The logistics involved with moving the caravan of thousands of “asylum seekers” across the vast, mountainous territory of Mexico is costing somebody millions of dollars. The transportation of food, water, medicine and services that are being provided for the members of the caravan is being delivered by an army of trucks, with everything necessary to keep this enormous group moving forward for over a thousand miles.

As can be seen in this video, the Mexican government has been sending police to escort the dozens of buses and trucks that are ferrying the migrants and supplies along the route to the next destination. Ever-present among the thousands of migrants are helpers from Pueblo Sin Fronteras (“People Without Borders”), the organization that appears to be the most closely involved in organizing and mobilizing this caravan. The mission of this organization, according to their website is “To build solidarity bridges among peoples and turn down border walls imposed by greed.”

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is associated with other Chicago-based extreme-Left immigrant activist non-profit organizations, Centro Sin Fronteras, La Familia Latina Unida and others. Their self-reported incomes (not filed with the IRS) are near non-existent and do not explain who underwrites the enormous event production that is ongoing. A full financial disclosure is clearly lacking.

According to Mexican news reports, some migrants in Tijuana are now accusing these NGOs of having used and now abandoned them at the border. Pueblo Sin Fronteras is off organizing a new caravan from El Salvador.

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  • Has anyone ever read anything from “Billy Meier” and what he has foretold what will happen to this once beautiful planet? If not you should, he has even talked about the fires in California, and quite a few others, including this attempt from the elite to change our republic, and how AI will take over altogether. Check out what Tom Horn says on They fly .com Some say that that’s all fake BS, I have seen to many things fall into Billy’s prophecies being right. So call me a fool, I am what I ams. LOL Politics makes people stupid. Just another borrowed line that’s very true.

  • This ‘caravan’ sideshow is such a despicable use of force…..”our way or the highway’. gang mentality. Borders around the world are not for mass migrant crossings. This of course is a NWO course of action. It’s about pulling down the values and standards of a country that has the best to offer people from other countries. Americans have worked hard to build their country and have become the envy of the world. I don’t see Americans making up huge caravans to leave their homeland and rush to places in the world because they can’t find and establish a good life right where they are……..and so America’s borders have to be protected at all cost….once gone they are never going to surface again.

  • Love is what binds people together. When hate or greed is shown by citizens or migrants, the teachings of Jesus and most other great philosophers are being ignored. Those who dwell in their fears and cannot live together in peace shall surely never be happy through showing hate to others.

    • I Don’t live in FEAR (False-Evidence-Appearing-Real) because I already KNOW what is About to happen SOON.
      I am just trying to AWAKEN those of HU-Manity who are “Willing” to listen to the REAL TRUTH about OUR-Story….The one Falsly called “HIS-Story”….You know the one the Luciferian/Satanist have been Desperately Trying to HIDE.
      You seem to think like I USED to, about Religion…Being a former Ranking Member in the JW sect (47 yrs)
      And I suggest you do DEEP research into the ORIGINS of ALL “Religions” and find out WHAT “Jesus” IS. (Not even a Jewish name)…and the REAL Jews ARE Black Race “Melanin Beings”
      By the way….You SHOULD look into the site I posted Uhuru…I believe you would LOVE what is there!

    • People who don’t respect the borders and laws of our country obviously don’t respect our home, our rules or us. Those people are the ones showing hate… and yes, they will never be happy. Respect is a very important part of loving.

    • ok tom why don`t you let a bunch of them live with you for awhile don`t forget you have to support all of them as well and after a year or so let all of us know how its working out!
      and by the way have you looked around at all the homeless every where in our own country? and all that love your talking about has not helped not one of them(WHY NOT)
      remember Charity begins at home

  • FIRST! of all The corporate USA was made of “Immigrants” who INVADED this country and STOLE it from it’s INDIGENOUS beings.
    Second…This problem would have NEVER happened IF the event that was SUPPOSED to happen on the morning of September 11th, 2001 called NESARA/GESARA…THINK (If you can)Would there have EVER been an immigration problem if those Announcements had been made, because they were signed into LAW BEFORE those funds would have been redistributed.
    BUT, What happened instead??? A Fake War on Terror…witch HELPED CREATE the Immigration problem.
    There would have NEVER been a WAR, and VERY HIGH probability that this world would have been MUCH BETTER OFF!
    The Luciferian/Satanist instead became GREEDY BEYOND BELIEF instead, then murdered 20,700 Plus in New York Plus 3.5 million people abroad in some of those countries WHERE the immigrants are coming from…HOWS THAT FOR “SMARTS” (Laugh!!!)
    The day MUST come when “Certain Creatures” are REMOVED First, so that Hu-Manity can live in ONENESS with ALL creation…WITH NO BORDERS ANYWHERE.

