime Conspiracies produced this well-researched investigation into the stubborn allegations that Bush Dynasty patriarch and former Connecticut Senator, Prescott Bush was a Nazi.

    We learn that in 2001, evidence found in declassified files at the US National Archives prompted two holocaust survivors to sue the US government and the Bush family for $40 billion in compensation, claiming that the Bush political dynasty had funded the Nazi party and financially benefited from Aushchwitz slave labor during World War II;  that this was the money that had established their family fortune and political empire.

    The case was dismissed but one wonders how this Nazi-Bush connection is not more widely known.

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    • How convenient it is for you to delete my entire post yesterday. This confirms something I already knew – that this site is just more of the same pushing of lies. Adolf Hitler spoke of this when he said “It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right.” – 1945

    • It’s hard to understand from the pictures taken of the Bush family, relaxing & enjoying their families, how they could even consider the awful destruction they caused as ‘business as usual’. It really takes full-blown psychopaths to never even blink an eye towards their brutality & cunning.
      Personally I’m glad that G.H.W.Bush has left this world and that we are still standing. Who knows what the populations of the world are still recovering from or will never recover from because this family had money and power to push their twisted beliefs.

      • If what you learned was the “official story” from the “Allies” (All Lies), then you are correct.

        Watch “The Greatest Story Never Told” by Dennis Wise, and “Hellstorm” By Thomas Goodrich (if you haven’t already).

        The difference is that these make sense – the “official story (fairy tale)” does not.

    • YEP!…They sure did (The Scherff family), BUT,what was VERY Strange bout Adolf Hitler was that he KNEW Who the REAL JEWS ARE…(Black Race) Way back there!
      Its even recorded in a set of “Time Life” books about “The Nazis”…He mentions that: AMERICA HAS THE “REAL” JEWS….and he wasn’t talking about the FAKE ones He Hated, because He already KNEW where they came from.
      ALL the info about them used to be available at a site called “

    • Amidst the propaganda that follows the deaths of all these criminals I must say it’s rather sickening. There is a need for a revolution where the wealth and power returns to the people of this world. When I was in college in the late sixties/seventies we thought we were going to change the world. The cabal just chuckled and thought, “silly naive people, we’ve got the wealth. The people will never have the power”. Fast forward 50 years and the internet and the human heart has awakened many to their trickery and greed. Now there is an alternative economy that has arrived that will keep growing and improving. You want to vote for change and a better world, vote with the money you use. Blockchain is not going away and its assets are mathematical and incorruptible. This is the future if we have one.

    • Well the Bush family has not changed, from Prescott Bush supporting the slave labor industry, to George H.W. Bush and his New World Order, new name for slave labor, to George Bush Jr. and the bill that was passed after letting 911 happen the Patriot Act, witch enables “our” so called government to keep track of everybody in the world. Afghanistan has the support of US troops to make sure that poppy’s get grown in the way necessary to make slaves of the world. Maybe I’m wrong, please point it out to me. Maybe I’m not seeing things the way I should. But that’s my opinion of those killing slave traders the “Bush Clan”.

    • Mass ignorance, indifference and misguided tolerance enable powerful robber barons to build fiefdoms to rule over the mass of peasants and so it has always been. Fascism, communism, socialism or any of several religiousisms are mere window dressing to beguile and manipulate the peasantry into servitude.

      How many times must fools be reminded their ain’t no free lunch? Ignorance and liberty cannot co-exist. One will dominate and extinguish the other.

      We must not allow robber baron propaganda to succeed. They care not which of the aforementioned political constructs dominates so long as they control the money. The tension is perpetual, there is no escaping it, no holiday from it.

      People must make up their minds whether to be free or slave. Not as groups, but as individuals, on the spot, not as a mass, because that plays into the robber baron’s hands. Each individual needs to decide what course, what road to knowledge and understanding they personally are going to take and then take it.

      The first step to freedom is freedom of thought and it’s the easiest step – turn off MSM because it’s owned and operated by the robber barons who are on their way to dominion of the internet, so beware.

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