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YouTuber Mr Reagan says, “People think Black Lives Matter is a grassroots organization born out of the Black community but this is not remotely true” and in this video, he does a deep dive into BLM, which he calls, “A racist organization, the stated purpose of which is the destruction of Western civilization, which they refer to as ‘imperialist’.

“They’re anti-American, anti-family, anti-heterosexual, anti-christian, sexist against men and racist against white people. They are 100% a hate group. In their own words, they want to ‘Disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family.'”

Black Lives matter was putatively founded by three women of African descent, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrice Cullors. Cullors trained for many years at the Labor/Community Strategy Center, founded by former Weather Underground member, Eric Mann, who called it a “center for revolutionaries.”

Cullors’ mentor, Eric Mann is a grandfather of the social justice movement and a former member of the violent domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground, which bombed several Federal buildings during the 1970s, including the Capitol and the Pentagon.

The Weather Underground was led by Bill Ayers, who gained renewed notoriety during the 2008 presidential election, when it was revealed that his path had crossed with Barack Obama’s at the Annenberg and the Woods foundations¬† at the kick-off of Obama’s meteoric rise. As we’ve recently discussed, American oligarchs have been actively financing Communist subversives for over a century.

In many ways, Black Lives Matter is a resurrection of the Weather Underground. The practices of maximum property damage and extreme anti-white racism originated with the latter. Mr Reagan says, “According to Wikipedia, the Weather Underground adopted the belief that all white babies were tainted with the original sin of skin privilege, declaring that all white babies are ‘pigs’.”

So, Eric Mann was the mentor of Patrice Cullors, Founder of Black Lives Matter, which has the same basic philosophy and tactics as the Weather Underground. Mr Reagan says, “Keep in mind that Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and several other members of the Weather Underground eventually became university professors…

“There is a theory amongst Marxists called the ‘Long march through the universities,’ and the idea is that if Marxist ideas can be taught to several generations of university students, then eventually, there will be a cultural shift towards Marxism – and this has been effective, as we’ve see. Ironically, it might be Eric Mann who has had the greatest impact, having germinated the Black Lives Matter movement through Patrice Khan Cullors.”

The organization in which Cullors met Eric Mann was the Labor/Community Strategic Center, which describes itself as an “Urban experiment to grassroots organizing, focused in Black and Latino communities, with deep historical ties to the long history of anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, pro-Communist resistance to the US Empire…”

In other words, as Mr Reagan says, “They’re against this country. That’s their position. They stand in opposition to America…

“Black Lives Matter seems to merely be an extension of an older terrorist organization, the Weather Underground …it seems to have the same motivations, it seems to have the same philosophy and it seems to have the same goals. Both groups seem to believe that the United States is evil, the police are the enemy and the country must be destroyed, so that a new Marxist state will emerge from the ashes.

“Black Lives Matter is not actually interested in Black lives. The organization is interested in the destruction of the country. Black people are merely being exploited to that end.”

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  • The white man behind it?! HE IS JEWISH! Jews were disproportionate among marxists and may be able to be credited for starting the movement of communism as a whole because Karl Marx was Jewish! This is a clear distinction ….he was taught to hate white ppl! Even if you consider Ashkenazi Jews White whether he considers himself that is irrelevant bc as he admitted in an interview he came from a “socialist Jewish household” where his mother taught him the “goyim (derogatory word for a non Jew usually being of European descent) are out to get him” and to “stand up to those antisemites and fight back!”. Then he found as he also put it the ultimate racial rage amongst blacks (many Jews esp in America during these times didn’t agree with these stances as they worked hard not to be seen as “anti-American” as many integrated well into White American culture. However he obv wasn’t one of those patriots and he specifically alludes to exploiting the black communities greivances to further push his antiwhite anti western civilization marxist goals. I am not saying all Jews are like this at all but this a vital distinction to be made, noted and called out rather then just labeling him like a white liberal or leftist.

  • I thought Soros and the Sunrise prganization coordinated with the whitish guy who got busted embezzling tond o money from blm funders and using the funds for himself? It’s all part of the Agrnda21/Phoenic deepstate bull. Gates funded MIT to develop nanocrystal,trackable rfid chip to be put in forced covd vaccine. Real vaccine is patented by u.s. Vaccine vials are at Pirbrite institute,england. Heard Gates was a satanist pedo and marriage is a cover because these avtivities were out of control,people noticing,etc. Whos talking about this fake,radar/icenucleation weather with fake rectangular clouds and clusters of storms which can be seen mushrooming around the radarsites?Grid pattern fake clouds/chemtrails even with x marks quite often.The rain feels plasticlike as if Surfactants are in it and others have pointed out how slippery it is as well as anomalies with the fake snow.

  • Important info , It’s appreciated + You pinpointed where the donation funding actually goes to with naming thousand currents and tides of sorozo as the sidecar. It’s Mostly white youngsters being lemming into marching around Madtown wisc as I’ve observed. Thanks for the layout~

  • Uh, isn’t the eff bee eye supposed to be on the lookout for sedition, treason and attempts to undermine our government?!
    Do not the intel alphabets collect and store every electronic emission on the planet?

    Do not the highly paid and privileged big brain mathematicians, crypto-wizzes and analysts have the software to track that flea on the donkey’s ass from thousands of miles above the planet?

    How can these blm/antifa criminals remain so anonymous yet so obviously in national coordination, for so long and yet just merrily molotov along, month after month?

    Oh, I know, the criminals collude with well purchased authority, use Navaho skinwalker special language via smoke signal, psychic vibration and powerful distracting emotional flailing.

    Where’s the rule of law wielded by Constitutional oath bound patriotic American authorities? Lol, silly me, oaths, honor, integrity and inalienable rights, naaww…

    Oh, dang, I know, extortion, blackmail, job security, fear, fame, tenure, moolah and all the delusions and chain yanks TPTSB employ.

    Tough stuff, knowing all that and still calling for reason, critical thought and social coherence.

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