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    As I watched it unfold, the biggest story of Tuesday night’s debate was that Joe Biden managed to remain fairly cogent throughout. This was a miraculous achievement, given the daily feed of videos we’ve seen for months showing Joe in advanced cognitive decline.

    On Tuesday morning, Q re-posted a September 10th post referring to the debates that read:

    1. Biden camp will find excuse/reason to terminate.
    2. Biden camp will be provided the questions ahead of time.
    3. Biden camp will be provided the questions ahead of time and assistance in the form of a special communications device.

    The Trump campaign had requested that both candidates be given drug tests and be inspected for electronic devices. The Biden campaign refused.

    During the debate, Joe spoke directly at the camera numerous times and he looked like he was reading from a teleprompter. His eyes were like eerie dark globes. I thought maybe his pupils were dilated, like when Stormy Daniels was on 60 Minutes. I joke-tweeted that he had “basketball eyes”.

    Before the debate was over, videos were already being posted to social media, showing what appeared to be wires coming out of Biden’s sleeve and peeking out from beneath the lapel of his jacket.

    Wednesday morning, people were posting about a new Augmented Reality contact lenses that could be made to work “like a teleprompter in your eyeball.”

    By mid-afternoon on Wednesday, three fact-checking agencies on Facebook were already censoring posts about the wires as “false information”, with cheekily stating that, “Biden is known to wear a rosary around his wrist in honor of his late son, Beau.”

    So, did Joe Biden cheat during the first presidential debate? I’d say that having Chris Wallace co-debate with him against Trump and helping him to perpetuate lies that were already debunked years ago was definitely cheating.

    And there were suspicious wires coming out of his sleeve.

    And he may, indeed have been wearing Augmented Reality contact lenses.

    Spiro Skouras has this report.

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    • The one coming from his sleeve looked mechanical for sure. Lol, kinda snake-shaped… the other one on close inspection does look like a shadow from the shirt itself. The augmented reality eyes would be a good tool for anyone living an already alternative reality, like an Archon for example. Being a blue blood, Joe…

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