    • Go back to your liberal, unrealistic nirvana, dizz and try to hatch another story. In the meantime, take a course in Logic. 101 would be appropriate since you have so far to go.

        • Oh, horse manure, swami Petersen. Forty to fifty percent of this caravan of economic invaders is made up of TheZetas, MS13, and other gangs of criminals from the South American countries. If YOU had to live next door to them you would be crapping your trousers everyday. How many are you going to to let live in your house with YOU ? The answer is ZERO, and that’s exactly what I thought. Take your phoney numbats and your political correctness and shove it you know where. We saw what mass migration did to Europe, where there are countries full of unarmed slaves.

      • Sorry, pal, but TRUTH is not a liberal agenda. The fact is, the US has pillaged most of the world. Now the fat cats are getting Robin Hood to give some of it back. Or, they’re gonna get decapitated by the Ghost of Robespierre.

        While I understand both sides, why is it the Republican NeoCon Right is a selfish, greedy bunch of un-compassionate materialists, and the current Dem leadership a bunch of selfish, greedy power perverts and child sex traffickers? See? It’s not Right/Left, Liberal/Conservative – it’s Wealth versus poverty.

        As a ‘progressive conservative’ myself, it’s simply supply and demand and the balance of power (wealth). These ‘Deep State Globalists’ are the ultra uber-wealthy, and then there’s ‘us’. And in the end, “We the People” have the numbers. The perverted rich motherfuckers better wise up, or as Selena Kyle (Catwoman from “The Dark Knight Rises”) says,
        “There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

        Damn, I love Anne Hathaway. Great line, great truth, and you and your friends better wise up and start having some compassion, before your selfishness and entitlement bites you in the ass.

  • Channel that has the Migrant Press Conference:
    KingDragonKraken youtube with English translation. I watched this live last night, but without translation.

  • Pueblo means town or village.
    There are many youtube channels covering this – often LIVE streaming.
    Shialeweb youtube
    Alfredo Alvarez
    Alex Backman with Conciencia radio
    RKTNN youtube
    There was migrant press conference yesterday that DENIED having any support from anyone. They are going to march again and had a list of DEMANDS. Can’t recall the channel – will have look for it. It was translated into English. Don’t know what news source was doing this. Alexandra – you can email me.

  • Everyone wants a “better life!” … I get that, but the reporter didn’t ask the obvious question: “Why should the 99% of American people be illegally taxed to support you and your family when you’ve done nothing to earn or deserve that support?” From my perspective, the majority of those 90% men will shrug their shoulders, saying: “¡No lo sé y no me importa!” (“I don’t know, and I don’t care!”) — Well, keep your powder dry folks! “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”~Thomas Jefferson, natural-born American, Founding Father and third legal President of the United States.

    • 94.325% of Americans are already illegally taxed, so the power pervert DoD executives, Zionist bankers, and other death merchants (or as I like to call them, the Deep State Motherfuckers), can have their Secret Space program, drug and sex trafficking, and live like kings, while the rest of us struggle.

    • I know jesus wants no false idols before him, but if i was to go against his wishes
      Thomas Jefferson is the first to come to mind. He and the rag-tag beheamoths
      around him gave us the greatest experiment in freedom and liberty ever on
      this planet. To lose it because of apathy, and lack of knowledge, and corruption
      would be a huge disappoinment to his efforts. This is a purposeful disruption
      of an ongoing assault on our established republic. It must be reversed at once
      or our existence of freedom and liberty will fall to an ever approaching tyranny by
      big government and corporations. MOLON LABE

  • America needs a minimum TEN YEAR MORATORIUM ON ALL IMMIGRATION while we sort out what we already have here, figure out what impact our already too open immigration has had upon US, and decide what is fair.


    • Thin, Dr Kent. We’re ALL immigrants, really, and don’t forget the truth of America’s past. We’ve let the greedy perverts run things for far too long, and it’s high time we do take a step back and rid ourselves of their scourge.

      In the meantime, the wealthy-beyond-measure sonsofbitches (Billionaires) need to step up, provide some financial help in the form of creating an EDUCATION NATION , so we can keep educating everyone their entire lives. Not everyone will be of use, but then, is the snake of use to the mongoose?

  • I came across the same video just two days ago and posted it onto my Facebook page! Thanks for bringing this up! I keep telling those around me to “follow the money” and they don’t believe me. How could so many of these Hondurans travel more than 2000 miles and have new clothing, food, water, seemingly without any assistance? Because THEY HAD ASSISTANCE from the organization presented in the video…

  • World without borders, cheep labor, and money just to get here, then after getting here, more money for bring alive. I think our taxes will go up, if they get in. Thanks, No World Order, United Nations, of corporations.

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